On The Moral Dilemma Posed by the Mani-Pedi

@fb3029031814229 you see this in Los Angeles, where toes are on display all year. I think it's thought of as part of the costume. I used to go with a friend every week, followed by lunch, great fun. But I worried about those women breathing that acetone so close to their own faces. I learned that thinning the polish (real thinner, not polish remover!) and filing my nails smoothly gave me the pro look. Guilt-free once again.

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On The Cost of Having Water Pour Through a Crack In Your Bathroom Wall

Mold*Mold*Mold. So glad you have insurance. They'll get everything inspected.

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@Clara Just going to add that a run at the numbers seems prudent. Would the student's FAFSA yield more money in aid with a lower income?

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@LookUponMyWorks You're the first to say this, rah! I'll go you one further. Best advice I ever got was, "Let your work pay for your education." With more places like Apple offering reimbursement for education, this topic deserves its own article. I've seen people sucking it up for the long-term benefit of graduating debt-free.

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On The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

Also, for a move I did, a friend had advised me to send my 30-odd boxes via FedEx rather than a mover; I hadn't known this was possible. Everything was weighed and priced when I brought it in, no moving company hijinks to jack up the price. It was within my crummy budget and they called before delivering to my door.

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On The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

California/LA will always take you back, as long as you're edible

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On Interview With A Former Coworker Who Went to Lunch and Never Came Back

I've been on both sides of this one and have some thoughts. 1) watermark "DRAFT" on anything not a final. You may find yourself suing for harassment or a Hostile Work environment, and want to counter a charge that you were turning in below-standard work. 2) I once led a team and had one of my guys tell me, "You never ask us to do anything that you wouldn't do yourself." (I felt so proud!) A moment later, he continued with, "And that's why you suck." Oh, that burns now. I asked way too much of that team, when what I should have done was march into the VP's office and demand raises for all of us, or we'd all walk.

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On Let's Discuss the Merits of Anthropologie (The Clothing Store, Not the Discipline)

@redheaded&crazy I found my black wool Armani blazer at one of those Breast Cancer Thrift Stores, nothing wrong with it, price 15.00. I'd wondered about the brand name thing till I wore it. Now, I get it.

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On Tips For The Suddenly Unemployed (From the Recently Suddenly Unemployed)

My tip: sign up with a good temp agency. It's a great boost to shredded self-esteem to have someone compliment your test scores. The ones I've used have offered online access to their software training, so I could learn newer versions of Excel and Word, from home. Get to know the staff and call in every morning, ready to go to work. This has gotten me out of jams more than once in my career and also showed me I could work successfully in fields I hadn't considered.

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On 'It’s a sordid business, temping.'

I've had wonderful experiences temping. I'm always extended and often asked to stay on. I've been thrilled at being treated so kindly. My agencies have placed me in industries that I hadn't known I could succeed in, or even know how to open a career door into. An early agency said I had more skills than I knew, and took me out of low-paying work into much nicer and high-paying jobs. Don't forget, this is how they make their money. I learned how to work within their system, asked questions about the company, met people, asked what other work needed done/indicated I could do it, and the payoff justified the investment.

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