On I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love That 1 Thing

I'm trying to apply to a job as a communications coordinator and of course I have no idea what to write in my cover letter. Ha ha! IRONY

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On Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

I wish I'd known about this a couple years ago. My best friend called off her wedding -- but not her marriage -- due to recession and lost the deposit she'd put down on the initial venue. The backyard party we had instead was pretty great, though.

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On One Way to Apply for a Job

This post gets me.

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On Monday Check-In: Right on Target

Hi Billfold! It’s been a few weeks since I checked in, pre-move. Since then I’ve spent a week faffing around in New York and two unemployed in my new town of Pittsburgh, so I’ve spent several hundred dollars that I don’t really want to think about, but I’ve also had one job interview and lined up another for this week! Yesterday I spent five dollars to go swimming and one buck to break my twenty, buy a baked good for charity, and get the five. Life, am I right???

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On Our Friends Are Starting to Have Babies

1) I weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces, I think. 2) I grew up on Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, and lots of Motown in addition to the rock. Plus some classical for kicks. 3)I only had one wedding to go to this year. Most of my friends are already married, gaywads, and/or just kinda late bloomers (not unlike myself).

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On Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September Check-In

I'm paying off my thousand dollar IRS debt fifty bucks per month. The first month I used a third party online payment thingummy so I could also exercise my secured credit card, but Billfold commenters intelligently pointed out that I could exercise my card another way without the third party fee, so instead this month I bought groceries with the card and wrote the IRS a check. While I was at it, I also paid off a $90 doctor bill that's been outstanding for several months (and then paid $30 yesterday for my last visit). I don't think that merits a notecard, but it's nice to know I've taken care of it before leaving. Anyway, my IRS debt is now in the nine hundreds and I look forward to paying it in bigger chunks once I feel secure enough to dip into what is currently my moving fund.

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On This Morning's Income Inequality News

It's very worth noting that the .79:1 wage gap applies to white women. The gaps are significantly wider when you take race into account. Readnfight @ tumblr made some very interesting graphs on the subject a few months ago.

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On Time to Make That 1 Thing That None Thing

I have to visit my Bubbe for probably the last time before I move across the country in two days, and I'm the only person in the family she likes and she doesn't know I'm moving. This is the worst one thing.

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On Follow Your Passion? No. Follow The Money

My dad always told me this (to worry about money instead of being happy), actually. He isn't the most encouraging dude, but I might have taken his advice if he had ever demonstrated it was worth following. Unfortunately he has mostly demonstrated how to be both unhappy AND broke, despite being a lawyer which if I've understood my cultural memes right is usually a pretty lucrative career. I don't think this situation is super common, but I know I at least always figured that I couldn't do any worse than my parents if I prioritized fulfillment as they never did.

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On Entitlement, Defined

Wow, what...an evil douche...? I really hope this guy gets arrested on some no-doubt douchey infraction one day and pulls out his card, only to get laughed at and read his Miranda rights.

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