On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@aetataureate I see what you mean but if most people attending are single it could get very expensive to pay for everyone to have a plus one. I personally don't see anything wrong with going solo to a wedding (I'm going solo to a wedding this fall and it's going to be a super fun time) but I do understand why someone might not be able to find the money to pay for everyone to have a plus one (even if that just means the money for a larger space). If I felt uncomfortable at a wedding by myself (for any reason!) I'd probably just rsvp that I couldn't come and send a nice card.

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On Family Plan Shame

I'm on a family plan but my parents aren't on it (they don't live in the same country as me so they couldn't be even if they wanted to). Basically I was on a plan of my own but I did the math and found out that a family plan would save me money so I convinced my sister to transfer her phone onto my plan. I only save like $15 a month but that's better than nothing!

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On The Dead Guy in Your Apartment Building, and Other Lessons in Living Alone

I think this the place to share that I currently have bruises up and down my forearms from carrying groceries home yesterday. For some reason I decided to restock all my canned goods (4 bags worth!) on a day when I didn't bring my cart and train construction meant it took me over an hour and a half to get home (at least). Never again.

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On The Dead Guy in Your Apartment Building, and Other Lessons in Living Alone

@garli I started wearing gloves to wash dishes this year and it's made such a difference in how clean my dishes are and how much time I save washing dishes. With gloves I can turn the water on as hot as possible (which is hot enough to burn my bare hands) which makes it easier to clean, faster to get oil and stuck on food off the pan, and leaves my dishes cleaner. I like the playtex brand one's although I'm sure they're all fine (just don't use the Nice brand one's, they have no grip).

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@angry little raincloud I hate it when that happens! I've started spending evenings wearing new shoes around my home (for like, a few hours) even though I never wear shoes inside just because it gives me a chance to see how comfortable things feel after an afternoon of doing chore and puttering around the house. And that way if I need to return them it's only been a few days and they haven't been worn outside! It's not a perfect trick but it has helped. I think 90% of my shoes are campers, I love them so.

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@angry little raincloud Frye is great but I want to throw in a warning because I have a lot of friends who've been burned by them: If you have wide feet they may never stretch out enough. I just mention that because the store pushes the whole 'leather stretches' thing which is true but their shoes are narrow to start with and I know a lot of people who have been stuck with beautiful but unwearable shoes.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $250K

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On Concerning Inflation, Pants, and Getting Old

@cryptolect I hate to say it but I have spent many many years searching (I love shoes especially one's that last) and there isn't a true women's equivalent of Allen Edmonds or similar shoes. Typically when you get into women's shoes in that price range it's stuff like, say, Louboutins, which are built for style not for comfort and certainly not for how long they last. Often they are glued together or poorly constructed and really not worth the money you pay for them. The closest you can typically get are shoes from a place like Camper (usually run $100-150) and, assuming you get taps put on them and take care of them (polishing, etc) will last a decent amount of time. I am extremely hard on my shoes and Camper shoes last about 6 years for me. They would probably last longer for people who don't wreck their shoes as quickly as I do. I'm pretty devoted to camper but other similar quality brands are Born, Bass, Ferragamo (I haven't tried these and am skeptical, but I've heard great things), Carmina, etc. I would like to point out that Crockett and Jones (mentioned by Gef) does have a women's line I haven't tried them personally but I would test them out before you buy, lots of high quality men's brands will make their women's shoes to a lower standard. Not saying that's what's happening here but past experience leads me to go with always trying everything on and examining the shoe regardless of what the brand's reputation is. If you're feet are larger and you are open to a more masculine style you can get away with buying Allen Edmonds and such and just wearing them in your size. I'm a women's size 10 and I'm seriously considering saving up to get some Allen Edmons in an 8.5. The other option you have is to get shoes custom made. If you go to a good place this will get you shoes that last forever but it's way more expensive than buying retail.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $250K

@tw0lle I just did a quick search in my neighborhood (Jackson Heights, Queens) and you can get a 1 - 2 bedroom coop. Here are three 2 bedroom options to see. If you're open to one bedrooms between 200-250k you're options go way up. If it makes any difference it's a fun, pretty, safe neighborhood with lots of amenities and public transportation. I don't know about Brooklyn (I'm guessing, like all boroughs in NYC it would vary widely based on the neighborhood) or Staten Island but I know in Manhattan there are 1-2 bedroom options for that price if in Washington Heights and Inwood. The Bronx and Queens look like they have the most options in that price that I've seen.

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On Investing a Dollar; Cupcakes Are Out; Our Digital Expenses

@bgprincipessa I think it depends on where you live and what plan you have. I have high speed internet (internet only) at it was 29.99 and then this year went up to $39.99 (that's my final bill, including taxes and fees). I don't know exactly how fast it is but I do a lot of video streaming and it's always been fast enough for that. I'd call around and see what other plans are offered in your area (if it makes a difference I'm in NYC and have Time Warner).

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