On I Literally Only Spend My Money on Coffee and Food

dude, don't sweat it about taking groceries on the subway. the savings at TJ's is way way worth it. I do almost all my grocery shopping there (except produce, duh) and lug all that stuff three stops on the train. no one ever cares, and usually there are lots of other ppl doing the same thing.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

i miss Logan :(

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On Don't Look Down If You're Afraid of Heights

wasn't this an April Fools' joke?

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On And How Do You Like Your Salad

@kellyography I love all salads but you are ON THE MONEY with that Dumont reference. omg the crispy artichoke and the omg

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On A Quick Recorded Convo With My Dad About Retirement


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On WWYD: A Job After Graduation

here's what I would do: take the job, and continue to apply for jobs while working there (before and after work hours, obviously). that way, you're earning an income while continuing to look for better opportunities- and if one comes along and you get a job offer, you can put in your two weeks at the campus job and get outta there. in this economy, it can literally take a year to find a specific job in a specific field that you feel good about accepting. so, rather than take a year unpaid and livin with your parents while finding that job, use that year to make some cash during the job search. if you manage to put away some money in savings during that time, that will help you out so much when you start your new job, etc. and if it doesn't take very long to get an offer, even better. certainly you can leave the campus job on good terms as long as you put in enough notice...

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Chai and Thai and Wine and Words

@Sarah Todd@twitter the way I get it nice and crispy is by battering the tofu cubes in cornstarch before frying them. you don't have to use a lot of it to get a really nice... crust?

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On Zou Bisou Bi-Do 1 Thing

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: my one thing is to clear all my apps and photos off my old iphone 3gs so I can give it to my sis as a secondary xmas present. cause i just got my $0.99 upgrade to the 4 last week.

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On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

@Michelle http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/make-your-own-pocky-recipe.htm

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On Monday Check-In: Check Fights

Friday: -not feeling well, stayed in. got a text from a friend saying she was at a bar very close to my house so my boyfriend and I went over to keep her company. bf bought me a diet coke ($2) since I wasn't feeling well enough to imbibe. TOTAL: $0 Saturday -picnic with family and dog. bf bought us coffees, dad brought sandwiches and drove so I didn't spend any money. -dad bought us dinner at DuMont, which was very expensive (thanks dad!!!) -stayed in to watch The Philadephia Story on YouTube. paid $3 for the privilege. TOTAL: $3 Sunday: -went to brunch at a friend's house. she made a veggie frittata, so I brought mimosa supplies (OJ $4.50 + prosecco $11.50) -stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up shampoo ($8.80) -stayed in, recovered TOTAL: $20.30 WEEKEND TOTAL: $23.30 (mostly thanks to dad + this terrible cold)

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