On Should Everyone Work Retail At Least Once?

Everyone should work retail. I worked at a Victoria’s Secret in high school and then a locally-owned high-end jewelry store for about a year and a half after graduate school, when the job market was terrible. Both jobs taught me how to deal with people, how to manage expectations, how to be polite when you don’t want to be polite, and how to manage when things were ultra-busy (nothing like a holiday season or a trunk show to keep you busy!). I learned how to do math on the fly (I’d always been uncomfortable with my math skills), how to speak with people professionally on the phone, and how to calm irate individuals. And I learned how to steward clients, which is a lot like stewarding donors, which is something I have had to do a bit in my post-retail work in the non-profit world. Sometimes I think that I might have learned more actual professional and job skills in my retail jobs than I learned in six years of college and graduate school. Seriously though, my retail experience was invaluable. Everyone should do it, because it teaches amazing people skills. I didn’t really enjoy it and I didn’t really want to be there, but I needed a job, and I learned a ton, and it has absolutely made me a better employee. And yes, it also made me REALLY AWARE of how hard it is to work in customer service of any kind...and now I am extra, extra super nice to people in customer service (not that I wasn't nice before, but now I know what it is like on the other side!)

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@polka dots vs stripes My husband just gave me a new Macbook Air to replace my 2009 Macbook for an early b-day present (my birthday is next week, he was just tired of listening to me hem and haw at my slooooooooow computer). That thing lasted me six long years--going to clean it out and use it as a back-up computer since it still functions, it is just slooooow.

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On Keeping the Junk

@yellowshoes @Mike Dang We had a brief thread about her in last night's Moorcrest post. It is like you read my mind, I asked for more Marie Kondo on this site and she appeared.

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On "If You Don’t Have Tchotchkes, I Don’t Trust You": Celebrity Real Estate Wisdom

This whole article is very relevant to me as I am a nerd and collector and definitely have tchotchkes (I am not allowed to get anymore vinyl blind box figures and I have thus far stood for this) but I really love the minimalist look. And also have cats. So, battling these things is a struggle. I try to balance it by keeping all the tchotchkes in their proper place and generally keeping my house super clean (and also doing periodic purges). But still, a struggle. Someone write a Billfold article on trying the Marie Kondo lifestyle!!! That said... OMG Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom's house is amazing. I have several versions of "dream house." One is Japanese country minimalism. Another is Addison Meisner Realness. And a third...a third is basically Moorcrest. So stunning!!!! This also just gets me even more excited to see how they do Dorne and the Water Gardens on Game of Thrones, since they filmed much of that in old Moorish buildings in Spain. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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On Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

@@fo Gotcha. The NYC Langham Place has a very big-deal restaurant (Ai Fiori) so I thought Chicago might be the same.

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On Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

Was the first hotel the Langham Place? I stayed in the NYC location via the help of Jetsetter and Generous Mother and it was THE NICEST HOTEL OMG. Sounds like you had a great trip, can we see links to the posts/articles from your journey once they are available?

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On The Way We Tip

I do a 20% tip at restaurants typically unless the service is AWFUL AWFUL in which case I might bump it down to 18% but it really has to be bad. Bars are a dollar a drink. Beauty services I tip 20% although I'll occasionally round it up to the next integer that ends with a 5 or a 0 for my hair stylist who is amazing (so like, my haircuts are $45 flat, so a 20% tip is $9, I'll usually round it up to $10). If I like you or you are doing great work then I will tip you more (which seems to be the case in general). If I am getting like, froyo or a bagel or something at a counter service dash-in/dash-out place and I have a dollar to put in the till I will usually put a dollar in the till. But if I don't have cash I typically don't tip on my card. Is that bad of me?

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On What's Student Loan Debt Preventing You From Doing? A Lot of Things

@amglory89 Don't do that! Having just married someone with student loans, I can say that while I am not *thrilled* to have debt where I never before had debt, I realize that it is not *his* future it is *our* future, and the debt he took on was directly so that he could improve *our* future by getting a better job in a better-paying and more stable field. We are investing in us, and I have no problem helping my husband with his loans because they are now *our* loans, much like it is now *our* money (vs. his money and my money). Don't be stubborn, if he is a truly good partner he will hopefully see things similarly. That said, his student loans are making us pause and consider what our Next Step will be. We are almost done paying down the credit card debt we incurred while he was in school (yay!), so once we do that we can re-budget and shift the money we threw at our credit cards to...well, what (after building an emergency savings account of course!)? That's the question. Do we throw it at his loans to pay them down faster. Do we throw it at our car to pay down that loan faster. Do we save for a house. Do we start stock-piling money for the very strong possibility that my husband will go back to school (again), but this time to dental school, so while the cost will be HUGE the long-term benefit will be EVEN MORE HUGE. So yeah, if there were no pre-existing debt it would be a lot more clear what our Next Step is.

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On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome

@mintjulips Comedy Central probably cannot afford Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

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On Day Trips Back to NYC

Oh I really liked this, especially this line: "The future I am committed to no longer involves a place but a person, and I would not trade it for the world."

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