On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@capitulatenow I moved from DC to Baltimore about a year and a half ago for work. I miss aspects of DC a lot. Free cultural stuff everywhere! I am a lawyer working in non-profit advocacy for low-income people, and just felt surrounded by smart, passionate people who cared about those issues. But public interest legal work is viciously competitive and underfunded everywhere, and people NEVER leave their jobs (because it's so hard to find new ones.) Living in a competitive and increasingly expensive city like DC exacerbated all of these issues. Not only could I have never bought a house there, I could never even have afforded my own apartment. I had a roommate in Trinidad for three years, but was feeling like I was part of a rapid gentrification process that was out of my control and was going to price me out in the next year or so. DC is attracting a lot of young, affluent people, and my friends who made more money than me loved to eat out at awesome new restaurants and go to shows - and I was spending a lot just to socialize. Moving to Baltimore was a leap of faith, because although my job actually pays more, it is a 2-year contract, and I am worried about job hunting here. My bf and another close college friend have since moved here, and I am meeting people slowly, but I miss living in the same city as so many friends - to an extent, that seems to be a part of the phase of life I'm in (30) - people are starting to have babies and can't afford to stay in DC/raise kids there anyway. Everyone move to Baltimore and hang out with me and also guarantee me a job this time next year thanks!

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

"Prioritizing work, for me, feels like a feminist act. Everything is conspiring against it, so I am the only defender of my work’s importance." Fist pump! I loved everything about this piece, which articulates so well the fears I have when I consider whether my future should include parenthood. As a woman and a person who has worked hard to attain a life that includes a career that is a huge part of my identity, I feel that it is so important to talk (write) aloud about how real families make these choices.

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On IMPORTANT: How to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Sorry, concept of "leftover" pizza does not compute. I eat all of the pizza on hand as quickly as possible and then order more.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@andnowlights Your single person non-list list is far better than mine was. So much frozen pizza and hummus.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

This is very timely, as my boyfriend and I had a dumb fight on Saturday because I was trying to get him to make up a grocery list, he prefers not to use a list, I kept telling him to make a list, and he eventually told me that he "DIDN'T CARE!!!" and so I told him we weren't going grocery shopping at ALL! And went to Chipotle for dinner by myself. Productive! But - who shops without a list? I would just spend $100 on wine and crackers and cheese.

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On Friday Estimate

Last Friday night, I worked until 9pm and then ordered takeout Thai BUT THE RESTAURANT WAS CLOSED WHEN I GOT THERE. Tonight, whatever it takes to replicate that experience with a different ending ($30 for 2?). Tomorrow I need to make/get dessert + bottle of wine for a dinner party ($20). Sunday we are going to check out the Blue Angels and other festivities for the 1812 celebration. Traffic will be a nightmare, so we are walking - $0 for parking but $25 for coffee/water one way and late lunch early dinner on the way home. Misc. groceries at some point, so I will round up to $100.

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On Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You'd Pay For

@apples and oranges I just posted a comment about this a couple of days ago. We're phone twins. I *really* do not want to pay for data. There are times when it would legitimately help me to do my job better, and there is an assumption that people in my age/income bracket/profession have smartphones, which has been awkward or problematic occasionally. But not like $1200/year awkward, am I right? Holding out ... for now.

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

'Folders, I still have a dumb slide phone and I really need to upgrade to a smartphone, but I am scared and don't know how to do it. And also I technically obviously don't NEED one and I am finding that hurdle difficult to jump over, despite the fact that my phone is dying and my life would be made much easier with an updated phone that would allow me to check email. Wah.

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On The Cost of Five Days on Fire Island

This sounds like a lovely vacation and I have always wondered what those "week at the beach"-type trips would really cost. I am only slightly disappointed that Tina Fey doesn't vacation on an island where people wear dark socks to the beach (after the French custom.)

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On 1 Thing Compares 2 U

I got home from a very active vacation in an extremely hot and humid place on Tuesday evening and have left a backpack full of laundry in a corner of my apartment since then. Tonight's the night!

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