On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

so my apparent goal is $7000. $2500 car. $ 2500 other $ 2000 conferences. I have now saved $ 400 ($150 more than last month). So, $6600 to go! I am freelancing now and taught a summer class (should get paid for that tomorrow), so will get a bit more in August, to add to this!

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On Monday Check-in

This weekend was so cheap. So cheap. Friday: hung out with new dude, who is probably not going to be a thing. Free. Realization: still making me sad/irritated/why am I stupidly optimistic about relationships. Saturday: Farmer's market. $15. Then nothing until I cooked food I already had, and had take out with friends. Sunday: lunch fed to me by real adults. Free. A few extra groceries: $7. So, cheapest weekend of a while.

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On Friday Estimate

going nowhere doing nothing. It's going to be awesome. Today: potential hangouts with a potential dude. Tomorrow: cleaning, cooking with a friend, thrifting with a friend ($20), Sunday: zero dollars? (I did my groceries earlier this week, which is kind of cheating). I will postpone my needed shoe buying until August.

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

@andnowlights hope you get automatic alerts to see me say: being a grad student is a job. Trust. It just doesn't pay much.

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On Monday Check-in

much brunching (13 and 15), NO PARKING HURRAY, and driving (approx. 100, gas, 15, coffee and snacks) happened. And I forgot to hotwire a hotel, so I paid in full. 105. Got gift money from friends, -25. So, 225. under my estimate. except that the gas hasn't shown up yet on my cc, so it is estimated. but good enough.

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On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@sea ermine I have been plus one-d at weddings when not dating, so didn't bring anyone, and had a great time. I think it freed up the friends getting married to invite others (I hope). I was ticked the one time I was dating someone seriously but not living with them but only people "in a serious relationship" got plus one-d.

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On "Money Can't Buy Happiness; It is Happiness": A State-By-State Analysis

@Josh Michtom@facebook hahahahaha. If I moved in with a nonexistent partner, I could definitely reach the happiness threshold in rural Ohio. Actually if I never left rural Ohio (which would dramatically reduce my happiness) I would have a pretty sweet life with much much less than the number proposed for the state.

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On Friday Estimate

Eeek! So much spending will happen! Going to a wedding, so, parking, plus meals out with friends for weekend, $100. Fortunately can stay with parents and also have already bought gift. Friends paying back for part of gift: -$25 (?). The gift was cheap, so it's ok if they don't. Driving back: $100 for gas. Staying at a hotel half way because I am too tired of people to stay with anyone $60 on hotwire. Will it be as nice as one that costs 100$? So $235-260. This is how lifestyle inflation happens.

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On Rural Living

@therealjaygatsby I live in the country to teach at a small college. The rural thing is not my thing, but it is a good thing, so I hope it works out for you! A problem I have noticed is that jobs are not that plentiful (at least, not in the rural midwest). But houses are within reach if you have a job.

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On Monday Check-in

the weekend was good. spent many more dollars than I thought! Spent approx $25 on bathing suit, $17 on dinner, $95 on gas. I forgot Sunday was still the weekend I think.

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