On Fired Waitress Speaks Out

@kitten_witawip Guys, I was a waitress for years. It was my first job. At many restaurants, as well. Old people in particular really care about all having separate checks. I do not assume that these people just wanted to avoid the auto gratuity, and you shouldn't either. The bottom line is that waitress should have bit the bullet and given the service to the customers that they asked for. She might still have a job. Now you lucky taxpayers will probably have to foot the bill when she applies for welfare because she wouldn't play by the rules. Waitressing is a tough job and no one guarantees that you get your fair share. It's the nature of the beast.

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On Mike's Memory Is Top Notch, Truly On Point (Logan's Is Ehhhhhh)

@redheaded&crazy I stopped commenting on the Hairpin for this very reason. Literally this crazy ass person (who also happens to be a regular commentator on the Billfold as well) makes it her business to alienate and drive away anyone who disagrees with her or anything in any of the articles or posts.

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On A Female Magician Is Called a Magician

I believe it's Magicianne.

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On "Could You Spare $5?"

I'm a sucker for the buskers. If someone is playing an amazing violin piece in a humid subway tunnel, damn right they're gonna get a dollar from me. However, panhandlers never get anything from me. I'm too afraid they'll follow me or something. Then again, I'd give money to a child or someone with a baby no matter what probably.

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On A Church For the Poor And The Price of Cocaine

I really enjoy Jia's pieces.

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On WWYD: Winning a Free Dinner, Worrying About the Tip

Five dollars per person will be amount to an excellent tip in my opinion. And I do think tipping for a good service is wise. It just makes people happier, both people performing the service and those receiving it (or is that just me)?

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On WWYD: The Privacy Breach

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On WWYD: The Privacy Breach

Their "supervisor" is just going to give them a warning not to do it again. It's not worth the hassle.

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On Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven

I need that app telling me not to buy clothes! It's awful - I have a shopping problem where I walk into a store, see something that is a "good price" and magically I am convinced that I need it. Until I get home and I'm like where the fuq did sixty dollars just go? I bought a bunch of weird stuff at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago and I just have no idea what I was thinking. I spent a hundred dollars! Makeup is the newest thing I spend SO MUCH money on... I'm completely addicted. Makeup is not that exciting. But I need more of it all the time. I would really like to stop. I know that I'm having shopping troubles right now because I have been out of college since last May and have done nothing but acquire two menial jobs. I'm bored and demoralized and I am sad.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person (Household Income: $360,000)

These people are not rich. Their debt is enormous compared to their income even though it is high. 200k in student loan debt alone, against 360k a year. Their financial planner is probably not so great - or they blatantly ignore good advice. It's a fine line you tread, folks - these days you need to be very very careful.

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