On Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

@lemonadefish This is me, too. I like to bring as few clothes as possible (I never check bags) and keep them in the same color scheme so any of it could conceivably be an outfit. So maybe jeans, grey skirt, black dress, black shirt, plum shirt, grey sweater. It is my dream to have all of my clothes match so I never have to think about outfits, and I'm pretty close to achieving it.

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On The Cost of Things: A Broken Foot in Winter

I broke my ankle this summer and had have the dreaded "open reduction internal fixation." Major suck. I have health insurance but still ended up paying around $1500, all told, between surgery, X-rays, and PT. Luckily, all my time off work was paid. The worst part for me was showering. I loooove a long, hot shower, but after surgery, I sat on a milk crate in the tub, shivering and washing one body part at a time with a handheld shower head. The second worst part was realizing how easy it is to break a bone.

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On Save Money on Streaming Media With Slate's New Calculator

@steponitvelma I do this (use my smart phone as a hot spot) but only out of necessity. We live in a rural area and don't have access to high-speed internet. We do have blazin' 4G, though. It cost something like an extra $25 a month for the hot spot ability. Definitely not an option if you want to watch movies and shows through the connection, though.

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

@dromeda Yeah, our socializing tends to revolve more around food, which is fine by me!

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

I'm doing it, too. One of our good friends that we socialize with regularly doesn't drink at all, so it's pretty easy for me. I'm doing it partly as a reboot (there is a history of alcoholism in my family, and I guess I always want to check that I'm not developing any dependence) and partly to help lose a little weight. As far as the rebound, I've already asked for a bottle of the Kraken for Valentine's Day so . . .

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On Advice On Employees And 403(B)s

@BillfoldMonkey Same with my 403(b). Mandatory, no opt-out option, which I'm ok with. I wouldn't opt out anyway, given the option, but I'm glad the temptation isn't there.

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On Get a Free Doritos Locos Taco With Taco Bell's Mobile App

@Katni 2 bean burritos 4evah! I still fondly remember digging up the $2.10 in change for the cost of 2 bean burritos with tax.

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On Get a Free Doritos Locos Taco With Taco Bell's Mobile App

Oh man, we should totally have a regular free food update. If anyone shops at Kroger, they usually post some kind of free digital coupon on their website on Fridays. Yes, it's usually for something like a box of Hamburger Helper, but I think part of the free food update should be a ban on judgement of the actual food.

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On True Value: Genuine Italian Leather Satchel

@deathcabforcutes I'm all about the Timbuk2 Eula. I tend to be rough on bags and this has held up beautifully. I can machine wash it and it looks brand new. Also, it's waterproof and I was able to customize it with a bright orange interior so I can actually see what's going on in there!

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On Work-Life Balance Over The Holidays, Freelancer Edition

@Theestablishment Just coming here to say that. I think being a desk jockey has had a net positive impact on mental health.

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