On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

Are those people so cheap and lazy that they either (1) can't bring snacks (or their own lunch) from home or (2) go out and get a snack? Or at the very least apologize and replace the lunch?

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2014 Check-in

Paid over 1/2 of the take-home amount of the company profit share to the student loan on top of the usual extra amount. I'm technically prepaid, but have been scheduling payments every month. Ever so slowly chipping away at the balance (and interest, bleh).

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On Simplifying Student Loan Payments

The lender for my loans reduces the interest rate by a bit (not much, but every bit counts) if I do auto pay, so I do that. I assume the payments taken out from the paycheck wouldn't be tax deductable?

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I'd get a used car. For prices, look at Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. Worse comes to worse, you can just go to Carmax if there's one nearby (note: I've never bought a car from there but have sold cars to them). Congratulations on the impending whippersnapper, btw!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Lunch: $11, Glasses: $95 (to be reimbursed via FSA account) Saturday: Takeout: $11 Sunday: Lunch with friends: $10 Under the estimate!

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On Friday Estimate

Hoping to keep it relatively cheap: (1) Lunch today: $13 (2) Lunch w/ friends: $15 (3) Snacks (maybe): $20 (4) Glasses: $95 (will be reimbursed by FSA)

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On When There Are Different Points of Views About Money in a Relationship

I don't think it has to be an either/or situation. They can make extra payments to the student loan while saving up for a wine hutch and/or find a cheaper alternative.

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On Monday Check-In

@kentuckygal Congrats!

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On Monday Check-In

Laundry: $5 SIM card for phone: $5 Food: $15 Lunch: $12 Yes to low-spend weekend!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Q: Has anyone used Airvoice Wireless for cellphone service? How do you like it? I'm deciding between Airvoice and Simple Mobile, but am leaning towards Airvoice b/c it uses AT&T's network. Also, anyone have recommendations for Android apps? Preferably free. Thanks!

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