On I Bought a House When I Was 21

I bought a house when I was 22. I still have it, though it's rented in the town where I went grad school, and I might sell it after I defend my dissertation and officially cut ties. For me the secret was not saving a lot of money, it was having a fellowship that was dispersed in two bi-annual lump sums. I've never made more than 30K a year (that was with the fellowship), but home ownership for the young is completely possible in the quieter, less hip parts of the country. I fully acknowledge that I could never have done this thing in New York or LA, or without a mother who has a real estate license and gives good advice (forms of privilege).

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On Places I've Lived: Sleepwalking, Mice Herding, and Craigslist

Read for the Bloomington references! Prospect Hill is clearly the best part of town to live in (if you are not an undergrad). All of the ice-cream-colored houses!

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On How to Almost Sell a Dress on Ebay

Oh no, I have been the etsy villain (unintentionally)! I sold a tiny needlecraft to a guy in England, who must have had some very specific story behind his purchase of a felted shrew. Shrew was lost in the mail, which was terrible because I could not get any money for that thing, having foregone insanely pricey international shipping insurance. I made him a second, free shrew (hmph), but all told it took him like four months to get the first thing he ever bought off etsy. :(

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On Do You Have a Minute for the Children?

@cuminafterall I think this is along the the lines of the word gullible not being in the dictionary, but I checked, and Greenpeace definitely has a website with a large friendly button that says "DONATE NOW". Also, grassroots? This word... I don't think it means what she think it means.

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On The Pre-Departure Costs of Travelling By Cargo Ship (A Note to Self)

Ok, I'm obviously not whimsical or adventurous enough, but I thought the point of travel by cargo ship was cost effectiveness? And that it stopped places to load up or something and you could get out and see the docks of various places? Because 3,000 euros is a crazy amount of money to sit in a box for a month.

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On WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

Twice, at my favorite used clothing store, I have found money in the pockets-- once 20 bucks, once 35. I told the store owners both times, who were like, oh man lucky you! And then I used the money to buy the clothes that contained the pockets containing the money, as seems only fair. Free clothes! I would take $1200 to the police station though.

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On How to Get to the Airport, If You're an Idiot

Wow, very anti-rideshare around here! So, I have used craigslist rideshare a few times,and it's always been fine. Probably I should have worried about this more? People I have gotten rides with: a middle-aged white-collar guy who told me all about the book he was writing, a car full of Chinese exchange students with a GPS with outdated maps, a Korean frat boy who believed that women shouldn't work outside the home, other people. Also I once took a ride from a guy I did not know at all in an airport, who spent the hour's drive (through rural Indiana) dropping hints about how rich he was. I might have given him the impression I would go to dinner with him after, I did not do that thing. All free or cheap! Apparently I'm the kind of person who, when told by a olden-times highwayman "YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE!" would sit there for a few minutes and think about it.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta

My last trip to Europe (an academic conference) I decided I was officially too old for hostels. The particular hostel I had researched and was staying in was clean, well-run, had working showers and free wi-fi, all good stuff. The average age of my dormmates was probably 19. I tried to be the cool, well-traveled adult, but instead I became the embarrassed, crotchety Old. Thing is, I probably will stay in hostels again, too old or not, because my income thinks I'm 22.

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On Let's Discuss the Merits of Anthropologie (The Clothing Store, Not the Discipline)

I bought a Really Pretty Apron from Anthropologie, which I rarely wear because it seems awfully silly to use a 35 dollar apron to prevent staining a 6 dollar thrift store dress. But I still really like that apron.

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On Recent Vanity Purchases, Considered

Ross. I live and die by Ross. But only if you don't want a specific particular thing that day-- basically you just have to periodically check the shoe area and buy everything that fits and costs between 10-25 dollars. I wear almost exclusively flats, and I've gotten some pretty cute mid-priced brands (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Bandolino) there.

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