On Going Without Health Insurance

one word: appendicitis. can happen at any time, to anyone (no matter how healthy) and surgery is the only way to fix it. my appendectomy cost $15K- and that's the best case scenario, because i caught it before it burst. if it bursts, you are looking at much, much larger bills and a very long hospital stay.

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On Whoops, the $522 Haircut

The last time I got my hair cut, the stylist said "and that will be $60" after we discussed what he would do. I wanted to hug him.

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On The Case of the Missing Package

I trust people in my building, but I always get packages delivered to work because the mail carrier won't leave them if they're too big to fit in the box. Then I have to schlep to the post office and stand in an interminably long line to pick it up and schlep it home. So either way, schlepping is involved. I bought a TV online last year and just felt like the biggest asshole. Something about it just felt embarrassingly showy to me. The mailroom guy at work brought it to my desk and I was just so sheepish.

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On "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?": Estate Planning for Millenials

I got a will from my parents for my 18th birthday. Best gift ever.

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On Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

I got a savings account around age 5 or 6, because my grandmother had very generously passed down some investments to me and my sister and I needed somewhere to put the dividends. Fast forward to about age 18... tellers kept telling me I needed to update the signature on my account but I kept putting it off. The one day, a teller turned her computer monitor around to show me what it looked like... it was basically a scribble.

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On Banking Using GameStop

I'm just imagining this guy being on a date and going "oh hey, just gotta dip into this video game store real quick for some cash" ... o_O

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On Winter Sports, Ski Tags, and Baby Leather Jackets

Oh my god the lift passes. I just remember being a little kid at the bus stop in elementary school and being totally mystified by the literal dozens of tags crammed onto everyone's zippers. I guess they're hard to get off or something, but as a non-skier, I was very confused by it all.

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On The Doctor Will See You in 18.5 Days

and we wonder why ERs are always overcrowded.

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On Man Tweets at Brand, Sees Results

I'm generally not a fan of people complaining to companies via twitter for useless stuff that can't be fixed (see: "ugh @delta do you seriously not have a VIP lounge at o'hare i am never giving you my business again") but this is the sort of company tweeting that I can get behind- when it's for a specific, reasonable request or problem.

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On Do You Get Paid Sick Days? Y/N

I have a crapload of paid sick days at my office job (I think I'm up to 25 right now). The thing is, I have not gotten sick enough to warrant staying home in the 2+ years I've been at my job. But I have gotten a few of these 2 week-long half-colds, where you're not congested or run down or feeling shitty, just have a slightly runny nose. Which sucks because people will glare at you at work, thinking you are infecting them. But am I really supposed to stay home for 2 straight weeks while my nose runs a bit?

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