On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

@nutmeg I'm in my second semester (out of four) right now and I was pretty proud of myself last week in clinical when I realized that I no longer feel weird or awkward asking people "When was your last bowel movement?"

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On True Fans of True Detective

I love this!!! More often than not I will look up the true story behind something after I watch it, either because I loved it and I want to know more, or because it sucked and I want to get mad about how they changed the story. I rewatched Zodiac recently and then went on the SAME wikipedia spiral that I had already done five years ago or whatever.

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On Winter Sports, Ski Tags, and Baby Leather Jackets

@garli Yeah, I've never downhill skied, but I spent my entire childhood doing cross-country. It's really jut the cost of the skis and boots, which you can get used (we always did). I remember learning that for downhill you have to pay just to get up the mountain and being really mystified by that.

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On More on Those Slabs of Plastic Redeemable for Goods and Services

I used to have the overflowing wallet problem, so I moved all of my punchcards and giftcards and membership cards into a little cloth bag that I keep in my purse. So if I just want the basics I can put my slimmed-down wallet in my pants pocket, and otherwise I have everything else in my purse. Except I switched purses the other day and forgot to transfer it and have thus far missed out on like three punchcard punches at various places, like A TOTAL CHUMP!

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On Money Spent in an Attempt to Save Money This Year

@Adam I also live in Portland. I'm an intermittant bike-rider and I would say the main things keeping me from using my bike as my main source of transportation are weather, not wanting to be sweaty and gross when I arrive at my destination, and max tracks-related trauma (two crashes = I am extremely wary of the whole inner west side, but I'm slowly easing back into that area). The main thing is the sweatiness. If I had access to a shower at my work (or now school) it would be a different story, but right now when I ride to school (4.2 miles one way, generally about 30 minutes depending on stoplights and such) I have to sit around cooling off for another 15-20 minutes, take a paper towel-bath in the restroom and change into a new set of clothes that I have to fit in my bag that's already full of school books and such. It makes the whole process into a giant hassle and the savings is usually not worth the inconvenience to me. I hope that wherever I end up getting a job after I graduate has some kind of locker room/shower facility so that I can bike more consistently because I really do like doing it, and running to work also sounds awesome to me. Also, since you're curious: my car is paid off and I don't pay for parking, so everyday driving costs me about $0.75 in gas per day plus about $3 in insurance/maintenance. So, less than five bucks a day is pretty manageable for me, especially when I add in the ability to get large quantities of toilet paper at Costco, or to easily get out of town for the weekend, or whatever.

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On What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

When I applied to nursing school last year, I applied to three different programs at the same school, each with a $120 application fee (plus one had a Masters component, so I had to take the GRE for it). I did get into one of those programs, but ended up going to the other school I'd applied to for a $45 fee. I also had to order official transcripts from all four of my previous colleges for myself and the two schools, which I think was a total of about $75.

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On What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

@polka dots vs stripes I also got a 4/6 and I agree that it is COMPLETE bullshit. They don't even give you your essay back with any information about how you could do better! I studied their prep materials and followed their stupid guidelines and it was all for naught.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2013 Check-In

I didn't throw any money at anything but I did finally sign up for online access to my brand new student loans, which have already accrued $36 in interest so far this semester. Wheee! I don't think I actually have to pay it until I graduate, though, so that's... good?

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On Wanted: Someone to Do Four Jobs and Have No Life Outside of Work

@Aunt Scar Yeah! He's talked about it on his tumblr a little, but I'd like to hear more about it, too. I get the impression that his income is basically entirely ad revenue. I bet he'd be into an interview; he's very candid about his life in general. http://jephjacques.com/post/16909035600/qa-dump-26 http://jephjacques.com/post/12438226350/qa-dump-15

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On Wanted: Someone to Do Four Jobs and Have No Life Outside of Work

But it's all good, because they're "not a terribly money-motivated group." Okay. Have you guys done a feature on the economics of webcomics? There aren't that many creators who have been able to turn it into a full-time gig, and it's really interesting to me how Penny Arcade has become such an enormous success.

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