On Monday Check-in

spend 6.25 on laundry (out of 7), 10 on laundry (out of 20). No more depressed spending until today. Bought a ticket for 375, spent 52.50 that hopefully will get refunded from a mis-book with miles. Have not gotten organized for May conference. So, under budget.

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On College Decision Envy

I teach at a regionally ranked school. Our students who are going places are students like you. I wouldn't be afraid to encourage your siblings to, like you, check out something less prestigious because it offers great merit scholarships for good students, and because our country is so f-ed up that basically if you are from a certain level of the middle class you will be fine. If you are from slightly lower, it doesn't matter how much college you go to. You are always already at a disadvantage.

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On Alumni Giving Season

@szajic yep. I'm trying to tithe (grew up with parents who did that, and more), but not to the church, bc that's not my jam. so i give to abortion funds and other reproductive justice organizations, as well as a couple of others that have been meaningful to me. alma mater. HA.

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On Friday Estimate

Today I plan to finish my fall grading and do laundry and return some baking sheets I borrowed ($ 2). Tomorrow I plan to continue laundry ($7? might use the dryer), buy a plane ticket to my national conference bc it became necessary bc i have interviews and have set aside money for this purpose already (600). i also want to organize for a conference i'm going to later this year ($300? $ 500? hopefully less). both of those come out of my conference travel budget aka why do i work for such a cheap school aka i hate looking for a new job even though my students and coworkers who are awesome budget. I also need to get fully organized for my xmas travels (free), fill up the car with gas (20?) itemize how much my brother owes me for holiday gifts, cook for a christmas party (have already bought ingredients and wine), and try not to leave any food rotting in the fridge when i leave tuesday morning. And after that rant... total of probably $40-50. Depends on how much depressed spending I do on the internet. Plus one million dollars from my conference budget.

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On One American's Search for a Bank Account Abroad

aaaaah. this is bringing back stories that haunt me. I moved to the US last August for work and didn't get paid til the end of September. In retrospect I should have asked for an advance. I am fortunate, so fortunate, that I had meagre savings, and parents who could help me. And a Canadian credit card that allowed me to change my address to the US so that I could at least get a new SIM and put it in my phone, that was, at that point, still fairly new, and I refused to buy a new one until it died. I am also lucky that I live in a small town, which has two small town banks. I just went with the one my landlord suggested. And that I work for one of the two major employers in town. And that my landlord took cash for the deposit and first two months. He is also married to a superior person at my uni, so he knew I was good for it. Basically, my employer was my collateral for everything.

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On Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

I work for a fairly broke university. Although apparently we're getting raises in January. I think there is a holiday thing after exams, in which I would have to provide food, but, it's when I am going home. But this Saturday a colleague is throwing a party to which a select group is invited. It will be amazing. Except I will be the youngest person by at least a decade, and for sure the only single one. Part of me wants to bring some random dude just to see what the people would do... bc these people include the college president...

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

@Marille an LDS friend, whose in-laws live in Provo, told me there are an insane amount of different kinds of restaurants in Provo, because many people get married at whatever the church deems a respectable time after returning from their missions. I kind of wish people in my area did that... bc it would mean more delicious food that I don't have to cook

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On A Life Without Retirement Savings

@sally885 I turned a visiting into a tenure track job and that was hard. It took another two job offers - both of which were not as good as where I am for diverse reasons - to make it happen. It will never happen for an adjunct.

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On Monday Check-in

I underspent on all categories. But, then I registered for a conference. So I went over. But, that is a separate part of my budget spreadsheet (outside of monthly expenses) so I'm counting it as a win. 158.27. Of course, then this morning I brought my budget a bit up to date and realized that I did not appropriately budget for Christmas gifts. And they did not even cost me very much! Nor am I buying very many.

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On The Cost of Things: Crossfit, Lifting, and Making It to Provincials

@lisaf I started lifting with a great crossfit gym in Toronto (good coaching, helpful atmosphere), then when I moved for a job, the crossfit gyms were not awesome. I have relied on Nia Shanks, Sean Flanagan and Go Kaleo for resources since.

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