On The Question Is, What Is A Dollar Worth To You

There is a startup like that, Logan! It's called Task Rabbit. There are no rabbits involved in reality, which I found terribly disappointing. I wanted bunnies getting my dry cleaning!!!!!

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On Taking the Other Way Home

@Mike Dang I feel like the point was that Logan opens up and gets snarked at and you open up with and are treated with deference and respect, which you deserve for winning at financial responsibility! But there's still inequality here. And because of the audience are people who work hard to save money, there's a natural snark at people who DON'T spend in a way the group feels is wise. And that CONTINUES that inequality, particularly because it fits into the narrative that Logan's ways are wrong and yours are right -- and as you often say, it's not that black and white. For instance, that lunch post got all these people cranked at me for spending buckets on lunch. But Logan was right, what I really wanted was the ease of mind, and ... I can afford that lunch. So I do. But there is definitely a level of natural judging because this is hard and budgeting and money are not easy. It's natural, but I don't think it always makes it right. Polar opposites are EXCELLENT narrative tools -- it's the main reason I love this blog -- but they do, naturally, generate some snark and that's hard for people who see themselves in the "wrong", you know? (Which is not to say it bothered me in re: lunches, I'm a big girl, but I think that's what aforementioned commenters were getting at.)

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On Friday Estimate

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On Money Made Her Nice Maybe

This makes sense. I can totally see funny coming with a fight and drive and anger about inequality (financial here, i guess). I can also see that being mean. Isn't that the entire concept of mean girls? Women are fighting with inequality so much that sometimes they just fight against each other. MOVIE IDEA: MEAN COMICS.

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On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

@RachelG8489 but okay, how much does that cost? i used to do this epic butternut squash soup but it was like 5/serving!!! that's nuts. i'll take my caf turkey burger over making soup. because what you describe -- that's what i like to do and find that it's expensive!

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On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

@Mike Dang haha, there maaaaay have been a reason i sent that to logan and not you... ;) but! I'm really bad at packing lunch. logan's response made me laugh so hard i cried because it's ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. i imagine there are a lot of us out there like this. and the cafeteria is pretty good! today: $10.50 got me two eggs and a bagel for breakfast and made-to-order pasta and a soda. $10.50 total! I still think that's nutsy coocoo value.

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On Sipping on Water and Juice

Whenever I see people NOT drinking in a bar, I like to think that they do have a drinking problem. Not because that makes them weak or a problem-person, but because that makes them bloody strong. They've faced addiction and they're hanging out in the BEAST'S HOUSE and it doesn't phase them. So, be that person sometimes, even if it isn't your demon, it's a demon. And rejecting it is kind of powerful all around. Everyone should respect that person.

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On Lisa and Bryan Are Moving in Together, But Where and Why?

obsessed with this. we need a picture though. i need to know how adorable and cute you two are in a picture to pair with how adorable and cute you are in emails. seriously, i cannot focus until i know that bryan is six feet tall and lisa has curly hair. OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND? the internet need to know, guys.

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On I Fell for Taylor Swift's Marketing Strategy

It makes me so happy that Edith listens to Taylor in the office.

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On On Doing What You Love

Yeah, these are our passions, but I wonder if any of these Millennial Haters see that in following my passion, I -- using myself to avoid generalizations and because I think I'm pretty typical -- regularly work 60 hours a week. I start to worry about burning out when I book more than 75 hours of work. I wonder if they see that I viscerally feel every damn rejection, because when you follow your passion, you feel passionately about it. I wonder if they see that my work improves because I care so deeply about it. I wonder if they see that every time they loudly proclaim we're a lost generation of people with no work ethic or sense of reality, someone acts on that stereotype and dismisses my work or laughs at a salary negotiation or simply ignores me. And that I -- like so many of my friends -- keep working and translating anger and frustration into hustle. How anyone can reject that as idealism and stupidity is beyond me. It's a choice, for sure, but it's backed up by a whole shit ton of hustle.

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