On The First Time I Ever Actually Thought About Gun Laws

I mean, isn't the big problem that gun control is so often a diversion from talking about the social causes of crime, like poverty and alienation and whatnot? I'm from Britain, so sort of instinctively for gun control- and this private sale stuff sounds all sorts of mad- but at the same time I understand the arguments against it, and since it's so diversive in the states, maybe a focus on education, fighting poverty, and such, might be more effective? Then again, I suppose that stuff can be pretty diversive, too.

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On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

The NHS is a brilliant institution. Recently, problems like this have been more frequent, though, and you hit the nail on the haid when you said it's funding. The cuts here have weakened the NHS significantly. The answer is more funding. The answer is not the offhand dismissal of something that has saved or lengthened countless lives. Of course British people are proud of the NHS, of course we love it. We've all seen it help someone who could never have afforded the treatment they needed. Maybe let those of us who have experience it for years decide its worth, huh? Anyway, feel better soon. You should probably make another appointment, if you're still ill.

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On My GF Wants 1 Job, But I Want Her to Have This Other Job


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On The Government Wants You to Know That It's Totally Okay to Apply for Food Stamps

I love you, Mike Dang. We all love you.

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On Why Aren't You Paying for Music?

@MuffyStJohn Yes, exactly! Making ethical purchases isn't something everyone has the choice to do, and this idea of "voting with your wallet" sure seems to leave a lot of people disenfranchised.

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On Five Points of Advice to Young People on the Spending and Earning of Money, Part Two: Always Pay for Art

I was thinking late last night about this often-expressed "If you can be happy doing something that isn't art, do that" sentiment. And I mean! It's as seductive an idea as any, especially because no-one is going to respond to it with a "oh whoops, better stop self-expression", so everyone who reads it gets to feel special. But is making art something some people will inevitably do and others will not do? Is it innate in a handful of people and impossible for everyone else, or is that a ridiculously pretentious way of thinking about it? Isn't an artist just someone who makes art? And shouldn't we encourage everyone who wants to do that? - with the understanding, of course, that the chances of success are always slim, but then that's not always the point.

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