On How to Charge: By the Hour or By the Project

I disagree! As a post production supervisor, I was definitely always trying to get people to do things for a flat rate, knowing that that protected me from going over the line I had in my budget. Now I work on the other side, as a freelance editor, and I've never seen a project where work was completed in the amount of time budgeted. (Money budgeted, sure, but time budgeted, never). Producers are notorious for underestimating the time an editor will need to complete a project. It starts out "We have all the stuff, we have a script, we know just what we want", and if that were the case, it might just happen. But there are inevitably script changes, changes of heart, late arriving footage, and technical issues. And then there are the deliverables they suddenly need even after you've delivered. On a flat rate, the onus is taken off of the producer to work efficiently, be organized, and get you everything you need. One of the first pieces of advice I got when I went freelance was never accept a flat rate. And, because I don't always listen, and sometimes believe the producer saying it's really a very simple edit, I've taken a flat rate, and every single time I've said never again.

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On Things I Wish I'd Known Before Plunging Blindly Into My Role as a Manager

This makes me think of a blog post a friend pointed me to the other day. Apparently, the trendy thing in tech is to not have managers - they call it holacracy. It is a terrible idea: http://cbracy.tumblr.com/post/79876957198/the-github-debacle-and-why-holacracy-is-bullshit

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On The Very Anecdotal Demographics Of My Neighborhood CSA

We used to belong to that same CSA (i recognize the church basement) but then switched to the one run by a farmer called Joe who is at McCarren park on Saturday because it was cheaper and you could get a half share every week instead of a whole share every other week. More single people do that one I think.

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On Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

quick note - it's bad luck to give a knife as a gift. when i tried to buy one for my boyfriend's birthday at brooklyn kitchen, the nice folks said "don't do that! bad luck! get a gift card!".

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