On Things I Learned by Living on a Small Amount of Money In Ukraine

Wait - you took three international trips in two years and use the word "suffering?" Come on. That's about two more international trips than most Ukrainians will take in a lifetime, let alone to Western capitals. Peace Corps is not meant to be a paid vacation to Western Europe, despite the proximity that Ukraine offers. I would hope that most RPCVs leave with an appreciation for the host culture, and some sense of just how affluent they are in comparison. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine in the early aughts, and at the time the other teachers at my school were earning about $25 a month. That makes the $200 that we received in stipends at the time look great in comparison. So, it's no surprise that the principal went bug-eyed at the cost of internet - it was probably at least half the monthly salary of your colleagues. Finally, at least back in my day, Peace Corps gave out distillers. Yes, they were slow and left you with hot water when you really wanted cold, but it isn't as if the only options were giardia or water delivery.

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 4:40 pm 0