On Friday Estimate

Weekend plans: file remaining taxes. efiled yesterday (federal), now need to file state, local and school. I can do state/school on the internet, which is good. And then I need to do my Canadian taxes, because I did some freelancing that I'd like to declare, to keep having some income for the day that I return victoriously to my favourite country. Not because it's the best country but because it's mine. Also: gathering tonight, for which I have already purchased beer. tomorrow: laundry? $5. Bills may come out of my account this weekend, but I won't count them, because they are separate on my budget. Drive to Ann Arbor: have already put gas in car. Friends may offer $ for gas also. Eating at Zingerman's. $20? $40? Let's go with the latter. Folk festival, for which I have already paid. Then potential soft drinks while at folk festival, 10. So, let's go with around $50, with potential to recoup some gas monies in the form of my Zingerman's meal.

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On Friday Estimate

@GiraffeGaffe eeek! I sleep best when I decrease stress in my life. And sometimes that is just. not. possible. So, I wish you the best of luck.

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On Act Healthy, Get Cash Back?

my insurance is shit, so if you aren't quote unquote healthy (bmi normal or overweight, certain other indicators) you have to pay the employer money. My employer also covers premiums, but with a high deductible, I think it's still shit.

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On Friday Estimate

groceries (50) laundry (20) and cleaning (oven cleaner and other things, 10) needs to happen. This month I paid my credit card bill early - instead of after getting paid - and had to pay quite a bit for blood work bc awful health insurance - so I am feeling a bit poor.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks moving: a true test of friendship and relationships. I once dated a guy for longer than I should have because he helped my friends move.

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@SnarlFurillo YES THANK YOU. I work at a regional 4 year college and most of the students who we don't graduate are for exactly these reasons (the financial aid is quite generous, and the tuition is really really low)

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@ThatsMyOtter obviously, having kids when the right time for you to have them is the best idea. as a die note, Recent work also suggests that we know a lot less about female fertility than we think - and that commonly touted ages of decline, for example, are based on data from very different time periods - and when women started giving birth at very different ages (which also affects fertility).

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On Monday Check-in

Friday night: emergency chocolate, 4. Saturday: mexican food, 6. Thrifting, 15. Sunday evening groceries. 25. 50. So, less than I expected. Which varied between 75 and 175, if I recall correctly. I still need to fill up for gas and do laundry though. I did some more groceries today, but since I was working, I consider it a workday and not a weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

Hm. Thrifting and eating out tomorrow. ($ 50). And also getting ready for next week. Costs could include baked goods and small amounts of laundry ($10). Hopefully $75. I may also fill up for gas and do some groceries. $100. So between $75 and $175.

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On The Year America Gets a Raise

@andnowlights I'm looking, because, well, if I am going to be exploited in a capitalist system, I need to make it work for me the best that I can. I refuse to believe in this DWYL bs. I want a job with many of the same features, but no more midwest. or broke university. or university that makes super conservative decisions to remain balanced financially.

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