On Buying Power

This is wonderful. And so familiar. I think my parents were secretly a little excited when I stopped growing in the 6th grade. It meant shoes and clothes would last until I actually wore them out and there would be a little more money to put toward my younger sisters.

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On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

This hits so close to home for me. I got my Bachelor's in art (painting to be exact) and now 3 years out of school, I'm looking into graphic design.

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On Why is Salad So Expensive AND The Solution to the Problem

If I do a salad for dinner, I always make double so I have lunch for the next day. And I bought myself a cute salad bowl thing to take to work so I'll actually want to bring food from home. A sandwich place opened up next to my work but they actually have amazing salads and they're customizable which is great, being a vegetarian. When I ask for avocado, they give an ENTIRE AVOCADO. Best salad ever.

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On Why is Salad So Expensive AND The Solution to the Problem

@oh boy. Let's talk about these homemade onion strings. Because I make a very similar vegetarian salad (yay for romaine!!) and it's definitely missing onion strings.

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On Grateful for the Opportunity

Oh my god, this and every comment is the story of my life.

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On Zagat on Tipping During the Holidays

My mom used to bake dozens of coffee cakes during the holidays and those were our gifts/tips to teachers, etc. People seemed to really appreciate them and she always put them in a cute tin, so yay storage.

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On What Did You Bring For Lunch as a Kid, And How Are We Still Alive?

In grade school, I had a PB&J, pretzels, and an apple. Every day. Except pizza day. Cafeteria pizza is amazing, I don't care what anyone says. I was super jealous of my friends that got to buy lunch all the time. And even more jealous of the kids that had pudding packs and Lunchables, and Little Debbies. In junior high, I had babysitting money so I bought lunch a lot more. Made terrible choices, mostly because I wasn't allowed to have junk food at home. But when I brought lunch is was a PB&J, pretzels, and an apple. High school was weird. I went to a charter school that was in an old converted racquetball gym so there was no kitchen. So they brought in fast food everyday and that got old really quick. I went back to packing my lunch most days. It was usually Diet Coke and Easy Mac. Or Diet Coke and Slim Fast. (It was a performing arts high school. Ballet classes. Self-esteem issues.)

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On What Do You Use Your Credit Card For, And How Do You Pay It Back?

I have a credit card with Amazon Rewards which is awesome because every once in a while those points come in handy. Like now, for Christmas presents. I use that card for everything and pay off the balance every month. I haven't carried or used my debit card in years. I also have 2 store credit cards that have rewards. One is for a clothing store I used to work at which meant that I got little extra discounts and coupons. The other one is an Angels card that I opened when I had a bra emergency at work.

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On A Trip to the DMV

@echolikebells I'm from Ohio too but for whatever reason, I ALWAYS said DMV until I had to do something with the title of one of my old cars and was very confused why I couldn't find the department of motor vehicles in the phone book. (This was not pre-Google days but pre-realizing-that-the-internet-has-search-engines-that-can-help-you-find-things days.)

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On How Some Women Said Yes to the Dress

When my sister was getting married, we stopped in a bridal store to get ideas for bridesmaid dresses. Somehow we started looking at wedding dresses instead and she ended up getting the very first dress she tried on. Of course, she tried on a good 10 dresses that day but she walked out with the first one. This is how we knew it was meant for her: only one left in the store AND it was her size, needed no alterations (!!!), and was marked down/on sale for $99. What?? Yep.

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