On Please Hold: The Next Representative Will Be With You Shortly

Optimum >>>>>>>>>>>> Time Warner in NYC

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On How Much Do Teens Plan to Spend on Promposals? $324, On Average

$324!?!? in the words of whitney houston, i wanna see the receipts.

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On Exciting Things To Learn About Your Favorite Lunch Spot!

when i worked at lululemon, we also had a discretionary budget that could be used for giving away free stuff (don't remember exactly what it was). i actually once benefited from it myself, after i left the company- i came back to the store i worked in to buy myself another yoga mat. when they asked why i was getting a new one, i said it was because i had given mine away to someone. and they comped me a new one! bottom line, lululemon isn't 100% evil.

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On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

i once briefly lived in a developing nation where pretty much any non-slum apartment building had resident daily housekeepers whose wages were part of your rent. they would NOT be dissuaded from doing their rounds. i once got a parasite and laid in bed while they vacuumed beneath it. more than a little awkward.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

I boarded a 15 hour trans-Pacific flight last year to find someone sitting in my aisle seat, which I had purposefully chosen ahead of time. When I said "oh hello you're sitting in my seat," the woman said "oh you want the aisle seat?" Yes, I do. Because it is my seat. Luckily she moved without issue but I couldn't' believe the nerve.

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On Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

@Lily Rowan i know! it makes sense, after all- that people whose job is other people's money would be really into the billfold.

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On Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

i...had a fine time being an assistant? and it got me to my current job? so really, no complaints here. though i would echo that it really depends on the company/org and the industry. in nonprofit fundraising, i was able to move up to grant writer from program assistant after almost 3 years.

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On To Get the Career You Want, Should You Assist Someone Who's Already There?

i think there is a big difference between personal assisting and program assisting. if you're just fetching someone coffee/doing their expenses/booking their flights, then i think you can't expect much upward mobility. but if you are a programmatic assistant (as in many NGOs, think tanks, etc) then the odds are much greater.

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On Sometimes The Most Important Relationship Is With Your Coworkers

fun coworkers make going to work every day so much more enjoyable! it's crazy when you think about how much time you spend with your colleagues, especially if you have an open floorplan office (or work in a store or similar office-less space). my best work friend and i always joke about being each other's work husband/work wife.

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On That One Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt

oh man i have a very similar sweatshirt that was $100 and i hemmed and hawed forEVER before buying it and now every time i wear it, it makes me so happy. my general rule for clothing splurges is hold off, but then if you can't stop thinking about it after a month, go buy it.

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