On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

@Miss_B That's so weird! At the PP where I volunteered (in a patient-interaction role), the CNM who was the primary provider always had green or pink streaks in her hair. And everybody has tattoos and facial piercings and all kinds of other unnaturalness. Your affiliate must just be extra square or something, I'm sorry you had that experience!

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On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

@wendy_pumpernickel Those are my two regular donations too! I am LOVING how many of us donate monthly to PP and public radio.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

@frumious bandersnatch I know, I logged in with the intention of starting to throw some at the one that's already accruing interest and then I... didn't. Maybe tomorrow?

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

I am not graduating until the end of May but I did finally log in and see my total student loan balance and it is... $25,486. Gulp. So I'll finally be participating in these posts pretty soon.

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On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

I would say 20-30 minutes is my limit unless it's somewhere I know has a ridiculous line every time in which case I'll usually eat a snack (ok, a small meal) in preparation.

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On Monday Check-in

I went out for my friend's 24th birthday and spent $30 on a burger, tots for the group, a beer, and tequila shots for the birthday girl and myself because that's the kind of party it was. Other than that I stayed in and watched Netflix, and also I spent $200 registering for the NCLEX (eek!).

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On Got .Milk? New Domain Names Are Here If You Have The $$$

Have we already talked about how Jeph Jacques got a C&D from Walmart for creating walmart.horse? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/walmart-issues-cease-desist-walmart-horse-owner-article-1.2143849

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@fletchasketch I have always had non-standard job titles and it made it a total nightmare to job search and also try to justify getting paid more, since I couldn't do things like search Glassdoor for my made-up title. Now that I've changed careers, one of the only non-terrible things about job searching is that I can just search for "registered nurse" and know what I'm looking at.

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On The Pros and Cons of Neti Pots. Plus, A Camp Horror Story!

@HelloTheFuture Just boil a bunch of it and keep it in a bottle!

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On First They Came For The Girl Scouts

"A deeply ingrained distrust of uniforms and any who wear them..." I didn't know that anyone else had a problem with this! In the 60s, my grandma wouldn't let my mom join (or, she could join but she wasn't allowed to wear the uniform) because the Girl Scouts were "too much like the Hitler Youth."

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