On Our Hoarding Tendencies

True story: the wedding registry is making me de-clutter. I'm mostly good about doing an annual purge (especially of my closets!) but now that we have all sorts of shiny and new stuff coming from our lovely friends and family we are packing up big boxes of plates and glasses and old appliances and sending them off to the Habitat for Humanity store. Most of these items are in pretty good condition (minus some chips, scratches, and mismatchings since I've had a lot of this stuff since college!) but it was time for it to go. Our registry is pretty streamlined so I am happy to replace a bunch of semi-good stuff with less stuff that is better quality. We are also pre-purging in anticipation of the gift-receiving...we know we will be getting household things, so we are getting rid of lots of other things that haven't seen the light of day in FOREVER. I also sent three giant boxes of books from graduate school packing the other day. STUFF BE GONE.

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On The Cost of Love

Tonight my fiance and I went out for sushi ($34 for four rolls and some salads and a soda) and then to see The Lego Movie which was really really great go see it ($20 for two tickets and a soda and we got free popcorn) and then TBCY ($8) which is no different from what we usually do on a Friday night. Happy Valentine's Day to us.

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On On "Marrying Down"

@honey cowl Oh heyyyy you called to me! APW has gotten TERRIBLE. The Billfold is my favorite so I really dislike the cross-posting, because APW has gotten REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE. For everyone who wants to know what APW's antics are, go check out the GOMI A Practical Wedding forums--mostly we are a disillusioned group of former APW readers who are sick of Meg's self-absorption and sick of the draconian commenting policies. I mean seriously, if you disagree just a little bit the entire loyal APW community will jump on you. Here's the link to GOMI: http://getoffmyinternets.net/forums/lifestyle-bloggers/a-practical-wedding/

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On So, Why Is North Carolina So Cheap?

@elefante Come to the Triangle area! Specifically, Durham! Cheap living but great city-esque amenities because of all the universities, amazing food, and lots of jobs!

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On What Happens to Olympians After They Win Gold?

@Vodka Queen Beautiful film that I never want to see again; still cringing from some of the crash footage Walker included. Ooof. But an important topic.

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On What Happens to Olympians After They Win Gold?

Everyone should was The Crash Reel--while not immediately about professional athletes and what they earn (it is actually about Traumatic Brain Injury in extreme sports athletes as told through the central story of snowboarder Kevin Pearce), you learn A LOT about sponsorships and how much money you can win by being awesome at obscure sports and succeeding at professional sports competitions.

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On How to Negotiate That Job Offer

This was great--wish I'd had it a few weeks ago when I received a job offer (starting the new job next week yaaaaay), but my story turned out okay. The job is in an organization with like, 40,000 people working for it, so HR parameters are INTENSE as you can imagine. Fortunately the hiring person in my department was willing to advocate for me. I asked for more money and more vacation days--I got more money (not as much as I wanted but more than the initial offer) and even though they could not "officially" give me the vacation days the hiring person in my department said "we'll work with you so you can get what you need," so something tells me I'll be able to get some extra days here or there unofficial-like. Negotiating was STRESSFUL because they really wanted to get the hire letter signed that week and I got the job offer when I was out of town visiting my parents, and at the time had very minimal access to a computer. I had to make negotiation phone calls while running to a bazillion wedding meetings and actually had to commandeer my dad's office at one point to pour over the company's HR website. The positive of being at home is that both of my parents are really savvy business people and so I had their support and guidance through the process. Still, jumping out of a meeting with my wedding DJ and onto a phone call to talk benefits and salary was a really jarring experience. Regardless, I negotiated, they said yes, it was great! I did not negotiate for the job I am about to leave (I was just so happy to get a job period), so I felt pretty positive about fighting for myself. KNOW YOUR WORTH FRIENDS.

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On Open Offices: Pros and Cons (Mostly Cons)

@jillcool Yes I am hoping that love of the new job will outweigh sadness as losing my nice private office. Although I'll need to figure out where to change into my gym clothes...I head straight to the gym from work and it is nice to just be able to shut your door and change. Not fond of the idea of having to do it in a bathroom stall!

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On Open Offices: Pros and Cons (Mostly Cons)

I am giving up my perfectly good office with a door I can close and a window that looks into the outside world when I start my new job (at least I am 95% certain I will not get my own office, from what I have seen of their office, we'll find out when I start). Having my own office was a HUGE luxury, definitely going to miss it!

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On Monday Check-in

@echolikebells Thanks everyone!

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