On Riding The Rails: The Sad State of America's Trains

Conservatives like to talk about the "entitlement mentality." Well, the idea that your taxes should be kept low by underspending on public infrastructure is one of the biggest examples of the entitlement mentality in America today.

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On How Much Do Teens Plan to Spend on Promposals? $324, On Average

Ugh. I almost didn't go to my prom as it was. If promposals had been a thing way back then, that most certainly would have tipped me over the edge into "hell no I'm not going" territory.

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On Andrew Jackson Doesn't Belong on a Twenty-Dollar Bill, a Woman Does

I can think of lots of women (and men) who would be better for our currency than Jackson. But I'd rather have our current lineup frozen in place for the rest of my lifetime than endure the inevitable Republican demands that the new woman be "balanced" by putting Ronald Reagan on another bill. Or maybe all the bills.

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On Andrew Jackson Doesn't Belong on a Twenty-Dollar Bill, a Woman Does

@dromeda Rosalind Franklin wasn't an American, so she's a nonstarter. I'd like to see Rachel Carson or Grace Hopper, despite the lack of fun name coincidences.

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On Who Pays Your Funeral Expenses If You Die in Debt

I haven't written my will yet. But I'm definitely planning to include an instruction, nay, DEMAND that my family not pay a lot of money for my burial or memorial service.

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On City vs. Suburb

Sometimes I think the term "suburb" is too general to be useful. I, personally, could stand living in one of the older, close-in suburbs of a big city, with modest houses on modest yards, work and retail a short drive away, and maybe a commuter rail station close by. I could NOT stand living in one of those sprawling exurbs of McMansions on half-acre lots, with the grocery store ten miles away, and a ninety-minute highway commute twice a day.

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On Car Talk

My credit union has a partnership with TrueCar that allows us to car-shop online and (supposedly) qualify for extra discounts. I've never used it myself, but if I suddenly had to buy a car that's probably where I'd start.

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On My Not-So-Great Grandfather And The Great Depression

@holdensjane @andnowlights Actually, I thought the writer's point was exactly the reverse. He grew up in a family who thought his grandfather was a cheap bastard, and then afterwards learned about the psychological wounds that made the man that way.

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On How Much Did You Spend On Music This Year

@Non-anonymous Forgot to mention another thing part of that $150 went to: a band Kickstarter-ing their first album.

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On How Much Did You Spend On Music This Year

I spent about $150 on music this year, maybe a bit more. Most of that was for paid downloads from iTunes/Amazon, and downloaded tracks for Rock Band. (Those count! The artists get a cut! Yes, I'm a nerd.) I only went to a single live show this year, and it was a cheap one. Whereas ten or twelve years ago, despite a much smaller income, I probably spent over $1000 a year on CDs (half new, half used), concerts, band t-shirts, etc. But the root cause here isn't so much the decline of the music industry as it is me getting old.

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