On The Case of the Missing Package

I trust people in my building, but I always get packages delivered to work because the mail carrier won't leave them if they're too big to fit in the box. Then I have to schlep to the post office and stand in an interminably long line to pick it up and schlep it home. So either way, schlepping is involved. I bought a TV online last year and just felt like the biggest asshole. Something about it just felt embarrassingly showy to me. The mailroom guy at work brought it to my desk and I was just so sheepish.

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On "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?": Estate Planning for Millenials

I got a will from my parents for my 18th birthday. Best gift ever.

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On Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

I got a savings account around age 5 or 6, because my grandmother had very generously passed down some investments to me and my sister and I needed somewhere to put the dividends. Fast forward to about age 18... tellers kept telling me I needed to update the signature on my account but I kept putting it off. The one day, a teller turned her computer monitor around to show me what it looked like... it was basically a scribble.

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On Banking Using GameStop

I'm just imagining this guy being on a date and going "oh hey, just gotta dip into this video game store real quick for some cash" ... o_O

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On Winter Sports, Ski Tags, and Baby Leather Jackets

Oh my god the lift passes. I just remember being a little kid at the bus stop in elementary school and being totally mystified by the literal dozens of tags crammed onto everyone's zippers. I guess they're hard to get off or something, but as a non-skier, I was very confused by it all.

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On The Doctor Will See You in 18.5 Days

and we wonder why ERs are always overcrowded.

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On Man Tweets at Brand, Sees Results

I'm generally not a fan of people complaining to companies via twitter for useless stuff that can't be fixed (see: "ugh @delta do you seriously not have a VIP lounge at o'hare i am never giving you my business again") but this is the sort of company tweeting that I can get behind- when it's for a specific, reasonable request or problem.

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On Do You Get Paid Sick Days? Y/N

I have a crapload of paid sick days at my office job (I think I'm up to 25 right now). The thing is, I have not gotten sick enough to warrant staying home in the 2+ years I've been at my job. But I have gotten a few of these 2 week-long half-colds, where you're not congested or run down or feeling shitty, just have a slightly runny nose. Which sucks because people will glare at you at work, thinking you are infecting them. But am I really supposed to stay home for 2 straight weeks while my nose runs a bit?

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On Allowances

I was given an allowance (that corresponded to my grade... $3 in third grade, etc) and was expected to do chores, help out, clean up, etc because it's just what you do as a member of a family. The two weren't tied together. I think it was a good system. My dad would always say "cleaning up after other people is a part of life" and the message has stuck with me.

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On With a Little Help From Our Family?

My grandmother was very financially generous to me and her other grandchildren in the form of passing on investments. As for my parents, they funded my education but made it clear that they wouldn't be funding me one day past college graduation. I wonder if that would have been different had my grandmother not given us a significant financial leg up in the world (not that I fault them for it, not at all- very grateful to graduate with no loans.) That said, if I ever was really down and out, I imagine my parents would let me live at home. But I can't imagine them handing over a stack of cash, no strings attached.

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