On Can Americans Retire?

Finally, a report West Virginia scores well on! Whoohoo! Also, for the sake of data, I work for the state in higher ed and have a 6% mandatory contribution with 6% match.

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On Millennial "Earnings Hangovers" And How to Fight Them

The is no world in which Boulder, CO would be considered an inexpensive place to live.

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On More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

Both my husband and I were vegetarian for several years, but honestly, my mom becoming a hardcore vegan kind of pushed me away from it (and I say this with much love for my mom). When we eat meat, we tend to eat venison that Mr. McDillet has hunted, and that's pretty easy to justify footprint-wise.

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On From Night Shift Obit-Writer to Corporate Monkey: An HR Exec Reflects

As someone who recently sort of accidentally ended up in HR after grad school (for social work), this speaks to me. Also, to be in a work environment that is so pro personal professional development is a new experience for me. You mean you’ll pay for me to get X certification so you can pay me more? OK! All in all, not a bad place to be and not a career path I had ever considered before.

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On Chatting About Tuna Noodle Casseroles, Jell-O, and the American Iron Housewife

@Cup of T Oh man, this. My brother and I were discussing how my mom accidentally raised a couple of hedonists by feeding us gritty peanut butter and only allowing pretzels and apples at the movies. We both loooove junk food, the trashier the better.

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On Rural Living

@therealjaygatsby Our plan is to stay at our place forever (FOREVER!), but who knows. It is wonderful to see the fruit trees grow bigger every year and to make plans for our property based on decades.

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On Rural Living

@ThatJenn We live in a doublewide for a variety of reasons, and regularly have the "should we build a new house or just pay this off and be mortgage-free" conversation. Right now we are pretty firmly dedicated to just paying off the doublewide (which I actually love) and having scads of disposable income for travel and pizza.

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On Rural Living

@bowtiesarecool I wrote this piece (whoohoo!) and I totally agree. It really comes down to personal preferences/personality/money, all those usual factors. I'm lucky that the small city that I work in and live near is a university town, meaning lots of good music/food/beer within about 20 minutes of my place. Oh, and we just got our "911 address" (a real road name, not just a route number!) about a year ago!

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On What It Means to Be Professional

@zimm I really enjoyed this piece, but I definitely think there is value in a diverse workplace, age differences included. Not just from a work standpoint, but as a human being. One of my favorite coworkers, and people, really, is a 64-year-old Buddhist who can bench more than her body weight.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet This makes me sound so much more organized than I actually am. Really, I just like list making.

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