On Engineers in the "Power Class"

@stuffisthings Ah, no worries. Techies can be insufferable. I've seen many of those things firsthand so I'm probably myopic since it hits close to home. One thing I've seen more of in IT than in other areas (though maybe it's that myopia again) is the dominance of contracting/consulting agencies. In IT, contracting is very much a viable career track, doing 6 month-2 year gigs when the money is available. This ties in with your mention of cost deferment in downturns so there's a population that's used to more elastic employment. I do think though the 2001 peak was an anomaly, coming off the highs of Y2k panic which brought 1970s programmers out of retirement at $200/hour rates and the dotcom era that had even grandmothers getting second jobs at $50/hour. That went hand-in-hand with outsourcing trends and many US jobs were probably forever lost to international locations. I guess I have trouble reconciling the fact you mention of peak IT jobs being down from their highs with the fact that if you do enter tech, you're more than likely to make a very good living. One would think that situation should only exist if there's a shortage of labor supply.

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On Engineers in the "Power Class"

@stuffisthings I guess you've falsified my statement if you think more resilient = recession-proof and bubble = any old recession.

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On Engineers in the "Power Class"

@samburger Maybe not recession proof but definitely more resilient, in that software development exists in ALL industries. So when one industry slows down, you can jump to another.

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On The 35-hour Work Week

@ThatJenn Since I'm on the east coast, I end up looking for sites that are California-based for that very reason. They start posting around lunch time and carry on to post-dinner time.

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On How We Think About Class

@paddlepickle In that case, everyone is open to judgement except people who take vows of poverty.

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On Why Is Everyone Getting Acquihired Without Me

@Aconite Heh. As recently documented in the Silicon Valley expose on HBO, that happens to a certain subset of the STEMinati as well.

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On How We Think About Class

Personally, I only judge people who judge others based on the car they drive. To see someone driving a --Insert car brand that you deem too expensive-- and to assume they've made moral compromises to get that car is not much different than seeing a poor person with an expensive handbag and judging them as being foolish with money. Also thought it was funny how you break your first rule by saying they're fronting.

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On How We Think About Class

@jfruh That was my first interpretation as well. This was less a class judgement on the server's part and more likely because they saw you as a local. The same way you can get a local's discount in Hawaii or a special menu in Chinese restaurants.

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On If Walmart Paid Workers a Living Wage

But if raising prices were so easily handwaved, you would think they would have already raised prices and pocketed the profits. But they haven't, so there must be a reason why prices are where they are.

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On Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

@sarahsayssoo Same here in my 30's. Around November, I go to CoinStar and get a no fee Amazon certificate. Usually enough to knock out a few Christmas gifts.

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