On America Arrests Working Mom. Good Job, America!

I started babysitting when I was in 4th grade! Mostly for neighborhood families with toddlers, and often while one of the parents was at home and working. But I'd frequently take the kiddos down to the local park or to the local ice cream place down the street by myself. This was a little over 15 years ago...Stories like this make me concerned about having children today, bc I think the "adult supervision AT ALL TIMES" is bullshit and actually kind of harmful.

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On The Things You Own, Own You: Fitbit Edition

I just bought a vivofit and I love it. I'm super competitive, and their app offers virtual competitions against users with similar profiles week-by-week. I'm really good at the "not today because..." excuses for not working out, between work and grad school. This gets me to do something, and encourages me to look for small changes.

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On The Anxiety of Returning Things

@crenb I worked at a restaurant, and we really didn't care most of the time when people sent food back; especially if it's something we honestly messed up on. The only time it was annoying was if someone did it when we were getting slammed for something that wasn't our fault (e.g. you didn't read the description of the stroganoff, and are now surprised it contains mushrooms and want a new one). We would still order you a new dish, but we would do so while hating you inwardly. I worked there for 4 years, and I never saw anyone spit in a customer's food. I'm sure it does happen, but I think you'd have to be a real asshole.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday evening: $40 dollars on a mother's day gift. Saturday: $10 dollars for parking at a 5k outside the city, which made me angry because they didn't mention they were going to charge for parking on top of the race cost (this was in the middle of nowhere, not in the city). Later spent $67 on groceries at Trader Joes. Sunday: I went to my parent's house for mothers day, and their neighbor who is a mechanic came over while my dad was taking a look at my car which has been making weird noises. He offered to fix my car for $100 plus parts. I needed a new rotor and brake pads, plus 2 new tires which came to $190, so $290 to have my car fixed (would have likely been 1000 in a shop, because auto shops like to try to charge me an exorbitant amount).

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On The Cable Cabal

@AM Comcast is our only option too, and here is what we do to get affordable internet costs: cancel your service once a year and open a new account under someone else in the household (you have to have roommates or a spouse for this to work). You get different deals as a new subscriber. Right now, our internet is $30 a month for the first 6 months, will go up to $45/month after that for 25bps download speed. This was cheaper than all of the bundle deals they try to offer us, but we only had this option after we went through with canceling.

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On There's Probably No Hope for Consumers Who Aren’t Filthy Rich

Comcast is my favorite example of irremediable commercial stupidity. They are horrible! My internet is inconsistent and often SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the speed I pay for, yet they literally do nothing to fix it. When I call them, I spend hours in phone tree hell. Last time I visited one of their store locations in person, the representative I spoke with basically said "Yes, Comcast is the worst, but it's not like you have a choice." And I don't - not really - because there is no competition. I often have to host/participate in online meetings from home for work and grad school, and no one else offers internet in our area with the speeds I need to do that.

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On Survey Says: The Type of College You Go To Doesn't Matter

@Trilby I think the biggest thing I've noticed between myself (state school grad - a strong midwest school for research and ranked pretty well but big and anonymous), and my friends from truly prestigious schools (Ivies, small private colleges) is the pride thing. My friends from really great schools carry themselves and interact with the world as though they expect to be valued and believe they have bargaining power even straight out of school. On the flip side, I find myself going into interactions with people from these schools feeling somewhat intimidated and automatically assuming they know more than me - even though over time it becomes clear that they really don't. I think that benefits them a lot. #anecdata

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On What's In An Initial?

When I was in elementary school, I signed all of my papers with my first and middle initial + last name. I also decided for several years during that period that my middle name (Elizabeth) should really be spelled with an "s" (Elisabeth), and filled it out that way on all forms to the eternal consternation of my teachers/parents. Maybe I was on to something.

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On What DON'T We Want Sent to Us Monthly in a Box?

@Trilby Tampons disguised as different mundane objects so you don't have to hide them in your sleeve when you go to the bathroom at work! I work from home now, but in the past I would totally have paid for that.

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On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

@polka dots vs stripes What samburger said. It's a public, social action; and I hope it makes us angry at all of the institutions you listed. Graduations are pretty boring and pointless. This seems like it would liven it up a little bit! It's also relevant - those student loans are going to significantly impact any life decisions they make at this juncture! (and I would bet at most colleges, the grads will be receiving speeches about "changing the world" and "following their dreams" which have direct implications in terms of student debt).

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