On Paying by Phone

@Erica You have the same worry about your wallet getting stolen too though. Plus at least with a phone, you can possibly find it or track it down or at least set it to wipe remotely.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@paddlepickle So you're not the "I'll take two!" customer I guess?

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

If this weren't real, I'd be laughing out loud. It's like a scene from an HBO show about startups. Even the name is laughable. I've already heard a few jokes on the subway about whether they have happy ending specials.

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On It's Heating Season In New York City

@jfruh My sister's place in Chicago has one thermostat for the entire building. Same old steam heat as I've had in NYC. She has the added plus of having single pane windows so when you're taking a shower in the winter, the steam condenses at the top of the window and freezes by the time it hits the middle.

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On Want a Job in the Sciences? Good Luck Navigating the "Unsustainable Hypercompetitive System"

@Glen Raphael@facebook That's been my findings in CS also. My dad would agree from the Biochem/Chemical engineering angle too. His view was that PhDs always got too into the theoretical/research side to be valuable in a practical engineering environment. They were needed to come up with the new ideas or solutions but BS/MS was more useful day to day.

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On It's Not the Clocks That Are the Problem

Maker here. It'll be done when it's done. People hate me!

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@Allison Yeah, that's kinda my point. After you max it out, it's easy to forget it's a percentage rate at all. After the max, it's not a percentage, it's a flat rate of $7254.

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@Allison As evidenced by my query below, one thing is you'll forget it's a percentage rate since you're just paying the max anyway.

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On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

I don't get it, why would this be a good thing? My company takes the max amount for the year, $7254 and divides it by 12 and I pay the amount over the course of the year. If you're done paying it in September, doesn't that mean you've just been paying too much in previous paychecks?

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On Overapologizing in The Modern Age

I used to be a chronic overapologizer...until I was chastised by, of all people, an overseas telemarketer! He called my parents' home line and asked for some stranger's name. I replied "Sorry, you've got the wrong number" and was about to hang up when the tirade came: "Why are YOU being SORRY? You don't need to be sorry when it is I who am doing the calling and got the wrong number." I guess he heard sorry one too many times from an overapologizing American? Now I always catch myself before saying sorry too much, and definitely don't apologize when the other person dialed the wrong phone number.

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