On Friday Estimate

@Stina my small town is doing it on Thursday. what the heck? It interfered with my plans to drink wine with friends (who have kids)

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I live so far from Target, so it's walmart or meijer for in person and amazon.

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@Allison commenting because I also want to know how you are saving.

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On Friday Estimate

today. Have spent 12$ on job apps, likely will spend 36$ by the end of tomorrow. $8 laundry. Having friends over for brunch tomorrow. Probably will make at least one impulse food purchase before then. $10. Cleaning should round out the weened. Let's say $ 55-60. And I can't impulse buy on amazon until I have all my current orders delivered, which, since some of them are not fulfilled by amazon (because slightly cheaper/I am a horrible person who prefers amazon to walmart...)

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On "Is There Anything More Ironic Than Coming to Live in Des Moines"

@angry little raincloud I live in a small town for my jerb. It is the whitest place I have ever been. It is only designed for young couples with kids, not young single people or people w/o kids. SUPER WEIRD.

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On Monday Check-in

I was way over my estimate. All because of amazon. I spent 135 total (estimated 120). Did not pay for date on Friday. Slightly over on thrifting. 10$ on towels. 30$ on useless shit. Groceries 40$. And then weatherproofing on amazon 40$. crafting on amazon 6 $. Bought (5$) and made (5$) baked goods for my students because they are awesome. Floss and steel wool 3$. This does not quite add up but on my spreadsheets all the amounts are a bit more precise.

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On Monday Check-in

@grandma_nancy so that seemed ok about the payment stuff with the new dude? Dating. The best/worst.

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On Friday Estimate

@grandma_nancy right? new is exciting but also so tricky

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On Friday Estimate

@grandma_nancy I generally find it hard to accept gifts, and I have had bad experiences where dudes expect something when they pay. Can you suggest cheaper spots and explain why? If you keep seeing him then you can figure out something that works for both of you, probably.

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On Friday Estimate

just got back from a trip, so am continuing to recover. tonight I am going on a date with someone I have met once through mutual friends. It is the rural midwest so in my experience, he will be very confused when I offer to pay for half. potential monies for date: 20 (unlikely) tomorrow, I must do errands. finish doing laundry: 4-6 dollars. groceries: 50 dollars. I also have plans to thrift and have lunch with friends. thrifting: 25 dollars. eating out: 20 dollars. estimate: 100-121.

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