On You Should Get That Checked Out: Some Considerations

I had abdominal pain in the appendix-y spot for 13 years. I have had every test there is - blood work, CT scan, colonoscopy, everything. Went lactose free, tried different diets. No help. Two years ago I started taking Cymbalta. I have had only two days of stomachache since. (That's expensive enough on its own, but that's another story...)

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On On Immigrants And Being Cheap

My parents immigrated from South Africa, so some things must not apply to all immigrants. My mom always says that if I can spend a little more to avoid suffering, just do it. For example, I was considering taking a $10 train at 6 am. But that would mean waking up at 5, waiting in the cold and dark for a bus that may not actually arrive, and getting to my destination way before my meeting. Why not take the $15 train at 8 am and avoid the trouble and not fall asleep halfway through the day? It's only $5. (As I think of it, 2 Starbucks.) It would be different if it were $50 and $100, but here the difference is so slight, why not go for the better option?

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On Things I Learned by Living on a Small Amount of Money In Ukraine

One of the things that turned me off from applying to the Peace Corps was their rule of no contact with your family for the first however many months - have they dropped that, since you can skype with them? Really would like to know. When I was working in Sudan I saved around $20/month by being a non-smoker. And packs of cigarettes only cost about $1, so I didn't even think about how much I was saving until my colleagues had to make extra trips to the bank while I lounged around!

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