On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@forget it i quit "And any post work (touchups, etc) should be included as part of the fee being paid." I'm talking about wedding photography here, not implying anything about tattoo artists.

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On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@Kaitlyn Rose Tierney@facebook But you don't tip wedding photographers? And any post work (touchups, etc) should be included as part of the fee being paid.

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On Target Raises Minimum Wage to $9 an Hour

@Liz the Lemur I think your link is wrong, though I do appreciate the Meaghan O'Connell longread.

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On The Subtle Economics of Facebook, Google, Firefox, and Chrome

I deleted Facebook from my phone and I now enjoy 300% more MOFO time. Seriously it's a time suck and serves no purpose except to buy Zuckerberg et al taller privacy fences.

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On Micro-Lodgings

Bleak indeed. That shipping container neighborhood looks like an upgraded shanty town.

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On Want a Free College Education? Show Up to Class and Don't Get Caught

I've been using Duolingo from 2011-2015. That's pretty much fluent right?

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On Could You Come Up With $700 By Midnight?

Surely Val could monetize her act? It would be hard to find a share for $700 in Astoria but not completely unreasonable. Plus her roommate's a lawyer so maybe she pays a bit more?

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On Life Insurance Ugh Why

Now that we kids are all grown up, my mom has started jokingly calling it her inheritance policy, ie, if we want an inheritance, we're gonna have to pay the fees for her policy.

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On Chatting About Real Estate Month, Money Management, and That Damn Dress

I really wish we had at least a semester of some kind of "Life Skills" class in high school. Instead, we got Home Ec and woodshop/metal shop in 7th and 8th grade, and while I learned a lot of practical skills, the home finance type stuff fell on deaf ears and wouldn't even be practiced until at least several years later.

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On Get Interest-free Banking With Digit, a Terrible New Way to Save

You know how in Office Space, they rig the system to give them all the little half pennies that no cares about? These guys have pretty much figured out how to get people to GIVE them the half pennies.

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