On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@Eric18 dude. the US gives foreign aid to many countries and sectors of its population for political reasons. No one is forcing the US to claim moral superiority over the world. Also, (as a Canadian), no one forced the US to enter the war TWO YEARS LATER than the rest of us.

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On The Wealth We Have to Give

@boringbunny I give a lot of money to pro-choice and abortion access funds because I am concerned about infringements on reproductive rights. Gotta put my money where my mouth is.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic I want to say: for me, therapy was a choice. It is the BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE. The end. But I get why you might not want it in the estimate

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On First, Have a Son

@seaermine I would agree. My parents didn't do a perfect job of dividing labour between themselves, or me and my brother, but we both kind of knew how to cook, definitely how to clean a bathroom, me laundry for myself and him outside work when we left home.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

@cuminafterall haha I fill mine in bathrooms all the time. I only ask at coffee shops, and then I try to remember to tip, because it takes extra time for the person, and they are being nice. Sometimes they even add ice!

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On The Return of the Flophouse

@planforamiracle modest somehow makes them sound nice...

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On The Return of the Flophouse

@stuffisthings and you have summarized gentrification.

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On A Married Couple Discuss Tipping And Also The Probability That It Will Lead to Their Divorce

@FancyMachine I always tip 20% in the US, now that people have told me these things. I tip 15 in Canada, minimally. A friend who works as a server in downtown TO says his average is about 18, so I figure, 15 to 20, depending on the day. I figure, I should be able to pay for going out. Which includes a nice tip.

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On Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?

@bowtiesarecool I don't do sephora. I do clinique, but for the exact same reason - lasts way longer. The money is worth it. From the department store. One day I will begin with their skincare. And then I will have no more money.

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On We Need a Kickstarter for Abortions (Federal Abortion Funding Would Probably Also Work)

@kristindru yesss. heart this.

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