On How Much Did You Spend On Music This Year

@Non-anonymous Forgot to mention another thing part of that $150 went to: a band Kickstarter-ing their first album.

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On How Much Did You Spend On Music This Year

I spent about $150 on music this year, maybe a bit more. Most of that was for paid downloads from iTunes/Amazon, and downloaded tracks for Rock Band. (Those count! The artists get a cut! Yes, I'm a nerd.) I only went to a single live show this year, and it was a cheap one. Whereas ten or twelve years ago, despite a much smaller income, I probably spent over $1000 a year on CDs (half new, half used), concerts, band t-shirts, etc. But the root cause here isn't so much the decline of the music industry as it is me getting old.

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On Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

I haven't bothered to get around the paywall and read the WSJ article. But they do acknowledge that the older people with current savings rates of 3 or 6 or 13% might have had lower rates when they were in their 20s, right? Right? (Also, a quibble: members of Gen X can now be 49 or older, depending on the exact start date you use.)

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On Our Vanilla-and-Guilt-Flavored Real Estate Fantasies

@Katni @eatmoredumplings I'm a diehard East Coaster and I couldn't live in NYC either. For one thing it's simply too expensive. For another, there are so many things to do there that I'd probably develop a fatal case of fear of missing out. No, the right way to do the northeast is to live in a smaller city or town but keep a couple of friends in NYC who will let you crash with them when you feel like visiting.

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On Savvy Drinking: Is the Smart Buy the Best Value?

This sounds like a good example of economic thinking gone wrong. "The drink you want is marked up more than the drink you don't want, so it makes more sense to buy the drink you don't want."

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

Connecticut does have Mystic Seaport, if you're into that sort of thing, which I am. In a bar (in Providence RI) a couple of years ago, I overheard one rich-looking guy telling another "I live in Old Lyme but I work in Old Saybrook," which I found utterly hilarious. Stereotypes come to life!

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

I'll be the killjoy who points out that this is definitely not the FIRST bookless library. They even have a Wikipedia page about them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookless_library

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On Amtrak Hacks

@Allison Maybe not always … but a lot.

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On Your Waistline = Your Boss's Business

Does anyone reading this use Credit Karma? They keep asking me to "connect" my accounts. Would this involve giving them my card numbers or passwords? Is it safe? And would it improve the accuracy of the credit scores they give me, or have any advantage other than letting me use Credit Karma as yet another spending tracker?

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On Amtrak Hacks

I ride Amtrak along the NE Corridor once every 1-3 months. My National Association of Rail Passengers membership paid for itself and saved me at least a hundred bucks last year, even though the discount doesn't apply to some trains. Plus: it's fun to say. NARP!

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