On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

Ugh SO MUCH MONEY. My car was purchased as a therapeutic investment as well as a transportation means, so I guess that makes it slightly more worth it. But here goes... $218.15 - car payment $235 - insurance (I KNOW) ~$60 - gas _______ ~ $513.15/month I pay a premium on insurance because I choose to insure with a company - Amica - I have several other insurances through and like very much, as well as trust. So that's a personal choice. I'm also under $25 and have bad credit, so... expensive insurance! I could be paying around $150 if I switched companies. Oh, plus I sock away about $40 - $50/month for future maintenance/repairs.

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On More on the 401(k) Problem

I think about this a lot. I fully intend to care for my mom when she gets old. Not because it's cultural tradition for us, but because I think she deserves it, because she's worked hard and been dealt a horrible hand in life and still managed to do a kickass job raising my siblings and me, and I think that it's our turn to take care of her. But retirement? Not something I can afford to save for or really even think about right now, and I get queasy even thinking about what that point in my life is going to look like financially.

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On Let's All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2013 Check-In

I'm paying down a personal loan from my sister. January: $627.90 February: $572.90 And I'm starting to save for a couple things: my emergency fund, a fund for mother-related emergencies (she's horrendous with personal finance, and disaster on the financial front strikes often and swiftly - rather than just putting it on credit as per my usual method, I'm trying to plan in advance), and a fund for future car maintenance. These were all $0 balance in January. Emergency fund: $49.01 Mom fund: $56.04 Car stuff: $5 This is literally the most money I've ever saved, so that's exciting. I am keeping it simple, due to extremely stretched funds - $1/day to the emergency fund and the mom fund, and then $5/weekly paycheck to the car maintenance fund.

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On Friday Estimate

I heartily approve. I grew up in San Diego, and I'm living on the east coast now. The first thing I do EVERY SINGLE TIME I go home is get a burrito. Anyway, I have to mail my gifts this afternoon, so I'm going to put aside $15 for that. Otherwise, I'm trying to have a money-free weekend!

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On This Is a Story of Ink, Lasers, and Regret$

Two of my three tattoos were impulse tattoos, the first of which I got at age 17. All of them are in visible places on my body. None are tattoos that at this exact point in my life, I would probably get. But I love them all, and I don’t regret any of them, and I’ve never for a second considered removal. I think there’s something to be said for having a time and a place in your life etched permanently on your skin – even when you’re far, far past that time and place in your life. I don’t know, it’s like accepting and paying tribute to myself as I was then, and I love that.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, so I anticipate it being an expensive one. My car's full of gas, and we're splitting it, so hopefully I won't be spending more than $30 on that. And then I'll guess around $60 in personal spending, touristy type stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it under $100 total.

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On Lisa and Bryan Are Moving in Together (Great Idea, Swell Idea)

This is something I feel like my boyfriend and I are going through right now, only not as well communicated on either side. I'm an extremely independent person. When I moved in, he was making significantly more than me, and was basically taking care of bills and such. He is not so great with money - has no semblance of a budget, doesn't know how much is in his bank account at any given time, doesn't keep track of spending, etc - but keeps his expenses quite low, so it all sort of works out. I, on the other hand, keep a budget down to the penny, am pretty good with money, pay off all my credit cards monthly, and the only debt I have is my car. I work 40+ hours a week, and he works roughly half of that. Suddenly, his pay got cut and now we're making roughly the same amount. I now pay half the rent, but feel intensely guilty because I can't afford anything more than that in the way of groceries, etc., and housework is really hard for me since I'm working so much. Discussions about money and such are really awkward and difficult since our philosophies are SO DIFFERENT. Anyway, point being, I really like and am looking forward to this!

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On My Mom Stole My Identity and Ruined My Credit

@Hiroine Protagonist I think about doing this all the time - giving my mom a credit card - because she's disabled and emergencies happen and I'm across the country, and I want to feel like I can help. But I am fairly sure she'd do exactly what you just described, and I've worked SO HARD for good credit and the freedom that comes with it, so I've held off thus far.

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On Friday Estimate

I’m not planning on spending anything this weekend. My budget is $0 until Oct. 1st. It should hopefully be quite easy, as my gas tank is 3/4 full and I work both Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll see!

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On Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September Check-In

I've got two that I'm paying off with my credit union: Personal secured credit builder loan: $812 balance - interest is 3,25% and monthly payments for this are $58, and I'm not paying it off early, as I'm trying to build credit. Since it's secured, about $55 is immediately available back to me after paying it off, however, so I then apply that towards my Car loan: $11,100 balance - interest is 7.5% and monthly payments are $218 - with the $55 subtracted, that's $163. I'm trying to pay a bit more, as anything over the minimum goes directly to principal, but I had a big, unexpected car repair this month, so we'll see.

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