On The Very Anecdotal Demographics Of My Neighborhood CSA

@EDaily No, but everyone should maybe be able to calculate a percentage without resorting to Google.

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On Renata Adler on Charitable Giving and Young Folk

@cuminafterall I really like the idea of converting my monthly bc copay to a Planned Parenthood donation now that my prescription is free.

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On 'What's outrageous? Fast food wages!'

@Markham If you raise wages by 20%, the $0.20 of every dollar that represents crew wages would increase to $0.24. Above, you're making the mistake of multiplying the whole dollar by 20%. So, in your example, dollar menu items would go up to $1.04 and an $8.00 trip would become $8.32. I feel like a lot of people would be okay with that magnitude of price increase.

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On Living In The Post-Employment Economy (That's Us, Right Now)

$100 max for The Atlantic? That's insane. He probably made more than that in ad revenue just by putting the exchange up on his blog.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VI)

"I need to know that I can move to a new city, travel, and pursue higher education just because I want to, that I don’t have to accept the petty, drone-like, adventure-less, spirit-crushing existence common to the salary-earnings range I was born into." Um, are you serious? You're American, college-educated and middle-class.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: A Sad Little Saga of Straphangery

@reluctant Yes! I have done this.

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On My Sick Secret: Elderberries

My instinctive response was to scoff at the healing powers of berries, but the science might back this one up: http://www2.aap.org/sections/chim/CommonCold.pdf

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On My Mother Stole My Car And Got Rid of It

@megsy As someone whose mom has serious issues, growing up in a majorly dysfunctional family doesn't exactly endow you with good boundaries, typical assumptions of how "normal" relationships work or the ability to stick up for yourself. Maybe this was one weird incident and her mom is otherwise normal, but I doubt it. It's hard to teach yourself to demand that others treat you decently if you grew up with a wacked out family dynamic.

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On How to Borrow from Your 401(k) to Pay Off Your Debt

I just took a look at my own account (TIAA/CREF) and found that in my case, if I take out a 403b loan and then lose my job, it isn't immediately callable. I can just continue making the planned loan payments. Not sure how common that is, but it makes the idea a lot less scary.

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On I Don't Want to Fight About Money With My Boyfriend, So I Don't Have a Boyfriend

I can't say I really understand this post. I have been with my partner for a couple of years. I am crazy broke with tens of thousands in credit card debt. He just bought an Aston Martin. We have totally separate finances and never have conflicts over money, because I've made it clear that my brokeness is explicitly not his problem. I also don't understand why the author seems sure that she's going to be in serious poverty forever, given that she went to college and isn't even 30 yet. I just don't get this whole piece.

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