On Here is Your Open Thread

@beet hummus Congratulations! It's become such a huge milestone, but the funny thing is that it comes at a different date for everyone.

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

@Ester Bloom Ha! I thought it was like how at TJ Maxx, they refer to the customers as "guests."

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

I just have to say: "docent." Wow. I guess it's better that she's called called a saleswoman, because she sounds pretty terrible at it. I've only watched, like, two episodes of SYTTD, but it seems like they are pretty hip to the whole idea of a budget, and not making the client miserable by tempting her to fall in love with something she can never have.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With a $20 Flip Phone

@tw0lle I was just reading about women getting increasingly irate messages from OkCupid guys after they left messages unanswered for a few hours while they lived the rest of their lives. Do you have any deliciously horrible stories to share?

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On Friday Estimate

Meal planning for the week (4 dinners): homemade pizza buffalo black bean burgers vegetable paella tomato cobbler with cheddar cornmeal biscuits Projecting a grocery bill of ~$50.

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On Crowdfunding Your Life, Including Your Abortion

@Christy Ditto to all this.

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

My sister did automatic debit for rent payment many years ago and... it continued after she moved out. She got it straightened out but it was a pain, as you might imagine.

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On Starting a Business from Scratch When You Know Nuthin About Nuthin

I tried to start a sideline in something like this (helping people with their personal statements) about a year and a half ago, but it kind of went nowhere. My Craigslist ads kept getting flagged (I think by competitors, because I was following all the rules), nobody called from my fliers and I just didn't have the energy to hustle any more for clients. I got a few, but then not all of them paid me. And then I had a baby! So I guess what I'm saying is, if you need a partner who also knows nothing about business, call me!

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

I just wanted to say that if you have leftover herbs that you don't quite know what to do with, throw them in the food processor with the rest of your hummusy things! I made a dill-heavy hummus recently that was very satisfying (on more than one level). Also please let your Billfold friends know the next time you are having a hummus-tasting party please and thank you.

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

@srmattew I keep reading your username as smatthew and thinking about NewsRadio. So thank you for that.

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