On Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?

Applying for jobs is the worst! I am a new grad as of May, have been applying since December, and can't find anything at all. I've only gotten one interview, too, which is super depressing. I have great grades, internships every summer, worked throughout school, proficient Spanish skills, and a good resume and cover letter. I've also only had one official rejection, and not even from the one I interviewed with (just radio silence). It's super upsetting. I'm applying in the field of reproductive health, too, which in my understanding is not a crazy difficult field to break into. I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's just the state of the market, and I really don't want to live at home forever. I'm giving myself a month to apply to jobs in my field, and then I'm throwing in the towel and applying to all kinds of jobs (although how will i ever be qualified)? Also, even the grocery store and restaurant positions I've applied for in the meantime haven't written back. Ack.

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On Are You Pro-Brunch?

@@ihatesomuch OOOH please share the name of this magical place!

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