On Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

I needed this today, thank you, though I feel like this most of the time.

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On On Checks and Checkouts

Dang, I would just walk to the bank then.

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

I'm very lucky to know that I can leave at the same time every day and not check email or work when I get home because we don't have access and my association does not have a telecommuting policy in place. But most of my friends leave work at a different time every night. I would stay late if needed but I am thankful to have a job right now where I can go home and not worry about it.

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On Sudden Unemployment

Good luck. Are you collecting unemployment? Because if you aren't, you should get on that now. I had to laugh when I realized I was saving more money with my severance and unemployment than when I was working (granted, unemployment was something like $400/month? So I put it in savings). You'll get through it. Exercise.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

omg this stresses me out so bad. Please just make the calls/get a wallet :( What if you were locked out because someone had stolen your information/cleared out your accounts or maxed out your credit card?

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

just make the phone call please!!!

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On How to Tell if You’re About to Get Laid Off

I should have realized my lay off was coming when the promotion I was promised 6 months earlier didn't happen, and then the new timeline was "uhhh let's check in another 6 months from now." Someone also said "you don't make enough to be targeted in a lay off" but what do you know I was!!! I got laid off on veteran's day in 2012 and went home and my friends had the day off and we got lunch and I thought I was gonna throw up. It sucked!

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On Job of the Day: Science Writing Fact Checker

I was a fact checker for a 6 month contract and I really enjoyed it! The weirdest/best thing I got to do was speak with a company that let wealthy individuals RENT OUT ENTIRE ISLANDS. For $30,000/NIGHT. Unreal. I also loved fact checking food stories. You learn a lot of weird stuff!

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On Every Job I've Had: Business Intelligence, Fancy Cranberry Sauce, and JournalismJobs.com

Very cool, I ended up in a large association after spending the first few years of my career in publishing so I can really relate to this.

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

This is my nightmare. Oh my god

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