I Escaped the Permatern Life By Leaving the West

I stopped looking for jobs in the U.K. and started looking for jobs in the whole world.

My Last 100 Pounds: Graduation Ceremonies Do Not Care About Your Financial Situation

I graduated from university on Tuesday. In less than two weeks, the contract ends on my house and I will have to move back in with my parents.

Why Young People Need Housing Benefits in the U.K.

My prospects in Liverpool aren’t much better—the U.K.’s deeply out-of-balance employment market means moving to London is an inevitability not a choice, and one that brings with it a massive increase in both rent and cost-of-living.

Being an Intern Sucks in the U.K. Too

Already in the U.K., the courts have demonstrated a willingness to punish businesses who exploit interns—it remains to be seen whether similar verdicts will be reached in the U.S.