On Parents Send Invoice After 5-Year-Old Misses Their Child's Birthday Party

@HelloTheFuture It's not the same. Rainbow Chip frosting has deliciously weird, chewy, colorful things. It was amazing.

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On The Pros and Cons of Neti Pots. Plus, A Camp Horror Story!

My sinuses are a mess so every time I try to use a neti pot I feel like I'm drowning.

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On Building a Better Pancake

My sister had a great pancake recipe that involved lemon juice. I'm not sure what that did but those pancakes were always amazing.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

Since we're 1000 miles away from family and vegetarians, boyfriend and I make lasagna and go to the movies. Some people view it as sad. I think it's wonderful.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

@yulya Bubby's is open on Thanksgiving, doing a "pay what you what" style, and donating a portion to charity. Their pies are amazing.

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On The Cost of Being a Salmon Swimming Upstream

My sister had her son 5 weeks after I moved back to NYC and I'm constantly feeling like the worst sister/aunt because she's in Ohio and I'm on the east coast.

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On The Allure of the Free Thing

I have a hard time saying no to free things. And apparently so does the boyfriend. He bought a magnificent mirror off Craigslist and came home not only with the mirror but one of those Crate & Barrel leaning ladder/bookshelf things. We have no room or need for it but it was free so now we have it. I can't say no to clothes, especially t-shirts. You're getting rid of that old graphic tee? I'll take it.

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On Buying Power

This is wonderful. And so familiar. I think my parents were secretly a little excited when I stopped growing in the 6th grade. It meant shoes and clothes would last until I actually wore them out and there would be a little more money to put toward my younger sisters.

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On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

This hits so close to home for me. I got my Bachelor's in art (painting to be exact) and now 3 years out of school, I'm looking into graphic design.

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On Why is Salad So Expensive AND The Solution to the Problem

If I do a salad for dinner, I always make double so I have lunch for the next day. And I bought myself a cute salad bowl thing to take to work so I'll actually want to bring food from home. A sandwich place opened up next to my work but they actually have amazing salads and they're customizable which is great, being a vegetarian. When I ask for avocado, they give an ENTIRE AVOCADO. Best salad ever.

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