On Job of the Day: Science Writing Fact Checker

I was a fact checker for a 6 month contract and I really enjoyed it! The weirdest/best thing I got to do was speak with a company that let wealthy individuals RENT OUT ENTIRE ISLANDS. For $30,000/NIGHT. Unreal. I also loved fact checking food stories. You learn a lot of weird stuff!

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On Every Job I've Had: Business Intelligence, Fancy Cranberry Sauce, and JournalismJobs.com

Very cool, I ended up in a large association after spending the first few years of my career in publishing so I can really relate to this.

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

This is my nightmare. Oh my god

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On Tips For The Suddenly Unemployed (From the Recently Suddenly Unemployed)

My one year anniversary of getting laid off is this Monday! It was terrifying. I came home on Veteran's Day and ate lunch with my friends who had the day off work and I thought I was going to throw up the entire time. I was very lucky to get 12 weeks of severance in addition to unemployment. I made it my goal to have a new job before I received my last severance check. I almost made it -- I got a month-long temporary position that helped me get through February and some of March. I went into my savings for the first time in March, and then got a contract position that started in April. It was miserable, made worse by the fact I was unemployed during the holidays and stuck inside my apt in the middle of winter. I kept my purchases to the essentials. I also kept myself on a schedule: I needed to be awake before 8am and on my computer with a cup of coffee. I knew if I let go of that schedule, I'd lose all normalcy. Getting exercise is definitely important (the outdoors thing is hard when it's 15 degrees out) and keeping regular meals is also key. I think I only wore real pants on the weekends, though. Happy to say I started a new full-time position 2 weeks ago so I now have stability after a very uneasy and stressful year.

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@aetataureate You're right, I guess we all can't be as cool as you.

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@Jake Reinhardt Well for me it's more about safety and convenience but yea you're right it's bc it's cool and I totally love paying that much.

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@joyballz I pay about $750+utilities to live w/ 2 roommates in Lakeview. With a new job (hopefully soon) I'm hoping to save and hoard and get a 1 bedroom in 2014. Definitely love the lake and dislike the blue line, too!!

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On New Job Gotten

Congratulations! I feel like I could have written this article, except for the getting a new job part. My contract position goes up in 3 weeks and basically every waking moment is filled w/ dread for me right now, especially because I haven't seen anything to get excited about on the job boards.

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On Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Doo-Do 1 Thing

I paid a parking ticket, but now I need to find a temporary catastrophic insurance plan ASAP D: Also, figure out how to sweet talk Comcast from raising my monthly bill AGAIN.

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

I'm on my family plan and I pay my mom each month. Super easy bc I can transfer the money online. I also pay the insurance on the phone and the cost of the upgrade for a new phone when the contract goes up. It just doesn't seem worth it to get my own plan when we've been on the same one for 10 years and it's all grandfathered in. Until I finally got a smartphone my line cost about $10/month!

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