On Sunday's Minimum Wage Discussion

What, no comments about how lentils are cheap? Kudos.

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On So Long, Sedan; Hello, Bus

@stuffisthings Sigh. It *is* exhausting not being part of the default privileged group! And noticing when things specifically reinforce that dominance on the internet! Thank you for noticing!

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On Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

@Hiroine Protagonist Burger joint, it should be noted, is named "White Spot".

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On Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

Ha, "ethnic" - my mother's favourite code word for non-white. As in "I don't like...ethnic food, can we go to Burger Joint again?"

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On How To Get Away With Being Bad At Your Job (Service Edition)

Um, how did the Tea Party get onto this post, exactly?

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On WWYD: Eavesdropping

Honestly, give money or don't, but don't...look, this is hard, I don't want to start shit, but please don't infantalize the poor or homeless by refusing to give money if you think they'll use it on drugs, or whatever. First of all - you can't tell. All you can do is speculate, based on things that you probably don't have a lot of experience with, like crack pipe burns. People can be hungry and addicted and the addiction might have to be satisfied first. If you think of it as an illness and not a moral failure, it might be easier to accept that if someone looks enough like they need money that you think you might want to give them some, they'll decide, assuming they're an adult, what is best for them.

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On Why Are Shopping Carts Huge Do You Know Do You Know Really

<3 Eddie Izzard tags!

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On 4 Famous People I Served Brunch to And How They Tipped

@Worker Parasite Who doesn't tip the pizza delivery person? That's ass-y. And I know them - they're Canadian artists, they're probably Canadian artist broke. Not that that's an excuse.

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On How Are You Spending Thanksgiving, And What Will You Spend?

Logan....was that a real last-half paragraph? You're excited about the Twilight movie? And How I Met Your Mother episodes? I don't even know you anymore! WHAT IS HAPPENING.

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On Not Everyone is Fond of the Rolling Jubilee

@Jon Student loan debt doesn't go into this kind of default - nor does anything with a consumer good attached - like a car or a house. So yeah, probably just credit card and medical debt. I don't even care if it's not a perfect way - people are talking about it, it will reduce real anxiety and stress, individual by individual, and it's turned the conversation to how to deal with these crippling amounts instead of just finger wagging.

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