On Life in the Desert: The Troubling Need for Cars

The problem is more than just poor public transportation, it's the layout of our cities and suburbs. Most places in America were designed assuming everyone has access to a car. Thus we had planners thinking "it's okay to zone this four-square-mile subdivision as residential only, no stores" or "it's okay to put an eight-lane highway between this neighborhood and downtown" or "nah, we don't need sidewalks near this elementary school." Better layout would have made these places more livable even without good public transportation.

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On Concerning Eschewing Ivies and Raising Working-Class Heroes

@tad123 @andnowlights True, those are real examples of hostility to the rich. What I was objecting to was the idea that this hostility extends beyond the actual rich to "anyone with any money," which I took to mean anyone who isn't poor or close to it.

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On Concerning Eschewing Ivies and Raising Working-Class Heroes

@andnowlights There's a huge gap between "trust-fund kids" and "anyone with any kind of money." I don't see any hostility against the latter here. If you do, could you cite some examples?

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On Labor (Profs) vs Management (Administration) at Colleges Heats Up

Buffy images will never not be a good way to get my attention.

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On Snacks On a Budget: Everything You Need to Know About Popcorn

Another topping idea: good old fresh-ground black pepper.

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On On the Scourge of 'Office Speak'

"Activation" is a new one on me. Maybe it's because I work in education and there isn't enough money around to make us worth activating. Meanwhile, a "train seal" is probably just a trained seal, but I'm having more fun imagining a seal driving one of those miniature amusement park trains while balancing a big red ball on its nose.

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On Economic Theory of Dating Websites

If I paid sixty bucks a month for a dating site, I'd hardly have enough money left to go on dates. Which I guess would be a good example of filtering in action.

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On The Cable Cabal

I live in Maryland just outside of DC. I'm thinking of dumping Comcast and signing up for RCN internet and cable. Have any of you tried RCN, and what do you think of them? (Especially in my area, but anywhere, really.)

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

You lost me at "Buzzfeed."

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On One Company's Productive Work Set-up

@bgprincipessa Forget “people,” I’m worried that *I* would become overly protective of *my* spot in this arrangement.

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