On My Free Lunch

@lizard I think the expectation that someone with a long history of spending issues is going to consistently make the logical choice is a bit unrealistic. When you're used to spending money you don't have via credit cards, those emails don't have the same impact they might on a person with more cautious spending habits. So knowing that, "I don't have any money in my bank account," doesn't automatically mean, "I can't by this coffee/sandwich/etc." I think that's the point of pieces like these.

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On Once I Wanted to Be the Greatest at 1 Thing

My one thing was to meet with the TIAA-CREF rep to get started on my 403(b). I even walked the form down to HR so they could start the contributions next pay period. I credit The Billfold with A) getting me thinking about this sooner rather than later and B) giving me just enough literacy on the subject so that I wasn't completely lost.

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

Happy Birthday! I found this website shortly after landing a great job thus ending a long spell of financial insecurity. I wish you'd been around 5 years earlier. Toasting from afar

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On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

@MaxBraverman Yes! But also don't let the "So many people are in the same boat as me," be an excuse for not trying. I like the way your dad is pushing against your tendency to do that.

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On Small Victories

@vicky austin Exactly. And that $80-120 can be the difference between being broke 2 weeks before the next paycheck and having a bit of a cushion. Real money indeed.

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On Small Victories

Oops forgot the movie. But still, you spent a lot less than you would have. Congrats!

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On Small Victories

Small Victory? Let's see. This is all guesses and feel free to double check my math but... Haircut: Potential, $40-80. Actual, $0 Bar meetings: Potential, $20-40. Actual $5-10 Trip to Marshalls: Potential, $20-????, Actual, $0 Lunch or Dinner: Potential, $12-14, Actual. $3 Total: Potential $92-134+. Actual, $8-$14 I don't think there's anything small about this. If I still lived in New York I'd take you for a drink. If a complete stranger taking you for a drink weren't super creepy.

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On Talking About Being Cash Poor

@MilesofMountains Yes! One of the wonderful things about grad school is that we were all getting paid the same amount at the same time and there would be that week before the next paycheck where people just weren't really going out and everyone understood why. Logan: don't beat yourself up. This is basically what happens even when people are being responsible. "Some days" before you get paid the money dries up and you're white-knuckling it until the next pay day.

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On This Is Exhausting

Logan, Logan, it IS possible do both, CC debt, lack of savings, and all. Every debt payment and savings plan I've read here says that the thing that helps is not giving up the things you love. What about starting a Great Atmospheric Restaurant fund? It could be a way to practice building a savings account.

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On My Extremely Scientific Theory Why I'm a Money Genius and My Little Bro Is Not

Wow! This is SO familiar. I'm the oldest of 4 and there are 5 and 6 years between me and and my brothers. My sister's about a year and a half behind me. When I was little, my dad was still in grad school and I vivid memories of being told no and wearing secondhand clothing. Then my dad's career took off and my brothers were able ask for things and hear yes. I think it makes me a bit better at self-denial. The hard part is not resenting the way they still feel free to ask my parents for money. It's really up to my parents to say no and force them to be a bit more independent but it's hard not to feel like they should grow up without being pushed.

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