On Whatever Happened to Overtime

@sea ermine I'm going to guess the decline in jobs with overtime is connected to the decline of the manufacturing industry. Right now it seems like the majority of the hourly jobs are service industry work like waitressing or working at McDonalds, and a lot of those jobs will cut your hours short to avoid paying you benefits, let alone overtime.

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On Whatever Happened to Overtime

Overtime is still a thing, non-exempt jobs get paid overtime and exempt jobs don't. If all your other jobs post college were salaried that's why you don't get overtime. I am paid hourly and am non-exempt so I get time and a half for hours worked over 40/week. I would much rather be salaried, they get paid a lot more than I do, even with the overtime.

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On How to Charge: By the Hour or By the Project

Totally disagree! I'm an office worker and I do get paid by the hour (this is true for all nonexempt employees like myself). It's ok I guess because I'm required to be there from 9-5 (although if I have to leave an hour early for an appointment I get that hours pay cut whereas my salaried coworkers still keep their regular salary when they do the same thing). But if I was asked to leave after my work was done I'd be completely screwed. There are a number of people on my team (so, the opposite of a freelance writer working solo) and some pieces of my work I can't do until they give me their part. So if they get delayed on a project and I can't begin work until their part is done the next morning, under this hypothetical system I would go home and not get paid. Which means that I would essentially be punished for my coworkers actions (including uncontrollable stuff like data not arriving on time) by not being able to buy food or pay my rent. I think we can all agree that's unnecessarily cruel? I'm not sure if I could enjoy relaxing at home if it meant my paycheck was 3/4 the size it usually was, and I don't think it would be fair to have to get a second hourly office job to fill the time. Plus as we've all seen when people are paid hourly it often results in companies only hiring them for 29 hours a week to avoid paying benefits, which means lots of people working 2 crappy jobs to survive. Basically I feel like most people should be salaried or paid per project depending on what's most appropriate for their industry. Hourly pay is terrible.

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On A Father/Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: What Career Path Should I Take?

@artsypants If she's interested in Development but uncomfortable asking for money she should look into Donor Research. It will let her use her research skills, it pays better than most museum jobs (she could stay close to museum work by working in the Development department of a museum). In general Development pays better, I work as the department assistant in a Development department (not at a museum but at another type of non-profit) and my salary is higher than the estimated Curatorial Assistant job listed above, despite my job being entry level and a Curatorial Assistant position being much harder to get. The next tier above me (which includes the lowest Donor Research position) makes $10k more than I do. I loathe development and am tying to get out but if it appeals to you it might be a way to stay close to museum work and help museums without getting a PhD.

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

I know this has been said but DONT TAKE THE PRIVATE LOAN. I had unsubsidized loans in college and while the interest accrues during college you do not have to pay it until 6 months after graduation. And then because it's a federal loan it qualifies for any income based repayment plans you may need, which a private loan certainly does lot. Private loans are horrible, the interest on those will most likely accrue during college anyway, and the interest will be much higher and you can't get any help (like through income based repayment) afterwards. Please don't take the private loan.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@angry little raincloud Exactly! Plus its way easier to pile on the blankets and warm up. At this point, if I don't want my a/c off all I can do is sit naked and sweat. Which is no fun in October!

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

I've actually had to have my ac on a few days this week because having the heat on in my building turns it into a disgusting humid sauna but its not cold enough outside that opening the window will actually do anything. Plus whenever I open my windows bugs crawl in. I wish the heat would stay off until mid November at least, at least then its cold enough that opening the windows will cool my apartment + the bugs will be too frozen to crawl inside.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

@HelloTheFuture No, I mean it's good that you added it! I just was curious to know more so I could work it out in my head and see if it's applicable to my own lunch buying/making situation or that of other readers.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

I have a question about the time part, are you making this sandwich at work or at home the night before? Because if you are making it at home, that's I'm assuming, not hours that you would be getting paid for even if you weren't making the sandwich. That doesn't mean your time isn't worth anything, it just seems like it would not lead to lost wages but more lost hours napping or watching tv or cross-stitching or whatever you do in the evenings. If you are making it at work and it's cutting into your billable hours and making your paycheck lower that makes sense, but a great way to save money on that is to do it during a time period when you normally wouldn't be getting paid anyway, so you don't lose actual dollars. Also grocery shopping once a week and buying a weeks worth of sandwich ingredients rather than shopping once per sandwich also saves time (and gas money if you drive).

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