On Friday Open Thread: I Didn't Yet Know About These Moneysavers

@RiffRandell sounds like another word for assistant. job will most likely entail database work and record-keeping. daily donor report probably means compiling a list of the donations/grants received that day. i've found that there is often a lot of chance for upward mobility in nonprofit development offices, so if you are interested in grant writing or face-to-face solicitation, then it's a great way to get your foot in the door. you can learn a lot from those entry-level jobs and work your way up from there.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I got a minor weekly allowance and it wasn't tied to chores, which I'm glad for. The message was always that helping around the house was everyone's responsibility and not just restricted to a few set tasks. "often in life, you have to clean up after other people," my dad used to say.

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On Friends With Venmo

Chase Quickpay! Great for New Yorkers, especially, because nearly everyone has Chase. And even if you don't, you can still use the service.

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On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

i often felt caught between two worlds in college because although my parents each made well less than 6-figure salaries and we lived in a modest house, they paid for my college education using an inheritance they received. so although we did not live very fancy lives, the fact that i was able to move through college debt-free put me into a different, weird category.

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On How Chelsea Fagan, Founder of The Financial Diet, Does Money

@annev17 no, i'm talking about on the financial diet- a lot of the in-text links to various products are affiliate links, meaning the site creator gets a cut of the purchase price whenever a reader clicks through and buys the product. shopstyle and rewardstyle are two popular affiliate linking programs for fashion/accessories, and it's against FCC rules to not disclose your use of them on a website.

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On How Chelsea Fagan, Founder of The Financial Diet, Does Money

gotta say, i find it disingenuous to use affiliate links for $300 wallets on a website about saving money.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

ALSO with the feels over here. I have both the money and the general disposition to be a homeowner, but my perpetual singledom seems to get in the way.

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On A Guide To Anthropomorphizing Your Student Loan Lender

There is a bit in one of David Sedaris' books where he talks about how Sallie Mae makes him think of a barefooted hillbilly girl with missing teeth and not of the financial megamonster it actually is.

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On Paying to Belong

i am mega WASPy-looking, and it's always funny to see whether or not they will approach me on the street to ask if i'm Jewish during the holidays. usually i just get the briefest of once-overs before they look away, but exactly ONCE i got asked and it was kinda thrilling?!

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On Beyond Entry-Level

currently in my 2nd-level job. spent almost 3 years in my entry-level job before moving up into this one. i know that might seem like a long time to stay in one entry level job to some people, but i'm my nonprofit field, it was normal.

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