On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@Brunhilde can you call them up on the phone? i find it's harder to be ignored by a company if i'm all up in their telephones breathing down their necks. i wouldn't mention any personal story if it were me, but thats me, i'd just say i misplaced some files and need to obtain replacements and can they find them and send them to me. Oh, i'll just stay on the phone while you look. ;) Can't find it today? OK I'll check back. Next day... RRRINNGG emails are so easy to ignore. phones with ringers and real people voices on the other ends carry a little more weight sometimes. idk, might help...

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@CasualElegance not to be flip but it's not difficult to set aside to the taxes, there's no grand calculations I have do to. I've freelanced for nine years, and you just lop off the top 1/3 and put it in a savings account. if you're making bank, start lopping off 1/2. i also learned my lesson very very hard, i neglected to save for taxes on my best year ever and settled up to the tune of 5 figures owed. it took about 5 years to get rid of but it's gone now and you bet i save 1/3 now. i also pawn off my tax prep on my CPA, so i don't deal with the paperwork. but as for mentally dealing with the money, it's just how it runs and you get used to it. related: i took on a gig that was through an employee status, i got a paycheck with the taxes and whatnot withheld and i was so confused. i was like... the full amount... where is it.... I MUST SET ASIDE 1/3 FOR TAXES @_@ anyway dont mean to harsh on OP. taxes suck and are hard, no denying that, but maybe it would be better to have a number for OP, than a nebulous amount? Like maybe if she settled up, it would be less than she would be imagining. Or more. But then it would be a concrete number, which is better than a spectre. Anyway if it's a big chunk and you're feeling queasy about it check out dave ramsey's Total Money Makeover book. it's got some religious overtones and pull quotes but the advice is ROCK SOLID and got me out of quite a hole i was digging myself into (that started by ignoring taxes). anyway good luck to all the other freelancers out there this april :)

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On Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

@forget it i don't want to add to the guy's misery but there's a great enterprise rental in greenpoint........

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On Monday Check-in

excellent gift selection!

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On How Much Should I Be Saving For Retirement?

@NoReally LOVE THAT CHART. except i found the same one in Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach (except it was Kim and Susan instead of Ben and Arthur). my sister gave me this book when i was 23 and had just started to make real-job money- the chart def helped keep my eye on the ball when it comes to putting money away for retirement.

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On Let's Not Lose All Our Teeth

@probs i found a youngish dentist who is hip to us kids with our internets, he emails me every six months to come in. argh so effective! it's so easy to ignore the phone call but i feel compelled to reply to the email. also there's a ferry to the dentists office, so dentist = boat ride! fun :D i love boat rides.

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On Fancy (adj.) Elaborate In Structure Or Decoration

part of my job includes client meetings, which i always try and do at their place. I WANT TO SEE EVERYONES CRAZY NYC APARTMENTS! @_@ so many gorgeous places i will never, ever be able to afford in neighborhoods i would never live in- but omg the molding! the deco details!

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On Will You Write Better for More Money?

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On I Feel Bad About My Air Conditioner

this is my main reason for keeping a pet.... no excuses. a/c must be on, or mr. fluffybutt melts.

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On Should I Continue to Invest in This Domain Name? Is That a Thing? (Was It Ever?)

don't think you should. domain squatting was a thing in the 90's, most of the money has been made. the remaining squatters have the mindset of the 90s, and trying to buy a domain from them is frustrating and laughable. unless you have something like sexybabes.com, no one's going to fork over 20k (had this happen, how did he think he was going to make money?? im sure i was the only one who had ever called about it... hmm). in any case, netiquette wise, domain squatting is rude. it's passable if it's yourname.com and you're working on the website, but otherwise, sitting on it for years and years just makes the hosting company rich. note: if you want to use it in the future, keep it. i've had a few cutesey domains that i let go cause i wasn't using them, they're all squatted on now. so if you think you're going to use it, go ahead, if not, give it to the squatters to pay rent on.

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