On Interview With A Former Coworker Who Went to Lunch and Never Came Back

The only thing I ever really wanted to quit was the softball team in high school (again, always, it's the boss - or the coach in this case) and I really really wanted to storm off in a big scene but I didn't have it in me. I ended up finishing the season and then just not going out for it the next year. I was disappointed in me but I can't really imagine it going any other way, really.

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On Do You Get Paid Sick Days? Y/N

@deepomega Okay, yeah, you've said this a lot and I think I read the reasoning and all and I don't remember it all exactly so please feel free to give me a refresher but I remember feeling like I didn't understand how your reasoning supported your conclusion. I mean, I have a job now where I get a salary and vacation/sick etc days. Those days are a benefit that are part of compensation package, so I am getting a benefit - time off - that is roughly equivalent to money. There are some jobs where you get this benefit and some where you don't. If I get paid the same amount at two jobs, but one I have sick days and one I don't, how is that not "real"? I mean, if you have two companies giving you two offers, and one had more sick days, then they have made a decision to offer you a better package, which is good. Just because it's not "free" money doesn't mean it's not a real compensatory benefit? I really don't get why you think they are imaginary. and I'm also not sure what your point is? If your point is you don't LIKE sick days as a form of compensation and would prefer that they were got rid of across-the-board, that is one thing but does not mean they aren't real, and in any case, your point is kind of like whenever tipping comes up, being the guy who is like, "The europeans don't tip, we shouldn't tip." well, maybe, but, that's not going to happen, and we live in a county with tipping, so sometimes we have to think about tipping and figuring out how to do it right and other things related to it.

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On How Capitalism Explains Why Processed Food is Bad for You

@deepomega I think his point is well taken – corporations only care about health in so far as people are willing to pay for it. AND PEOPLE DON’T CARE THAT MUCH. The people who care a lot about health are eating paleo and growing their own food out of potato bags filled with their own compost and being vegan, but not that kind of fake vegan where you eat pretend meats and cheeses. Et cetera. Most people go to McDonalds wanting something that is delicious, and as long as people are willing to pay for that, McDonalds will provide it. So they are never going to be the solution. They will never be leading the charge. The best they can offer, is so be trailing after, providing whole wheat buns long after whole wheat buns become healthier. Plus, he addresses your point in so far as he points out that being healthy has never been a winning strategy in the past. Sounds great, people love it, nobody buys it. I mean, you could SAY there is a ‘health renaissance’ in the food industry more so in than in the past – certainly sounds plausible, right? – But that doesn’t make it true/profitable. The “understanding” of capitalism may be “facile” but I prefer to think he is using the simplest logic possible to get to the point that – corporations are not the solution. They can help, maybe. This may make some difference. But exactly, to your point -the only way to get capitalism to be the solution - is to make people want, to make people be willing to pay, for healthier food, which is not what these companies are doing. They are just taking advantage of increasing interest in a couple aspects of healthier food (whole wheat buns! Add stevia (ignoring, of course, any controversy on effectiveness or safety of artificial sweeteners) !). PLUS capitalism tends to push corporations to overpromise and under-deliver in terms of health. If they can convince you it’s healthy, with it still being tasty in that special way they do, without actually having to change the food or increasing the cost of the ingredients, well, then, that’s the best of all possible worlds for them, isn’t it?

