On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

@E$ Some cities have their own local recycling things. I go to a thrift store near my house, if you live in nyc this website has good resources for where to donate your stuff. Goodwill is also good if you have one in your area (again, for NYC people apparently there is one in Midtown that will take everything, clothes, appliances, books, furniture, etc).

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On Citywide Blight Due to Shady Donation Boxes

Given that the Salvation Army has a history of supporting anti gay politicians (and has turned away people trying to get help based on their sexuality) it might be better to find a Goodwill, or some sort of local clothes donation group than to drop things of at Salvation Army. Just an fyi..

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On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

I'm a twenty something (I'm 24) and I have my money in a mix of things. I have some in a savings account which is where I put my savings from my job, some money in a savings bond (about 2k) that is basically what I got when my grandma died (original total was 5k) and the other 3k from those savings bonds was cashed and put into a roth ira. I also do a direct deposit of $50 a month to the roth IRA and $250 a month into the savings account to keep these things growing. But, I was pretty lucky to get a non temp job about 4 months after I graduated college (during those 4 months I was temping and being unemployed) so I was able to start working fairly quickly. I also have some credit card debt from a few poor choices I made in the fall, that I hope to have paid off by the end of the year.

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On The 35-hour Work Week

Well, I get paid hourly so this would kind of screw me over (I mean, I already get paid for 35 hours because lunch is unpaid, but I'm assuming under this new system I would get paid 30 because lunch would obviously, still be unpaid). However! If I was salaried then yes this would be fine. I'm already pretty efficient and I'm sure I could just structure my day a little differently and do the same amount of work in less time. I just don't do that because I'd rather not sit for an hour at my desk doing nothing (my job is not the kind where it's easy or ok to come up with new assignments for yourself)

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On Soon Small Dogs Will Supplant The Human Race

@Allison I think weight limits that landlords have is a bigger factor than energy levels, which are more a breed specific/dog personality thing. Many many small dogs have high energy levels and need tons of exercise and training, I know way too many people who got little dogs thinking they'd be like toys, and didn't exercise them, and now they they are stuck with super hyperactive dogs. And then there are some lazy big dogs! Maybe you could look into an older dog, like a retired police dog or something, older dogs (of any breed) tend to be more couch potato-y (they also have health issues and don't live as long, so it's kind of a trade off). I'd love a big dog but I can't afford one, so I'm sticking with fish for the time being.

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On Friday Estimate

So I'm going over to a friend's apartment for movies and takeout ($15?) which should be pretty cheap (unfortunately, I also stupidly spent $10 on lunch and when I brought it back to my office it was gross and the egg was completely raw and ugh ugh ugh so I threw it away). Then on Saturday I'm taking a day trip to visit my boyfriend (it's an LDR). I think I spent $40 on roundtrip tickets, maybe $50, but that's because I bought them last night spur of the moment (normally they are like $20-$30 roundtrip). Somewhere in my apartment I have a $100 prepaid visa card that I got from my credit points. Unfortunately I've looked and looked and have no idea where I put it but once I find it that is what I will use to buy brunch and drinks when out on Saturday. Otherwise, I already have groceries so I should be set this weekend.

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

Just thought I'd point out, that just because it's expensive doesn't mean the workers were fairly paid, and just because it's made in the US doesn't mean it wasn't made in a sweatshop (they might not be legal but they absolutely exist). Quality also isn't a guarantee, a lot of the time you're paying for a brand name that gives you the illusion of quality, rather than paying for actual quality.

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On Weird Jobs Around The World

@Adouble Yeah I don't think there is a Jakarta in India, I'm assuming it's a really weird typo.

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On Weird Jobs Around The World

So, a Joki is kind of like the Indonesian version of a slug line? Neat!

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On Real Talk Résumé

@lalaland What's weird is that my resume clearly showed that my last 4 jobs were held while I was a studentand that was clear from the dates of employment. Three of them were in offices in the university so it was pretty obvious that they were work study jobs. But she still wanted me to add abline avout how much tuition I paid myself.

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