On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@thegirlieshow yeah this I would like to know!

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On More Thoughts on Shoes

@CaddyFdot i would totally take pictures, print them (blown up) and frame them - do weird angles, so you see the most beautiful parts of the shoes. and then sell them.

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On Link Roundup!: Sleep You Need vs Sleep You Get; Podcast Love

@readyornot but in case you don't you should! I also heart sawbones, stuff mom never told you, and savvygirls. And Tapestry. And On being is ok.

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On The Delicate Nature of Asking Your Parents for Financial Help

@beastlyburden yep. my parents have helped with first and lasts before, and only asked for half back, they paid for part of my computer, they helped me SO MUCH on my move for this job, bought my first car.... I know I can always go back there. I am hoping not too, and finally, finally, finally have an OK job, so am hoping to build up a cushion, but you know what? they try and treat me and my sib equally, they talk about how they help us both, and they WANT to help us. They also donate money to actual needy people, because they can, and as a child of immigrants my mom is always mindful of how little her parents had and how much they can give us.

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On Monday Check-in

@Julie NO! I go with a friend who is 6/8, (I know sizes are not really a thing to share bc bodyshaming but this only for practicality), one who is 2 or 3 XL, and I'm in the middle, and we all find stuff! The friend who is for sure plus size has less to look through but she has found some really cute clothes. We also all like thrifting, so there's that. I would go for a thrift store in the nicest neighbourhood you can find. You might be able to vintage if you are like me - small on top and 50s silhouettes/a lines work with. But the cost. Is not worth it.

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On Monday Check-in

@Julie I have had excellent luck with thrift stores. I live in the midwest and am on the upper end of standard sizes, so this might play into it too (when I lived in an urban area, and was one size smaller, it was HARD to find stuff). A couple of pairs of pants I just bought came from JCP, Kohl's and Walmart. Again, rural midwest means more casual is appropriate for my job. ETA: perhaps you just want to vent and are not seeking advice. So, also, PANTS ARE THE WORST

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On Monday Check-in

@moreadventurous questionable dude choice ftw! I mean, I wish I had known that about Birks because then I would have waited an extra week... for next time...

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On Monday Check-in

I had the most boring weekend it was awesome. I spent about 4.50 on snacks yesterday, and 3.25 on prizes/snacks on Friday. So I came under my 20$ estimate (plus the 180$ I spent online first thing Friday).

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On Friday Estimate

I had people over yesterday, so I bought stuff then. And then this morning I bought two pairs of shoes and some protein powder on amazon (total $180). I foresee cleaning my fridge tomorrow, cooking, writing, potentially some sewing/mending, but overall hopefully nothing spendy. I will likely impulse buy from the thrift store or coffee shop or something ($5) and do laundry ($5). I might farmer's market for some flowers or pulled pork ($10). So, more spending $20. Total weekend spending: $ 200.

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On Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You'd Pay For

@seakelps yes. that is key. if you go for cheaper phone plans, especially if you live in an area with t mobile service, it is possible to only use data when you want to. I have 100 mb of data which I rarely ever come close to unless I am waiting for a doctor or something. ETA I downgraded last month to 20 mb of data. still not using it all - and I can change it upwards if I need to

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