On Friday Estimate

I have to work on Monday. My plans for the weekend involve the gym, dinner and yoga or intense stretching tonight (free). Thrifting and Mexican food on Saturday. Hard limit $40 because I just had to take my bike in for more repairs that I thought I would. Sleeping and cooking food I bought yesterday on Sunday (free). I might order some prints online, and buy some blackboard paint $10-15. $ 50-65.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

my savings went up - July $400 August: $ 1550. Goal: $ 7000 I should add that my overall amount of dollars may not have shifted that much, because of unprecedented expenses this month, but, I have not had to touch my savings

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On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

@potatopotato I am a prof at a small college. Our career centre gives out this advice and it is awful. I will combat it.

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

@Mindful Riot I totally recommend them! I bought some in January, the stitching starting coming apart. I sent them in for repairs (they come with a warranty) AND THEY GAVE ME NEW ONES.

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@gyip yesssss. Right now, my work uniform is dresses, so I would wear a work dress and fancy it up with a necklace. But if my work uniform (self-imposed) were pants, I would wear awesome pants, shirt and fancy jewellery. Srsly. It looks hot.

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On Monday Check-in

I came in around what I expected: $ 12.50 farmer's market. Now what to do with all the golden beeeeeets? And 3.75 laundry. Total: 16.25. Parental units purchased groceries and also breakfast and dinner out. Love them, and also love that they came for a visit.

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On Nail Polish That Might Save Your Life

@CaddyFdot http://feministing.com/2014/08/25/some-questions-about-undercover-colors-anti-rape-nail-polish/. This article plus the first comment eleventy billion.

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On Friday Estimate

hm. Parents are coming. So, I expect that they will want to buy me dinner tomorrow, buy my farmer's market goods tomorrow, and take me grocery shopping. It's gonna be great. I also expect that since I am an adult, I will try and pay for some of the things (like the farmer's market. Let's not go crazy). $ 20.

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On A Midwestern Room of One's Own

I live mere (ha) hours away from A2. It is way way way cheaper here. But it might kill your soul.

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On Producing a Beyoncé-themed Burlesque Show on a Budget

if I lived close by I would absolutely come! 10$ is cheap for entertainment (ie a student play or non-professional musicians) even where I live in the rural midwest!

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