On Five Incidents of Tuning in to Money

The ignorance is pretty astounding. A share of stock gets you (roughly): -participation in future price appreciation/depreciation -dividend income (if applicable) and, -one vote on governance issues Also, the investment economy has nothing to do with siphoning wealth. How do you think companies get the capital necessary to start up factories and stores that then employ workers?

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On How Dealbreaker's Matt Levine Does Money

So much better than Kouwe

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On MBA Shmim BA (IDK)

@stuffisthings, Unfortunately an MBA is nearly a prerequisite for many Associate-level finance and consulting positions, as well as an established springboard into other non-services industries

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On What Are Stocks?

@Nick Mikail@twitter, respectfully, the distinction that you make between price and value is artificial. Think about MTM accounting - the only value that a security has at a given point in time is what you could sell it for at that point in time. @ghechr, although dividend levels are somewhat sticky (as corporate boards are loathe to reduce dividends in times of distress due to the significant negative perception impact) in the long run payout levels increase as profits increase, ceteris paribus. This is even more true for certain regulated corporate structures, such as REITs, that have payout requirements. This is an interesting article and a step in the right direction, everyone should learn some personal finance basics in high school and hopefully we can avoid another generation buying storage units full of shit they don't need on borrowed money.

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On Lady Buys Her First NYC Apartment

Not to in any way diminish this woman's efforts, but saving $40k by the time one is 34 does not make you 'saver.' That's a little over $3k per year after college, which is commendable compared to the American average but hardly anything to get excited about.

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