On Lines for a Variety of Situations Relating to Money

@faustbanana I'm obsessed with La Croix sparkling water, especially grapefruit (although coconut is also good).

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On I Could Have Been a Great Opera Singer, If I Were Rich

@questingbeast I used to rent a room from an opera singer and his wife. He was a stay at home dad for years while training and singing in smaller things. Now he's 35 and very successful! I think he started auditioning for the really big stuff around age 30.

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On Waste Not, Want Not

@sheistolerable It makes more sense to me to bring the shoebox or deli paper home, then recycle it. At least you know it's being recycled instead of thrown away. I do that at my in-laws' house - they don't recycle, but since I live in a city with a recycling program, I bring home all the bottles and cans we accumulate when we visit and throw them in the bin when I get home.

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On Gay Marriage and Taxes

Yep. My partner and I would be in a lower tax bracket if we were married and could file jointly. It's infinitely frustrating every year.

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

@Blondsak Seconded! It feels strange to say "a website changed my thinking about money" but it has! Thanks, Mike and Logan!

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On Zillions: The '90s Kids Magazine About Money

@umlauts Yes! I remember the new issues weren't allowed to be taken out of the school library, you had to read them there. I can still recall an argument I had with my friends in 4th grade in the library about what fast food place had the best burgers/fries/shakes after reading an article in Zillions.

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On The Way We Were

@eagerber I remember setting up my VCR every Sunday for the week's shows as late as 2006. I recently found a tape with random episodes of Lost and Veronica Mars on it.

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On Reason for Dispute: My Name Is Not Angel Polentino

@readyornot Yes! I highly recommend Credit Karma. They will advertise to you but I check them all the time and it's free! And they tell you what will help raise your score!

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On Earning The Right to Be Jealous

@Fig. 1 Literal LOL for that joke.

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On In ATM News

@Megano! Yeah! 'Cause sometimes you want $30.

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