On Cheap v. Frugal

@stealthkit I recently bought some Garnier brand hair oil and then dumped it into my nearly empty bottle of Expensive Moroccan Oil. And thought I was GENIUS.

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On Transitional Furniture

Team Lack. I had one for years and finally "upgraded" to a $200 coffee table that looked like crap after one year. Should have stuck with the Lack. Just furnished a new place with IKEA's $40 dining room table, $10 chairs and a nice entryway table that looks more expensive than it is. Also, paying extra to have it assembled for you? WORTH IT. Sincerely, IKEA fan 4 life

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@andnowlights I am looking in the neighborhood that I live in now. I love this neighborhood, but I might be able to get a bit more for my morning in a more "up & coming" neighborhood. So one nagging thought is that maybe I should live in an up & coming neighborhood where I could get a nicer place and better resale at the expense of having to deal with a new neighborhood that I am unfamiliar with.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Ok! I've been waiting for the open thread! First of all, that soup looks incredible. Now - I am looking at condos and have my eye on one in particular that I really like but it is a lot of money and I'm slightly terrified at the idea. Everyone give me your best home buying/owning advice!

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On Taking a Year Off to Do What You Love, A Year Later

@zimm I love napping. And eating pasta. Can I take a year off and just do that?

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On The Most Expensive Meals We've Ever Paid For

In Chicago, probably about $150 just for myself at Schwa, Graham Elliot and Maestro. Maestro was worth it. Schwa and Graham Elliot were not.

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On The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

My resolution was to not purchase any new shoes in 2014 (running shoes being an exception). So far I have stuck with, at the cost of a good chunk of my sanity and about $300 worth of new sunglasses to fill the void.

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On "Offices For Introverts" Designed By Someone Who Doesn't Understand Introverts

I thought the same thing when I first read that story - how can an introvert handle everyone walking past and glancing into their office? I've read Susan Cain's book as well, so wondered how she could miss the mark on this one. Good to know that the windows go opaque. Then again, I work from home, so I can get as introverted as I want to.

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On How To Negotiate Speaking Fees

@Allison People are generally not paid for media work like that. For the same reason that media cannot accept payment/gifts for meeting with a company, attending a conference, etc - keeps everyone honest (in theory).

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On The Case of the Missing Package

Amazon is the best about this stuff. I had three packages stolen within a day or two (Christmas shopping + jackass neighbors that leave my packages in the outside walkway while I bring their in EVERY SINGLE TIME BECAUSE I AM A DECENT HUMAN BEING) and Amazon sent out replacements immediately. The thing is, the mail carrier has to prove that the item was delivered, and saying "Oh yeah we totally delivered that" doesn't cut it. Needs to be a signature confirmation.

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