On Share, Don't Scroll: How to Do Internet on Vacation

I recently took a roadtrip with a friend through a very remote part of the US (minimal radio reception and we forgot an ipod hookup) and we instituted a rule that the passenger was permitted to look at their phone, provided that they read aloud to the driver to keep them entertained. we read through headlines and tweets and such and it was a good system.

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On Link Round-up! Cheap Hotel Rooms, Egg Sandwiches, Commutes

My ideal commute is a 10 minute drive along quiet back roads in an non-urban area. I had that commute for 3 months and it was blissful.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

The best interview for a job I didn't get was at a food magazine. I was post-college, trying to figure out WTF I was doing, and applied for an editorial internship on a whim. The interview involved going to the test kitchen and sampling everything they were cooking up that day. I think they suspected that I would jump ship the second I got a real job (not incorrect) so I didn't get hired, but it was definitely the most fun I've ever had at an interview.

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On Everything I Needed to Know About Money I Did Not Learn in Kindergarten

my parents gave me an allowance but always made it clear that 1. it was not in exchange for doing chores- you don't get paid to do chores, you do chores because you're a member of the household and that's just what you're expected to do. 2. when the money runs out, it runs out. you don't get any more until next week so don't bother asking. it was a good lesson in money management, i think.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

If this guy was really as classy as he thought he was, he'd have asked for your mailing address and refunded you the $20.

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On How the Other Half Lives

Never gotten an email meant for someone else, but when I was a kid, we used to get calls on our landline ALL THE TIME for some harp player who was available for gigs. I hope they eventually figured out the right number, because otherwise she lost a lot of business.

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On Family Plan Shame

I'm still on my family plan (I'm 26) and my dad bills me for my portion every month, down to the exact penny.

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On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

WHAT ABOUT BOB! <3 love.

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On So You've Decided To Join The CSA

we have a CSA through work = wednesday afternoon pickup on the office kitchen. it's a dream.

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On How Grandparents Do Money

My grandmother is amazingly generous with her us, her grandchildren, but has always been very stingy with herself. She always seems to think she doesn't deserve nice things. So I hope to hold onto the spirit of generosity but also maybe have a more balanced outlook than she does...

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