On Here's the Salaries of Some Lobbyists

@bowtiesarecool If you replace "lobbyist for school boards & small towns" with "advocate for school boards & small towns," suddenly it's not nearly so terrible (again, not trying to attack Logan here). The real problem is the amount of money given by unethical companies to unethical lobbyists who talk to unethical politicians.

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On Bittman Says Bring Your Lunch to Work, But What About People Who Find It a Chore?

@WhyHelloThere Yeah, to make it a pleasant experience, you'll probably need at least a fridge, a microwave, and somewhere to sit that clearly telegraphs "I am on break now, emergencies only." It also helps to have a breakroom/kitchen with dishes & silverware.

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On Bittman Says Bring Your Lunch to Work, But What About People Who Find It a Chore?

@blair When I was finishing school, I fell behind on making lunches so I bought them for a couple weeks. I'm still mad about the day that I spent $12 on a medium soup and a fruit cup.

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

@madrassoup I was about to make a very similar comment! Besides the sexist assumptions behind it, it's a bad security question - my mom went back to her maiden name after my parents got divorced, so it's not exactly a deep dark secret.

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On Man Doesn't Want Cell Phone

@Lily Hudson@facebook Well, sure. I keep advil in my purse, and if one of my friends needs it, I'm glad to be able to share it with them. But if that friend is always talking about how he/she doesn't buy stuff like that and only uses holistic medicine, you can be damn sure I'm going to make fun of them for it, at least a bit.

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On Oklahoma Congressman Expert Poor Person Profiler

@stuffisthings And then he followed them home to see if they had such decadent luxuries as color television and internet.

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On Our Retirement Train Wreck

Hahahaa retiring after 25 years haahahaaa that's a funny joke on that cake there.

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On The 280,000 Percent Markup on Bottled Water

@stuffisthings I always drink tap water (or filtered tap water, at work), except that when we were in New Orleans, I had an...unfortunate reaction. To be fair, I don't know for sure it was the water, but as soon as I switched to bottled, it cleared right up. We weren't there for long enough to make it worth seeing if a filter would make a difference, and I certainly didn't want to repeat the experiment :) (my husband and everyone else were fine, although I think they were drinking bottled the whole time).

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On It's Time to Quit the Job You Hate and Figure Out What Really Matters

I know it's not on the same scale, but four years ago I dropped $2,000 on plane tickets to be with my husband while his mom was dying of cancer, and I have never once missed that money.

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On When Complaining Makes a Difference

@faustbanana I would freeze up SO HARD. "Um, I...clothes? Too much colors! Make pretty? Bye bye!"

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