On Open Thread

@limenotapple My friend had hedgehogs, and I hedgehog-sat for them - they are nocturnal, so you need to be up later if you want to play with them. Also, they require warm-ish temperature, which may be an issue in the winter. Their undersides are so soft! And they make cute noises, but they are a little odd.

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On I Got My Shopping Start at the Limited Too

@Wait, I had something for this Four! And then my parents got divorced in middle school and my dad moved to Norfolk and they opened MacArthur and that was our signature event, getting pretzels and a Mrs Fields cookie because they were next to each other.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

$150, Maryland commuter rail monthly pass which also covers all forms of public transportation in Baltimore (bus, metro, light rail). I run or take the bus the the train station, then run from the train station to work. ~$25, once-a-month-ish Zipcar trip to suburb with Target, Trader Joe's, etc. that is 2hrs away via public transit, 20min by car. I got the Zipcar membership when still a student, so no membership costs. =$175. When I end up buying a car, I'll downsize my sweet (but ridiculous for one person) house that I splurged on after having a super expensive and crappy living situation in Boston.

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On Have You Been Delayed At the Airport Thanks to the Sequester?

Not airline travels, but my commute to work has been affected by the sequester, as the shuttle that once took employees from the train station onto the military base is no longer going to operate. Luckily there's showers in my building, so I'll just step up my occasional runs between the station and my building to everyday, but that's not a solution for very many people.

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On The Tax Most People Forget to Pay

In Massachusetts you can pay a flat fee ($20) or itemize. That was probably too low for me as I have amazon prime - those of you who used turbo tax, what did you think of the refund giftcard offer from amazon with the extra 5%? I can't decide, but my visceral reaction was more along the lines of being creeped out that amazon is now insinuated into taxes rather than 'free money!'.

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On The Marathon Must Go On? Mayor Says Yes, Everyone Else, Noooo

@Morbo Maybe you can point out somewhere in all this media coverage where runners were DEMANDING that they be fed. I mostly read about runners deciding to cancel and asking for supplies that had already been purchased to be donated. If the marathon was normal, unaffected, like last years event, the runners have paid an entry fee of (for NY) over $200 which pays for their being "fed, watered, entertained". Also, I fail to see what is narcissistic about $35 million in charity donations that runners have raised. Why is marathon running specifically narcissistic? Mike was going to go cheer for his friends running much in the same way one would go to a friend's band performance, etc. I don't understand why there is all this anger at runners at not at Mayor Bloomberg and the race director who made poor decisions for everyone.

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On Favorite Things Not Favored

My boyfriend bought candy for the class he TA's - it was CHRISTMAS candy! He bought it two days before HALLOWEEN! I couldn't believe it. I would be more excited for the holiday season if it weren't so long! Yeah, that blue velvet cake looks delicious, but there's no way it doesn't stain your mouth. Maybe the fancy tequila will wash it off :)

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part III)

@Trilby How patronizing. Because someone is 20-30 years younger than you they must not be as good at budgeting? Do you read some of the stories of how people have put themselves through college? She could choose beans over steak, and maybe she will next month (I too am looking forward to reading about menu planning, I love it), but there is nothing wrong with choosing to spend money you have on food because its something enjoyable. I personally chose to get a part time job for "steak money" so that I don't have to eat beans.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part III)

@Trilby There's a dog too - and their grocery consumption is definitely not limited to dog food. The number of whole meals a dog can ruin (and necessitate buying new groceries for) by being cunning, devious, lovable bastards is astounding. Plus she admits their grocery spending is too much, you don't have to belabor the point.

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On The Classes That We Were Forced to Take

I don't know how I feel about it either, but it does really bug me that its usually a math or science class that is "despised". I had to take history every year - I didn't hate it, but about the only thing its good for is helping me win free beer at pub trivia. And even then I feel like I've retained more about history from my personal reading choices.

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