On Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

@ellenbw You hit it on the nose for me. Also, one can be more on the capitalist side than the hippie liberal side and still agree that there is a line, after which, you are morally obligated to give back. We might disagree though on where that line is. Personally I think the line Josh chose is low. I don't think it's morally reprehensible to also want to self-direct excess income for the happiness of your own family and your own future happiness.

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On What Aren't We Spending Money On?

@mp This is a good point and some of it may just come down to the possibility that a higher percentage of Millenials are moving to urban environments than earlier generations did at that age. That would explain cars, homes and Costco right there.

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On Family Plan Shame

There is no shame in doing whatever it takes to get a cheaper phone bill. I'm switching to T-Mobile for their $30 plan so I'm sure I friends will try the what-do-you-mean-you-don't-have-service-how cheap-are-you shame but it won't work because the $700 I save a year works as a wonderful shame shield.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@@fo Lol separate elevators. The obvious next step is to segregate affordable housing to the first five floors and make them walk up! No elevators at all!

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

@julebsorry I dunno, I've paid full rent in buildings with affordable apartments, but this kind of gives off the feel of "separate but equal" to me. Maybe it's just the way it was worded? Back alley entrance makes it sound like they're forcing people to use the service entrance where the garbage gets processed.

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On Josh Michtom's First Job: Helping Teach Argentinians English

From every 15 year old boy who's ever had a crush on a 23 year old teacher's assistant, a tip of the hat to you sir!

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On Cars, Houses, And other Millennial Milestones

@Allison A lot of places will have dedicated internet sales people that handle all the sales leads that come in via email/website. So while they may check with the rest of the team, my guess is they usually don't.

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On ReservationHop Makes Money by Squatting Over Something That's Free

Yeah this is worse than ticket scalping. In that case, the venue and the band already got their money, someone is trying to make extra money. In this case, a restaurant could potentially end up with a full reservations list and an empty restaurant. Pretty disgusting how the tech world is becoming a way to extract money from people under the guise of "efficiency".

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

You need a land line if you have kids because when they get to standardized testing, they'll see a picture of a home phone but won't be able to identify it and get put in ESL! Seriously happened to my coworker's son. Otherwise, I got nothing. Haven't had a landline in about 8 years also.

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On Office Small Talk: An Illustrated Typology

@guenna77 Yes! The question-asker! Feeling obligated to return the question is always the worst part about the question-asker.

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