On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

Mr. McDillet and I work at the same place (and have for almost 2 years) and I just found out that we would actually pay $40 less a month to enroll in our health plan independently than we do now for our "family plan" since we don't have kids (there's no employee/spouse option). Luckily open enrollment is coming up!

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

@Derbel McDillet Once I had an afterschool job, I no longer received an allowance. While I know my parents' system wouldn't work for every kid, it worked very well for me.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

We didn't get allowances when I was a younger kid. Instead, we (Brother McDillet and I) would get money based on our quarterly report cards. We would get something like $10 per A and $5 per B, plus a bonus if we had straight A's. We could earn extra money by doing chores above and beyond our regular assigned chores. When I was in high school, but before I started working, I had a $100 a month allowance, which seems crazy high to me now, but came with the expectation that I would not be asking for any additional money. That $100 paid for gas if I didn't want to ride the bus, lunch at school if I didn't want to brown-bag it, any clothes, and any entertainment expenses.

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On Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

I love this! I live where I live because I came here for undergrad and met my husband, who grew up here and has always lived here. We have friends here, own our home, and have decent jobs. We talk about moving somewhere warmer (like coastal NC, where I grew up), but if that were to happen, it would probably be 15-20 years in the future. In the meantime, I'm happy to watch the apple trees grow.

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On Walmart Raises Minimum Wage to $9

And apparently will be raising it to $10 an hour next year!

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On The Hunt for a Place of My Own

There are some pretty post-apocalyptic areas in Fayette County, but it also has Ohiopyle, so maybe it balances out.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

@Glen Raphael@facebook I totally have both of those books! I've always wanted to build a cob house. This summer, Mr. McDillet and I are planning on building a cob pizza/bread oven, so we'll see how that goes first.

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On What About the Millennials Who Aren't Homeowners?

Yeah, I'm 32 (born in '82), my husband is a Gen-Xer, my only sibling is a Gen-Xer, and most of my friends and co-workers are Gen-Xers. I'm self-identifying as Gen-X, Newsweek be damned.

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On The Punishment For Defaulting On Student Loans Is Harsher Than You Imagined

Interesting (in a bang-your-head-against-a-wall kind of way) that the two professions that pop up the most here as facing punishment for default are jobs typically associated with women.

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

We don't usually go out, but will make a nicer dinner at home than we would typically have. We're going to grill some locally-raised trout and have something intensely high-calorie for dessert. We don't usually exchange gifts for V-day either, but this year I've asked for a bottle of the Kracken since I pulled off a successful Drynuary.

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