On Everything You Need to Know About Diapers, Part 1

i wore cloth diapers as a baby! and after i grew up, we used our diaper pail for compost at home. good way to re-purpose it.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

Good question. I passed through Vegas for the first (and possibly last) time on my way to the national parks in southern Utah and was dumbfounded by the entire city. Though I will say that it was pretty cool to drive east out of the city at night and see how quickly it went from The Strip to sprawl to complete, desolate, pitch-black darkness.

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On 'Can We Talk Finances?' 'Not Tonight Dear I Have a Headache'

so, confession- i pay an investment dude to manage the funds i came into from the sale of some grandma-gifted assets. it's value is in the low 6-figures and not having to worry about it is well worth the management fee to me.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

i live in a steam-heated NYC apartment, and i have never once turned on the radiators in my place. The residual heat from the standpipes alone is enough to turn the place into a sweat lodge in the winter.

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On My Whole Foods Discount Is the Best—Worst?—Mostly Best

I worked at lululemon, which gives a hefty employee discount- 40% off for part-timers and 60% off for full-timers. Plus 80% off your first $200 worth of stuff to get you outfitted for your shifts. Plus we received a group commission in the form of store credit every time we exceeded our daily store sales goal. The temptation to spend all your earnings at the store was definitely present, and some of my coworkers certainly did. I bought some stuff, but only things I really would use (and still do use to this day). And the stuff is such good quality that it's still going strong, 7 years later.

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On How People Do Money: The High Holidays

wow! i'm a lifelong member of the unitarian church and we don't do membership fees. we are just strongly encouraged/expected to make a yearly pledge. i wonder if we would have to listen to fewer sermons on the importance of giving if they just made the giving mandatory ...

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On Coffee vs Diet Coke vs a Pure, Uncaffeinated Life

another non-coffee drinker/non-caffeinated soda drinker here. people always ask me "how do you do it?!" to which i say SLEEEEEEEP.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

seriously, eff this pinterest, instagram, celebrity chef, food-as-performance cooking mindset. it just sets people up for failure. fried eggs on toast is a fine dinner. pasta with spinach and cheese is a fine dinner. and i agree that no one should touch pastry dough on a weeknight, ever.

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On Why Can't Every Doctor Take Every Insurance?

@cryptolect Agreed. And I always feel mildly judged at the doctor's office, sort of like they never really believe anything I say. (and I am a very healthy person!)

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I never wanted to live in NYC, but I live here because this is where most of my family is and where I had a connection to a job lead that turned into a job. I often wish my family was instead located in a smaller, more livable Western city...

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