On Monday Check-in

much brunching (13 and 15), NO PARKING HURRAY, and driving (approx. 100, gas, 15, coffee and snacks) happened. And I forgot to hotwire a hotel, so I paid in full. 105. Got gift money from friends, -25. So, 225. under my estimate. except that the gas hasn't shown up yet on my cc, so it is estimated. but good enough.

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On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@sea ermine I have been plus one-d at weddings when not dating, so didn't bring anyone, and had a great time. I think it freed up the friends getting married to invite others (I hope). I was ticked the one time I was dating someone seriously but not living with them but only people "in a serious relationship" got plus one-d.

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On Family Plan Shame

@eatmoredumplings I have consumer cellular that uses AT and T network (where I live Verizon is best, T-mobile is worst). It's 30$ a month for 100MB of data, plus on wifi, which is way more than a person who can facebook at their job actually needs. I recommend doing a touch more research and seeing if they, or an AT and T rebroadcaster (there are more, this was just the one that worked best for me) might be better than a sprint or t mobile rebroadcaster (there are lots of those too). (None are as cheap).

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On "Money Can't Buy Happiness; It is Happiness": A State-By-State Analysis

@Josh Michtom@facebook hahahahaha. If I moved in with a nonexistent partner, I could definitely reach the happiness threshold in rural Ohio. Actually if I never left rural Ohio (which would dramatically reduce my happiness) I would have a pretty sweet life with much much less than the number proposed for the state.

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On Friday Estimate

Eeek! So much spending will happen! Going to a wedding, so, parking, plus meals out with friends for weekend, $100. Fortunately can stay with parents and also have already bought gift. Friends paying back for part of gift: -$25 (?). The gift was cheap, so it's ok if they don't. Driving back: $100 for gas. Staying at a hotel half way because I am too tired of people to stay with anyone $60 on hotwire. Will it be as nice as one that costs 100$? So $235-260. This is how lifestyle inflation happens.

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On Rural Living

@therealjaygatsby I live in the country to teach at a small college. The rural thing is not my thing, but it is a good thing, so I hope it works out for you! A problem I have noticed is that jobs are not that plentiful (at least, not in the rural midwest). But houses are within reach if you have a job.

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On Monday Check-in

the weekend was good. spent many more dollars than I thought! Spent approx $25 on bathing suit, $17 on dinner, $95 on gas. I forgot Sunday was still the weekend I think.

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

unsure of how much I will spend this weekend. Going to friend's parents' house. Gas - 30$ approx to fill tank (I live in the middle of nowhere). Probably should have filled up yesterday, it would have been cheaper. That might be it. Plus road snacks and other items that I never correctly predict. 50-60$.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

I got a raise effective in the new school year (woot) and will be getting a bit more on the rest of my summer cheques for teaching a summer course. So, can save (ok could have before, just didn't). Want to save $ 2000 for conference travel unfunded by uni. And save $ 2500 for a trip, and $ 2500 for my car. I am convinced that it is going to go downhill soon.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@limenotapple I think this often. They are pricey. But I work at a small slac with two convocations a year. So in 7-10 years it might be cheaper than a rental.

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