On Fear-Based Spending

I will say that we have a Brita filter (and just finally got a shiny new one) because it makes the water taste better, even though our water is totally safe to drink. But also I've been doing some emergency training for my neighborhood association, and part of that is putting together an emergency kit, and that stuff can get PRICEY. I've definitely fallen down some Amazon window-shopping rabbit holes in the process. Do I need the ultra-deluxe emergency radio that has a digital tuner and cell-phone charger, or can I make do with the cheap hand-crank kind? And in addition to all the first aid kits and duct tape and canned food, they want you to do things like put together a two-bucket toilet system in case of a major disaster that wipes out all the plumbing, and... I just really don't think I'm going to go that far.

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On Multiple Raises a Year

@hollanding At my nonprofit job I quit a year ago(!), they gave us a 3% COL after THREE YEARS of nothing. Then they acted kind of snippy when we weren't all jumping for joy. I don't even know what I would (will?) do with myself somewhere where raises are an actual thing.

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On Account Joined

In Washington the birth filing form reads: Is Mother Married to the Father? Yes/No If NO: Was Mother Married to anyone during this pregnancy? and it always just makes me think the form is looking for gossip.

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On What Did Your First Job Pay Then and What Does It Pay Now?

My first job (gardening/landscaping) paid $9/hour, which in 2003 dollars is $11.59. Since I went back to school last year, I have a minimum wage work-study job that pays $9/hour, which in 2014 dollars is... $9. Sad trombone!

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

Driving out of state for a wedding (probably 4 tanks of gas round trip, about $150 split two ways) Staying in a big house with friends, $115 per person for three nights Pitching in for groceries/beer for said house - $20ish Probably going out for meals or drinks at least a couple times, $60? Just bought the gift last night so I'm going to count it, $70 split two ways AND if we are counting today as the weekend, my best friend is visiting just for today so we'll probably be eating our way through the city so that's maybe $60 also. Total: about $360, oof. Also I have to pay my half of the rent but I'm not counting that. :P

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

@acid burn I did 2 of the three terrible things! Plus some bonus terrible things that weren't so bad. Hooray!

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On Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

I have SO MANY 1 things today. :( Priority 1 is: I need to call my car insurance because I realized that I never got my bill/new insurance card, and my insurance expired on the 22nd so I can't drive my car until I get that figured out. 2) Call my health insurance company and fight with them about the $400 bill that it says very clearly in my coverage info should be covered. I have always only had HMOs, where there is no point in fighting, so I'm feeling very out of my depth here, but people... can do this, right? 3) Figure out what I'm wearing to this wedding in a week. Clothes shopping: blerg.

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On Battle of the Budgets: YNAB or Mint?

I used to use Mint religiously but all their dumb glitches combined with the fact that I'm mostly living off my savings while I'm in school has made it pretty useless. These days I just glance at it on my phone when I want to know how much I've spent on eating out so I can justify buying my lunch. I'm trying the YNAB free trial but I don't yet see how they're different, other than YNAB being a lot more work. But I'm not dismissing it yet!

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On Have You Considered Being an Air Traffic Controller Today?

@@fo I knew something looked weird about it, whoops. The curse of the five-minute edit window!

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On Have You Considered Being an Air Traffic Controller Today?

@Samantha Ok! So, my first degree was in media production (video/animation/broadcasting stuff) and I had worked in that field for about five years but my first love was healthcare (I had started out pre-med in college but did not succeed because school was not my jam at that particular time of my life) so I decided that it was the right time to change careers if I was going to do it. My first degree had zero science or math credits, so I had to do two years of prerequisities at a community college, although I only took two classes at a time because I was working full-time (I also started volunteering during that time because admissions depts like that and the nursing schools in the Pacific Northwest are super competitive; I hear that this is not so in some other regions). So I could have powered through that faster if I'd taken a heavier class load. As previously mentioned, I was not the world's greatest student the first time around but I worked really hard and got the grades I needed this time. Anyway, I lucked out and managed to get into a school right as I was finishing up my prereqs, but the dates didn't quite match up for the 15-month program for people who already have a non-nursing degree, so I ended up in the regular nursing program. It's four semesters with summers off, so I started last September and next May I'll get my BSN right as I turn 30. The program is hard but in a way that's kind of difficult to describe; there's a huge emphasis on clinical judgment and critical thinking rather than memorizing signs and symptoms and medications and treatments (although you do still need to memorize that stuff). Clinical rotation is awesome and I love working with patients; that's my favorite part of nursing school by far. The weirdest part is being in a program with a bunch of 20-year-old college students who are in a very different life stage from me but they're also very nice so I've adjusted. So my main interest is in reproductive health, specifically abortion work, and in my state nurse practitioners and CNMs can do first trimester procedures, so after I get my BSN I plan to either work for a bit as an RN or go straight into a grad program. I'm not sure right now which road is the best for what I want to do; I'm leaning toward something like a Women's Health NP, but an FNP or a CNM are also paths I'm considering. I figure once I get more clinical experience I'll be better able to make the decision about what I want my day-to-day practice to be about (translation: although birth seems rad and I love babies, I will wait until after my labor & delivery rotation before I decide if labor & delivery is actually a thing I want to spend a lot of my time doing, or if I'd like to be more about primary care because I'm also real into community health and health promotion/education and all that jazz). WOW THAT WAS LONG-WINDED. Did I answer your questions fully? Nursing definitely isn't for everyone, but I love it and I think people who are interested should not be afraid to change careers to pursue it!

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