On Repair or Replace: The Smartphone Conundrum

If you're out of contract and you haven't worked out a cheaper rate plan with AT&T, you are essentially paying for the phone subsidy without getting the benefit. On the AT&T Next plan you show above, you essentially pay full price for the phone but AT&T gives you a cheaper rate. At least cheaper than the comparable on-contract rate plan anyway. I worked out all the numbers and ended up switching to T-Mobile's $30 5GB plan. You only get 100 minutes talk but with Google Hangouts and free phone calls over data, it doesn't matter anyway.

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On More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in "Poor Door" Building

@NoReally That's the next stage of evolution for this type of scheme isn't it. They can sell it as a jobs plan.

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On Where Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Get Their Cars? They Rent Them From Another Startup

I swear you can buy a Prius for less than $800 a month. Is this simply because it's easier to walk away from than trying to unload a high mileage taxi?

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On YouTube Offering Ad-free Paid Subscription Model

I was just talking about this over the holiday weekend. Lots of people gathered around the TV, everyone connected to the Chromecast and just playing various YouTube videos we found funny. Eventually it got tedious with an ad playing after every other video. It was especially funny when ads played for trailers, which is basically watching an ad to watch an ad. I wonder how long before YouTube interrupts a 2 min trailer to insert an interstitial ad. Anyway, we all thought it'd be worth around $2-3 a month to not have to put up with ads and someone had an observation that YouTube ads have become more onerous in the past few months. $10 a month is kinda ridiculous though and is more likely to just push me to finally figure out how to do ad blocking for the whole house. Oh BTW Nicole, Sling TV now has HBO and supports Macs but also requires the basic TV subscription so the total is $35/month.

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On In Which I Try to Get HBO Now to Work on My MacBook Air

More importantly, this weekend I learned that any Reese's Peanut Butter product that does not come in cup form is an affront. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is completely off. Also I think it's funny how HBO is saying this is standalone HBO but really it just means you don't need a cable subscription. At the moment, you still need an iDevice or, irony of all ironies, if you're on the East Coast, you can also sign up if you have CableVision.

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On Worst Freebie Ever? Famous Rollercoaster Breaks On 1st Day Of Season

I don't think free drinks from strangers ever come NSA.

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On Is It OK To Lie About Your Salary History: A Friday Chat

What do you do with variable compensation? Sales people come to mind first but also people with big, variable bonuses.

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On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@forget it i quit "And any post work (touchups, etc) should be included as part of the fee being paid." I'm talking about wedding photography here, not implying anything about tattoo artists.

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On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@Kaitlyn Rose Tierney@facebook But you don't tip wedding photographers? And any post work (touchups, etc) should be included as part of the fee being paid.

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On Target Raises Minimum Wage to $9 an Hour

@Liz the Lemur I think your link is wrong, though I do appreciate the Meaghan O'Connell longread.

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