On John and Patricia and the Woman in a Hoodie

This is wonderful.

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On The New $100 Bill is Out and Collectors Are Scrambling for the Rare Ones

Trying to think of how many $100 bills I have ever even seen...

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On What's in Your Wallet? (Not a Sponsored Post) (Wish It Was)

I have contributed to a post, I feel like a celebrity! However I included a typo. I choose to believe that Mike Dang ALWAYS has that combination of bills in his wallet.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Cable/Internet Each Month?

@bgprincipessa How old is your television? It's probably not older than the digital changeover, but if it is then you need a converter box. Beyond that, do you have an antenna (this may or may not be obvious)? Unless you live in a problematic area like in a valley, a cheap one from Radioshack or whatever is fine. Plug TV into wall, plug antenna into television, turn it on and find the channel scanner in your tv menu. That really should be it.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Cable/Internet Each Month?

£10 each (split among 3) for internet, and one flatmate has a television in her room and pays £28 for cable (we have no sitting room). We also pay tv license but that's not exactly related. Growing up in America, I find it really, really confusing how many people pay for cable/satellite/etc - of course it's fine if you want to, but it's so strange that the numbers are so high. I've also met a surprising and ridiculous number of Americans who don't realise that broadcast/network/freeview/whatever even exists. Buy an antenna! (If you want to!)

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On An Interview with "The King of Pops"

God, the chocolate sea salt kind is so good.

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On Do You Have a Uniform?

Business-casual game strong.

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On Places I've Lived: 10 Houses in 10 Years in London

I live in Islington and feel a compulsion to comment on this article. Flat-hunting here is a nightmare, especially if you know no one. I've found that everyone who comes over will christen your place "SO nice" if it's anything better than total crap. Nice habit, actually.

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"Festive-yet-sexy hunting lodge" That's something I didn't realise I wanted for Christmas.

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On Do You Know Your Type?

I took it in psych class in high school...I have NO recollection of my result. I'm not against it/finding it valuable but umm please no one use it to judge whether to date me.

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