On Can Feminism and Breastfeeding Coexist, Take 2

@dotcommie OMG why did they let you push her out if she was the wrong way? Isn't that when the doctors do a C-Section? I thought that's what C-Sections are for.

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On Can Feminism and Breastfeeding Coexist, Take 2

...This still makes me not really want to breastfeed. I am going to be a horrible mother should that day ever come, oi. But thank you for sharing this was all incredibly informative. (Seriously how did you get black eyes from labor? Eesh).

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On What The Last Five Feature Films I Saw Taught Me About Money

I don't understand "I fell asleep during Guardians of the Galaxy because it was just that boring." Who are you and what do you find entertaining? "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the opposite of boring. THERE IS A TALKING HOMICIDAL RACCOON VOICED BY BRADLEY COOPER.

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On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

@Meaghan O’Connell The main reason we were not breastfed is because my mother went back to work very quickly. She’s an attorney and when she started at her firm (the firm she is still at I should note) she was the only lady attorney (now the firm is nearly half lady attorneys, progress!). Breastfeeding was also much less of a “thing” in the 80s I think. But I know that “I have to go to work and meet with clients and be an attorney, I can't see clients with a baby attached to my boob” was a huge part in the decision making process. Now she’s one of the most senior attorneys at said firm and has been managing shareholder a number of times. But we also had a full-time live-in nanny as a kid (dad's an attorney too), so, who knows. You can have it all, I guess, if you can afford full-time live-in help. =( So yeah, I don’t know. A coworker of mine at my previous job had a baby and came back to work riiiight before I left. The two weeks we overlapped before I left she barely got any work done because she had to pump like, every two hours. It was driving her crazy. So maybe you are right, feminism + breastfeeding = hard or maybe even impossible. Ungh. =(

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On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

My take away is that breast feeding is hard and time-consuming and, should I ever happen to produce a child, I shouldn't do it. Because you are tethered to a schedule vs. "here's a bottle with formula I can make and feed the baby immediately no boob required." Note: neither my sister nor I were breastfed, and we are both incredibly healthy and intelligent and are getting along in the world just fine. My take away could also be residual annoyance at #worldbreastfeedingweek on Facebook which left me really irritated at how self-congratulatory a certain set of breastfeeding mothers has become (Not you Meaghan, I get that that wasn't the point of this post at all and didn't read any self-congratulation in the subtext, just a lot of hard reality). I don't care if mothers breastfeed in public, do whatcha gotta do for your kid, but why do you need to post selfies of it on Facebook?! I get that breastfeeding is a good and maternal thing but it is also natural and people have been doing it forever, much like pooping, and you don't see me posting photos of myself on the toilet with two thumbs up like, "look at what i just did," do you? Blargh. Anyways, good luck, it will get easier some day, I hope, maybe when the baby is weaned? Or like, in college? But appreciate these missives regardless, it is good reading for those of us who have yet to make the baby trek. On that note, would love a Billfold article on baby feeding expenses, both breastfeeding vs. not breastfeeding and then what happens when the little buddy starts eating solid foods.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

My husband and I (well, technically just me, because only my name is on it for various reasons including the fact that my husband has been a student the last two years and has not worked) just bought a car. A new Ford Focus. On the one hand YAY NEW CAR. On the other hand OMG THAT WAS SO HARD AND WOW WE WILL BE PAYING MONEY FOR A LONG TIME and I am exhausted but I believe we got a really good deal considering the car and the amount of fun things it has (IT HAS LIGHT UP CUPHOLDERS but I didn't realize this until I drove it away). The end.

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On How Much is Too Much for a Root Canal?

Real talk about that student thing at NYU: My husband just graduated from the dental hygiene program at UNC Chapel Hill, and during his time he worked very closely with lots of dental students and graduate dental students. Student dentists (and dental hygienists) are VERY closely screened by their professors and are rarely allowed to make a move without having it approved. So don't frown upon student care -- it is often much cheaper but just as good as what you'd get in a normal office and, sometimes, even better because the students have to meet exacting standards and specifications laid forth by the faculty. I can't speak to NYU's school, but from everything my husband told me about UNC, it was an incredible program that provided top-notch care--even from the students--to anyone who visited. Including people who were in for root canals.

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

Loved this movie except for the laaaasssst bit where Ed Harris had to explain everything but it didn't ruin it for me. Although Little Timmy coming out in a fur snowsuit that FIT HIM PERFECTLY *almost* ruined it and definitely had me squawking at my screen. LITTLE TIMMY WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SUIT. Really loved the "Beloved" reference in the above conversation, well done. Also, all the Foucault references (lolz). The trope of "orchestrating social events for population control" is a very sci-fi thing (i read a lot of sci-fi) , so that didn't take me out of it too too much. Loved Tilda. Loved Allison Pill. Loved Captain America. Loved the damn carp. I truly did enjoy this film, in hindsight, and also never want to go on a train, it looks claustrophobic.

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On Expenses Relating to My Wedding That I Couldn’t Possibly Have Anticipated

I am the person who never forgets to pack anything ever, and it is true, your wedding makes you forget everything. The overnight bag I packed for the hotel we stayed at the night of our wedding conveniently did not include: -Deoderant -Facewash (which, that wedding makeup was ON, amazingly I remembered makeup remover) -Shaving cream -Toothpaste -Sundry other toiletries that I borrowed from the husband. I ended up texting my parents at 3 in the morning with a list of items of mine to bring to the casual farewell breakfast the next day, and then that morning had to text them to bring the belts I had left in my childhood closet. Oi.

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On Exciting SNOWPIERCER Film Club Updates!

@HelloTheFuture How can I lead with two good arms?

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