On House of Squirrels

@seakelps nunlord is literally the first thing I thought too and I thought it was leading to that, a lost opportunity here!!

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On Living Alone

The paper towel thing is so true. I used to cringe watching my roommates take huge swaths of paper towels for minor things. And same with toilet paper. I can make both of those things last so much longer on my own. Also I love not having to share a refrigerator, I used to get a lot of stress from packed fridges and freezers (and watching food spoil). Now that I'm not annoyed by little things roommates do, some of that has spilled over to work, which is weird. Like one day I noticed this one woman who isn't in my department STOMPS no matter what she's wearing on her feet, and she types equally as loud. Never noticed it before and now I can't ignore it!

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On Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

I needed this today, thank you, though I feel like this most of the time.

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On On Checks and Checkouts

Dang, I would just walk to the bank then.

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

I'm very lucky to know that I can leave at the same time every day and not check email or work when I get home because we don't have access and my association does not have a telecommuting policy in place. But most of my friends leave work at a different time every night. I would stay late if needed but I am thankful to have a job right now where I can go home and not worry about it.

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On Sudden Unemployment

Good luck. Are you collecting unemployment? Because if you aren't, you should get on that now. I had to laugh when I realized I was saving more money with my severance and unemployment than when I was working (granted, unemployment was something like $400/month? So I put it in savings). You'll get through it. Exercise.

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On Screwing Myself With The Credit Card I Swore I'd Pay Off Every Month

omg this stresses me out so bad. Please just make the calls/get a wallet :( What if you were locked out because someone had stolen your information/cleared out your accounts or maxed out your credit card?

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

just make the phone call please!!!

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On How to Tell if You’re About to Get Laid Off

I should have realized my lay off was coming when the promotion I was promised 6 months earlier didn't happen, and then the new timeline was "uhhh let's check in another 6 months from now." Someone also said "you don't make enough to be targeted in a lay off" but what do you know I was!!! I got laid off on veteran's day in 2012 and went home and my friends had the day off and we got lunch and I thought I was gonna throw up. It sucked!

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On Job of the Day: Science Writing Fact Checker

I was a fact checker for a 6 month contract and I really enjoyed it! The weirdest/best thing I got to do was speak with a company that let wealthy individuals RENT OUT ENTIRE ISLANDS. For $30,000/NIGHT. Unreal. I also loved fact checking food stories. You learn a lot of weird stuff!

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