On The Case of the Missing Package

Amazon is the best about this stuff. I had three packages stolen within a day or two (Christmas shopping + jackass neighbors that leave my packages in the outside walkway while I bring their in EVERY SINGLE TIME BECAUSE I AM A DECENT HUMAN BEING) and Amazon sent out replacements immediately. The thing is, the mail carrier has to prove that the item was delivered, and saying "Oh yeah we totally delivered that" doesn't cut it. Needs to be a signature confirmation.

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On How Much Should You Tip for Office Food Deliveries?

15 percent of $3,200 is $480. Tell you what, letter writer darling, I'll come in every month and help you set that lunch up for the low, low price of $400.

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On Dark Tales of Alpha Ladies and Beta Males

I had one boyfriend who told me flat out that he would feel threatened if I made more money than him, and another boyfriend who responded, "Wow, f*ck you" when he realized that my salary was twice as much as his. This article pisses me off. I get the impression that the author is trying to place blame on the women because how dare they be successful when they got a MAN who needs food and sex or whatever. "If a guy chooses to be provided for by a woman, he better be smart when it’s important and find other ways to play the part of the man in his relationship..." Hey I think you meant to say that if a man is insecure about making less than his partner, he needs to start thinking of other ways in which he can contribute to the relationship.

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On The Cost of Keeping Fit

Also make sure your shoes are supportive enough and fit correctly. It costs more money, but it's worth it to go to a fancy running shoe store with people who can watch you run and pick out shoes that match your running style. And inserts. I got both and goodbye knee pain. And congrats on running a 5K! It took me an embarrassing amount of time to be able to work up to that.

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On Should You Apply for That Job?

@meatballsub I have 100 percent given up on that BS and just write "SEE RESUME" in the space. So far no one has argued with me about it.

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On Singapore: Where Employees Are the Unhappiest

I think there are cultural traditions that affect how both leadership and employees communicate issues. I lived & worked in Singapore for about six months (coming from the United States). Shortly after arriving at the Singapore office, I heard a litany of complaints from my fellow worker bees - management overpromised to demanding clients, employees were working 12 hour days, pay was low, no clear career growth path, etc. After about a month, the HR lead for the entire region came into the office for a chat about what was good, what was challenging, what could be improved about the office. No one would speak up about the issues. In a culture where 'saving face' is more important than nearly anything else, no employee was willing to speak out and discuss changes that could be made in order to make employees happier, because no one wants to admit that problems exist in the first place. It was a bit of an eye-opener for me.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

I still make fists when I think about this. I once had a manager call me at 5:45pm to discuss a press release. Five minutes into the conversation, I tell her that my boyfriend is waiting outside the building, in his car, with NHL tickets for a game that night. She says, "oh, ok" and keeps me on the phone for 45 minutes going back and forth on nearly every word in one particular paragraph. In the end we decide to change two words. I learn the definition of 'ragestroke.' Several months later I called her boss and requested a new manager, saying I felt completely unsupported, and she got in trouble for that. Ha!

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On Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

The two questions that get me to put a lot of clothing and shoes down are - 1. What will I wear this with? Need a minimum of three outfits for approval. 2. Do I already own something like this? I.e., how many damn white button down shirts does one person really need. Although a third question for me personally might be - how many pairs of pajama pants does one person really need? MANY THE ANSWER IS MANY.

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On Changes in the Hotel Industry

Along the lines of smaller closets, I've also noticed that hotels don't include dressers or tables with drawers (I'm blanking on what that piece of furniture is actually called). And a lot more hotels have (perhaps in place of a breakfast?) a happy hour in the lobby with free drinks.

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On How to Fix Your Bathtub That Won't Drain Using These 30 Easy Steps

a few extra, "just for funsies" steps.... 3 and 1/2: use one of those corkscrews to open the bottle of Victory Wine you will surely be deserving soon. 8 and 1/2: curse what attempting to snake the drain has done to your fresh manicure. 10 and 1/2: tweet about fixing your drain so that everyone will know what a smart, independent, got-your-shit-together lady you are. 14 and 1/2: panic for a moment when you remember that Drano allegedly damages pipes. 14 and 3/4: remember that you rent, and therefore don't give a shit. BONUS 14 and 7/8 STEP: Go to Walgreens and agonize over buying premium name brand Drano or a knock-off for ten minutes. Buy both like a moron. 31: Large glass of Victory Wine. Repeat. Side note, my drain clogged every two months for a while and I nearly lost my sanity until I bought a better hair catcher drain thing.

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