On What's Your Fantasy?

fantasy to satisfy ppl who think women aren't allowed to fantasize about clothes and free money: fantasy: i work 60-hr weeks and take on lots of tasks that are far beyond my scope of work, so that other people can leave work early and i work late. i dont get paid that much. i never see my partner or friends or family. i jhardly have fun at all. the happiest part of my day is when i get home at 11 pm after a long dark solo ride on the subway, shove a luna bar into my mouth and sleep till 430 am when i wake uyp to do it all again. 5 years later of this daily routine, i get a small promotion, making it so no more than 3 people work directly under me. i get a $4000 dollar raise.

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@Jake Reinhardt ya haha u can tell how lazy we r bc we write every day for the site ur reading right now haha lol bb

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@highjump i really was worried i was the only one who had actual dreams about just shopping. like and finding good deals. and waking yp and being like well i guess that was my dream for that night.

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On Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?

@dotcommie hey friend i love makeup! i just can't afford to buy as much as i'd like. I try things out at Sephora and then head to Duane Reade like Meghan to buy more affordable brands.

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

rice a roni

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On The Hustle of a Freelance Photographer

This was great. So many people are full-time freelancers right now and it's so interesting to read about how they do money! Really inspiring to us small-time freelancers. ADDITIONALLY those pools-in-backyard pics are mesmerizing.

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On Can Financial Change Be Spurred By Gchat Conversations? (A Study)

@Jon Hi Jon! The indebtedness I reference in the chats is student loan debt. Similarly contentious, indeed, but thought I should clarify that.

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On Lena Dunham Ordains That Your Rent Should Be $2K/Mo


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On Five Most Miserable People at the Apple Genius Bar Last Night

clutch melancholia pic GF

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On The Most Indebted Man in the World ... Also the Hottest?


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