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On Monday Check-in

Friday – went out for dinner with a boy, and then got fancy cocktails at a fancy bar afterward. Let him pay for it all, feel mildly guilty but mostly pleased. He is generous. Sat - 5k – already paid for, took some bread, bagels home with me, likened myself to the monkey in Aladdin. Went swimming. Went to township park community day with a boy, bought sandwich, drink, $7, fireworks. Sun – went to six flags, $55, not bad at all. I was near-militant about not buying food there, because low quality high price food I do not dig, and is one of the things I find pretty easy to resist, but worried a little that the people I went with (strangers/new friends, however you prefer) were like, “ugh this chick is obnoxious just buy some funnel cake beyotch who do you think you are”. $62, WHATTT how did this happen? I am a wizard. Oh, $15 for the laundry card on Saturday, did my laundry. So $77. Of course, now I need to get gas and groceries and buy bike stuff, et cetera, whatnot. But I had a really good weekend, wall to wall fun and games that was not largely dependent on money...or was at least subsidized by others.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday – $30 for two tickets to wine festival on Saturday. went out to Philly, about $40 for two shots, 4 drinks for me + the birthday guy. Sat – Farmer’s market, library birthday celebration, both free, delightful. Wine festival, refer to Friday. Boy bought cupcakes, jerky. $3 for card to send to my step-grandpa for his 95th birthday. That night, dinner with a new guy, he paid. Sun – Played tennis (friend first date! So excited for this friend relationship. I am new to the area and basically my social circle consists exclusively of guys I met on OKC, so, that is getting to be kind of a problem. I mean, it's getting confusing and hard to organize and just a bit exhausting. What is the point of OKC dates if you don't have ladyfriends to gossip about them with? and then got tacos ($12), then had game night with old friends. Oh yeah, about 1 hr to get there, and $4 for turnpike one way (took the long way back). Also bought gas, but I don’t like to include that. about $89, which is pretty good, it was a fun weekend.

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On The Cost of Being a Vendor at a Food Festival

@Lily I'm like totally weirdly giddy that Cleveland is being mentioned. I love ice cream and will totally support this! Which festival is this? I want to go there!

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On Up And At 'Em

@faceifer I'm night owl FOREVER, and yes, it is a HUGE source of frustration for me because YES society judges you like whoah. My schedule is maybe 5am to 2pm, left to it's own devices, which is horrible. I can adjust it when I'm being consistent every day, so it's manageable for the job world, generally. But totally, this is a large part of it. I can stay up forever and ever. Like I don't identify at all with people who can't last past ten. I can stay up all night and keep going. Going to bed, being sleepy, is something I find a bit pleasant to succumb to, if I choose to do so. but once I'm asleep, when I wake up, I either wake up reluctantly (got enough sleep), or incredibly tortuously (not enough sleep). It's like an entirely different but definitely physical sensation. Like getting punched in the brain. Or mentally drowning. Trying to wake up just HURTS in a way that's hard to describe but is still fucking all consuming.

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On "Could You Spare $5?"

@deepomega I think that's one of the more compelling reasons I've heard not to do it. If I absolutely hated panhandling, but while it makes me briefly uncomfortable sometimes, I don't hate it. I guess I think it can be a good thing to make poverty more visible. I mean, it kind of sucks to panhandle, and I don't think many people who have "enough" money would do it. So I'm withe Mike Dang on this one. just because sometimes it's nice to give a poor person the power/choice that a few dollars gives you. You know? Like the power to make their own choice, without any judgement, is a good gift, and if it is, in my opinion, a bad choice, than I hope it at least gives them some kind of relief/happiness for a few hours.

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On The Cost of Becoming Red Lobster's LobStar of the Week

@stuffisthings Oh MAN, I’m totally that person liking all the things on facebook. I have 211 likes (I just went to check, I’m not, like, obsessive about it.) I don’t know, it’s fun. None of the posts bother me, although I did have to cut the ‘trampolines’ guy off recently. Some aren’t commercial at all, just someone who loves some weird thing posting jokes and dumb internet memes or comics, like I’m on a boat, or pineapples, or I heart dachshunds. Then there are ones that are kind of consumer-oriented, like Sonic the Hedgehog, or Wimbledon, which, like, yeah they have a vested interest in me doing something, but honestly only as much as I was going to do anyways, basically. There are a bunch of small, local organizations or shops that is just a show of support and a good reminder of seasonal/local events and such. and there are a couple, like Sour Patch Kids and Outback Steakhouse that are pretty commercial, but, look, I like to be kept up to date on when I can get a free bloomin onion. I’m not ashamed, the blooming onion is freaking delicious. Anyways, I had fun looking at the list, a lot of is like, “Oh, man, I DO LOVE THAT!” and it’s a diverse and weird collection of things I like more than a little.

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On WWYD: A Delivery Meant for Someone Else

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