On Maybe Bob Costa's Excuse For Missing Work Can Be Our Excuse for Missing Work

@bgprincipessa "technically a doctor (although not currently licensed)": I suspect there's a humdrum story here, but I am choosing to picture Dr. Nick instead.

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

@BlackCoffeeWithSugar It judged me too for the same reason but I am judging it RIGHT BACK.

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

@garysixpack I am more than making up for you -- I tried to answer the shoe question honestly and I got the error message "Value outside acceptable range! Please verify response and try again!" I counted down by 10's and 30 was within the acceptable range but 40 was not. Also I answered that I didn't have kids and I kept getting questions about what kind of activities, etc. my kids participated in. Clearly some bugs to work out here. My "predicted" result was high by a factor of 3. As I was working through the survey my along-the-way predicted result was high by a factor of up to 6. The only thing I noticed that caused a steep drop was my 7 alcoholic drinks per week. Well I never!

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On Money and Class at Yale University

@questingbeast I didn't mean to misrepresent -- I apparently read the text incorrectly; since I was quoting a piece of it I tried to show better *how* I was reading it (which was: incorrectly). I meant the $1500 as an approximation, since I was equating $650 with "nearly half" of some amount. So I meant no malice, I just made a mistake, which here you see me copping to cheerfully. I think a reasonable person could have assumed that material in consecutive paragraphs of a narrative was related -- you may disagree. @squishycat Oho, now I get it. Thank you for the polite and informative correction. For the record I have not been disabused of my sense that the FSY program sounds like small beer for such a rich and well resourced institution as Yale. I'd like to see it turned up to 11.

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On Money and Class at Yale University

There's something in the article about the FSY (summer/ramp-up program for incoming poor students) then a mention of a "$1300 Macbook Pro, ubiquitous around Yale seminar tables, [that] costs nearly half of the [FSY] student income contribution." Does this suggest that Yale's idea of giving these students a leg up is to provide them with $1500 spending money per year? If yes then this is garbage, an insult. In some majors that will pretty much cover textbooks. GIVE them textbooks and laptops, give them access to counselors, set up a program to get them into the kind of internships they don't know how to interview for and perhaps have never heard of, create a fund that will pay for their intramural sports fees and research trips and semesters abroad. Talk is cheap indeed. Yale's endowment is huge, and I bet it would be easy to get corporate sponsors to sign on for this and get their names all over it. I bet students would also be amenable to paying Yale back x percentage of their post-college income for y years in return for the benefit. I am not positive I'm reading this correctly, but if I am: $1500?! Yale, you are (still) a bunch of turds.

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On Coming Out as Poor at Duke University

@stuffisthings Not at mine, unfortunately, and I work in the public sector (pension pension pension) so will probably be here for a long time. I do kind of feel like I owe it to my younger self and her present-day bros and sisters to obtain a role in screening and hiring. One day.

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On Employee Discounts

@jfruh That dude will go FAR in his MBA program. I'm not joking. He gets MBA-student bonus points for not *asking* if you if would help him but by suggesting that it was your obligation.

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On Coming Out as Poor at Duke University

@stuffisthings I'm not actually interested in being a manager, but a manager is the person who makes those decisions, and I want to make them and call them like you would. So I'm torn.

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On Coming Out as Poor at Duke University

I interviewed for the School of Management at Yale. I had a bad feeling because not one of the students featured in any of their booklets and brochures had been to a public college, but if Yale wants to look you over, you go, right? The second-year who interviewed me asked, "Why did you work so many jobs when you were in college? Don't you feel like you missed out on a lot of opportunities?" She also pointed out that most applicants had attended more prestigious colleges than I had -- yeah, no shiz, Hannah. And she told me all about the annual auction to benefit the internship fund, where things go up to bid like a hundred-year-old bottle of wine, the use of a certain professor's vintage sports car for a weekend, a weekend trip to Paris, etc. I was confused: if the professors are contributing the items to bid on, who is doing the bidding? Hannah stared at me, incredulous. "The students. The students bid," she said. After the interview I went right to a townie bar and drank but they waitlisted me almost immediately. When I saw that e-mail I hit the No Longer Interested button, because I no longer was. Nice to be looked over, though.

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On Why My Cat Has a Savings Account

I really liked this piece. And if you shift away from obsessive saving, you can be in the position of always being open to a deal, a sale, a beautiful suit marked down by half in the summer -- this too gives one a sense of control like I imagine the saving mindset does, of never having to make a purchase that does not meet one's standards. Also I appreciate the very cute cat pic.

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