On The Cost of Date Night (And the Morning After)

@jquick Did you really think it was necessary to make two identical in tone and content comments? Some people just like to have sex, and it sounded like they hit it off (initially. I'm not condoning the guy's later behavior). She was careful, used condoms, took plan B and got tested for STIs so maybe take your judgey slut-shamey tone somewhere else.

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On How My State's Health Exchange Website Problems Have Affected Me

@honey cowl okay I actually AM an insurance broker and you definitely SHOULD click Apply Now!!!! Like, right now! There is no reason that you have to apply through the exchange, insurance carriers still offer individual directly to customers like you. I actually cannot even think of a reason why they would want you to go through the exchange to buy their plan other than that you would be eligible for a subsidy and they might want you to be able to take advantage of that subsidy? I am licensed in PA, NJ, and DE so I don't know much about west coast insurance but I am sure you could find a broker out there who would give you the same advice. ugh stupid exchanges are ruining everything!! But seriously, you should get coverage that you can actually use and it's not your fault the idiots in charge of our government can't get their s* together to get you covered correctly. She is right, you won't have any tax implications this year (that's the only penalty, they won't prosecute you or send you to jail or anything!!) because you can prove you did have coverage even if it does you no good. I could go on for days and days about how frustrating it is as a broker to watch insurance companies and the government give consumers misinformation and stand by and be like, sorry the exchanges are still broken, so if you were hoping to get subsidized insurance this year, can't help ya! I'm rambling. Get coverage directly through the carrier. If and when the exchanges are ever fixed, switch later.

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On I'm 36 Years Old and Living the Life of a Millennial

TRINITY??!! Tell me your ex wife was a prof at little TrinTrin! I miss school but bless you for staying in the Hartbeat, I couldn't have lived there after my 4 year stay.

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On Friday Estimate

Friday: Already bought groceries for, and made, cookies, two dips and various crudite and other snacks to go with the dips. Mr and I are going to a friend's mountain house and since I did food shopping and prep, he will take care of liquor store and gassing up the car. $40 Saturday: Heading home from the mountains and to an engagement party, bought them "How to Cook Everything" - $35 Sunday: Street arts festival in my hometown, they drop open container laws for the day. I will not buy any art this year but will buy plenty of beer and snacks - $50 Total: $125, not bad!

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On Are We Really Afraid of Becoming Bag Ladies?

@LydiaBennett upon closer inspection, I am not sure my fears are based in any kind of reality. I am financially literate, in a well paying, secure job and have a loving family who would never let me live on the street. My man's family would also take us in if the need was there. Maybe it's silly and maybe I am a "Carrie," but I still see homeless people and my immediate reaction is, please God don't let me ever be homeless please please here is a dollar do you want me to buy you a sandwich? I am also terrified that I will be framed for something and end up in jail and I have an irrational fear of tidal waves (I don't live near the ocean), so maybe just ignore me.

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On Are We Really Afraid of Becoming Bag Ladies?

Haven't even read it, but based on the title just jumped down here to say OMG THIS IS MY BIGGEST FEAR HELP HELP Okay I will go read now

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On How Long Did It Take You to Earn the Average Starting Salary of Graduates from Your College?

47,800 - took me four years to catch up to the average! I also graduated into the recession and started out making like 23k when I had expected about 50, so I guess that number is probably about right. Sadly, I feel like those couple of years of underperforming are going to stick with me forever.

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On Where Do You Go My Darling 1 Thing

Thing I need to do: Find a place to put my money that is lying around in a checking account that I never look at. I have about 2500 that I want to put...somewhere...so that it can grow interest and then I can add to it as much as I can and then eventually have enough for a downpayment. Logan, Mike, where should I put it?? CD seems wrong since I want to add to it over time. Some kind of investment fund?

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On Where Do You Go My Darling 1 Thing

@RachelG8489 Make your conversation go something along the lines of, "grandmother, hi! I am so excited to see you in October and I'm really happy you are coming all this way to visit me! I was hoping we could just postpone the start of your visit til Friday, since work is a little stressful right now, and I want to be able to really focus my attention on spending time together. I get out of work at x time on Fridays and would love to have you arrive around then, get settled at home and then maybe we can go have dinner/make dinner/spend QT together." Also grandmothers - all they want is to make their little RachelGs happy, promise

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On Avoid Decorative Paper, Selfies When Applying for Jobs

my friend's company got a resume from hbic at gmail and then was surprised when they knew what HBIC stood for

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