On Friday Estimate

It is the start of my spring break so I am in my former city. woot. I spent some money on gas, will spend more ($60). Spent some money on tim horton's, will spend more ($20). Coffee with three friends ($30). Potential transit or other costs $80. (That seems high, but you never know). Totally worth it. $190.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: groceries $ 70. gas $ 20-30. tomorrow: laundry and crafts $ 6. Sunday: impulse purchases of $5. $120

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On 38 Roommates in 10 years

pretty sure we lived in the same rez - the Menno one! I was in your sister's year.

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On Talking to a Millennial Homeowner

@keaton me too! I just got a good job at the age of 29 (like, where I can save money). I would like to buy a home one day, but it will be a while before I can - and I live in a cheap region

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On Your Friendship Is Above My Pay Grade

@NoName you definitely don't have to go. I have never gone to all the weddings I've been invited to, mostly for travel reasons. For far away family weddings, often only one or both parents goes, (for their sibs, my cousins, etc), and for friend weddings, sometimes I have used it to end a relationship. Sounds harsh, but I sent a nice note, I was legitimately out of town for work, and we had been growing apart.

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On Paying to Belong

@Sloane I like that. I try and do it the first week or so of the month, but then, sometimes, it's not possible. I think the idea behind it is disciplining yourself to give something away. And at some income levels it is not possible! Although statistically lower income earners are way more generous.

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On Paying to Belong

@SarahRose woot! hurray for your church! And, knowing and loving people in a church where being queer is stupidly still controversial, I understand why people stay even when they really disagree with the official line. I think being a dissenter is also important and valid, just not for me. YESSSSS to those donations. I want to donate to a local women's/rape crisis org, but it works with human trafficking, which is bad, obviously, but from a tone that is so-you-are-victimy-and-we-must-rescue you that I am troubled. /endrant

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On Paying to Belong

I grew up in a church, my fam is super religious, and I am not motivated to be, for diverse reasons, including the fact that being single in the most heteronormative environment ever is difficult at best. I try and tithe... to feminism...

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On We Literally Cannot All Be Middle-Class

I do not feel as though I grew up in genteel poverty, or, strictly, the middle class, except my dad worked for the church my family is part of, and mom wanted to stay at home. Choices were made, actively, by both of them, and were lucky to have parents that could loan them money at favorable rates when needed. They were happy. I ate a lot of ground beef-based foods as a child. They could save for college. We rarely went out to eat. Or had nice vacations. Then my mom got a good job about 15 years ago and the changes are quite noticeable. My life now involves a lot more stupid spending. It's awesome.

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On Monday Check-in

I overspent - I was under estimate for dinner in A2 (36 out of 40), and recouped 20 for gas, another friend paid for parking. I also then bought mittens, gloves and a scale on amazon. 70 dollars. So, plus minus.

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