On A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

@The Dauphine If you're thinking of FMLA, unfortunately it only applied to employers with 50 or more employees.

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On A Guide To -- And The Cost Of -- Being A Modern Farmer

We have hens and bees, and it's always been my dream to have a few dairy goats, but man, dairy really ties you down. It's easy enough to leave the hens and bees for a week or two (a neighbor can feed and water the chickens every few days, the bees pretty much do their own thing), but when you step into dairy, you better be on time for milking every day (even if you just milk once a day). Still, I guess if we followed the author's schedule, the dry months could be used for travel. Back to goat shopping.

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On It's Time to Go Grocery Shopping Again

@limenotapple I think I actually prefer the stumps (it's a texture thing).

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On It's Time to Go Grocery Shopping Again

@HelloTheFuture Dang! I guess I do usually get the super stemmy Kroger brand stuff.

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On Food Coops, In Park Slope & Elsewhere

I go back and forth with our local coop. Sometimes the workers are borderline hostile (mostly the painfully hip), and sometimes they are wonderfully helpful (like the decidedly unhip cashier who told me I didn't need expensive starter to make sauerkraut). When the hostile folk are working, it gives me a distinctly junior high feeling, which is admittedly more about me than them.

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On It's Time to Go Grocery Shopping Again

This is the nit-pickiest thing possible, but dude, what's up with the price of those frozen broccoli florets?

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On A New Way to Work From Home: Telecommute Into a Robot Body

In the fast food example, I think they might be more likely to do away with the human component entirely. In fact, in a work setting, this feels kind of like a step towards total automation (not that I'm necessarily opposed to that, it's just that it's . . .complicated). I love the other applications, though!

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On "Just Quit": How To Retire Early & What To Do Then

Asheville has its issues, too, particularly since it has gained such a great reputation. Housing is becoming unaffordable for people with lower income (artists included). I grew up in NC and several of my childhood friends live in Asheville now. One is a journalist at the Asheville Blade, where the lead story today is "Another F'ing Hotel." Our plan right now is to bust ass with debt repayment and savings, and hope to both be able to go down to part time work in ten years. I'll be 42 and Mr. McDillet will be 54. If we can stay at our current organization, we can be benefit-eligible at 20 hours a week, which is the dream.

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On Next Question: Do You Consider Yourself Middle Class?

Mr. McDillet and I recently both got raises that bumped us out of middle and into upper class, which is kind of hilarious to me since we live in a "manufactured" home and, up until 2 weeks ago, drove a 13 year old car. Right now we're kind of hemorrhaging money because we can suddenly afford a bunch of necessary things we had been putting off. In the next few months it will taper off and we can really buckle down with savings/debt repayment.

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On Happy Monday! Do You Consider Yourself Financially Secure?

@lisaf Yeah, that seemed a little crazy to me, too. I totally believe 50% not having $400 in savings, but I would be pretty shocked if 40% of Americans have 3 months of living expenses saved.

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