On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

You lost me at "Buzzfeed."

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On One Company's Productive Work Set-up

@bgprincipessa Forget “people,” I’m worried that *I* would become overly protective of *my* spot in this arrangement.

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

My mom, recently retired, was a nurse. She spent most of her career in ICU, then moved into management for the last few years. She only had an associate's degree, but I think that was less of a limitation back in her day. It probably also helped that she spent most of her career in a smallish-town, distinctly non-magnetty hospital. One of my constants growing up was checking the kitchen calendar to see which days Mom had marked as work days that week. She avoided night shifts whenever possible, though -- first because her kids needed an awake adult around during the day, then later because she decided she was just too old for night shifts. Bonus points for the Buffy reference!

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On Workplace Thievery

When I was in college (many years ago), a friend of a friend who worked for university IT stole and resold a couple thousand dollars' worth of computers. Apparently he figured he was too clever to ever get caught. In fact he was caught pretty quickly and ended up in jail.

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On A Young Woman, From Providence to New York

@rhinoceranita I'm curious too! Several of my friends live in (on?) Federal Hill now.

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On Real Problems

@HelloTheFuture Oh, yes, I too have found the cliche to be true. (Especially in my own case!) Didn't mean to imply otherwise.

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On Real Problems

@jfruh Not to mention that just 20 years ago, it was Generation X that was being described as the "first generation that can expect to do less well than their parents," to the point where it became a cliche.

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On Do You Get Paid Sick Days? Y/N

I am strongly opposed to having combined "personal days" instead of separate vacation and sick days. Do they encourage you to stay healthy so you can have more vacation? Well, maybe. But they also encourage the guy next to you to come into work with a raging case of the flu, for exactly the same reason. Another thing: sick days aren't just for when you're actually sick. I'm a big believer in taking half a sick day whenever I have a doctor or dentist appointment. Or when your kid does, if you're a parent. (My employer's sick day policy explicitly allows this.)

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On Rich Texas Teenager Who Killed Four People While Driving Drunk a Victim of 'Affluenza'

If everything they tell us about that kid's background is true, it seems to me that he's menace to society and it should be MORE important to lock him up for a good long time.

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On Advice to Your 24-Year-Old Self

I would tell 24-year-old me "You have dental insurance now, so go to the damn dentist already! Problems are brewing, and every six months you delay getting an exam will add days of agony and YEARS of debt to what you're already in for."

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