You May Have Found True Love But I’m Winning Wedding Season

Wedding season is expensive. I’m happy for all y’all’s love but this shit expensive.

When Life Hands you Lululemon, Make Haterade

There is nothing to like about Lululemon.

Thoughts When I Know I’ve Screwed Myself, Financially

• I have to check my bank account and like idk if I can do it

10 Eggplants Who Wouldn’t Order Sushi Tonight, And Think You Shouldn’t Either, Really

And other things to consider.

Snap Reactions to New Federal Student Loan Rates

1. o no o no

2. i’m still behind by $150 worth of payments

Meatball Math

Always top with shaved Parmesan for office kitchen clout.

10 Possible Reasons Why My Hot Yoga Studio Didn’t Respond to My Respectful Plea for a Discounted Membership Now That My Groupon For 1 Cheap Month Has Expired

1. Garish neon sports bra distracting, jarring against cool muted raspberry color themes of rest of studio and undulating creamy aurora print of very popular Lululemon tops everyone has.

Things I’ve Bought My Mom for Her Birthday

• A necklace from Etsy with her birthstone as a charm and my first initial as a charm so we would always be together. I thought that was cute. But it was very short, like a choker, so she doesn’t wear it because shes not in The fucking Craft.

• One million items of clothing and accessories that I thought would be relevant to her, but ended up being too small, too big, wrong color and promptly returned, with the refund returned to me, because she hates when I spend money on her.

• $30 gift card to LOFT (she loves LOFT)

Alternative Bank of America Email Alerts

Bank of America Alert.