On The Work of Opera Singing

@Meaghan O'Connell : That's very kind of you. Since this is a money 'n' finance zone, I should point out that the Met's "rush tickets" are seriously the best bargain in NYC. They set aside 200 orchestra seats for every Monday-Thursday show, and you can get in line two hours before curtain to buy them. The price? $20 apiece. TWENTY BUCKS for one of the best opera houses in the world. Friday-Saturday, the price goes up to $25 (ha!) and you don't even have to wait in line for those -- there's an online drawing for the opportunity to buy them. How can you pass that up? The Met is awesome.

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On The Work of Opera Singing

As someone who goes to the Met a couple times a year, I'll say this : I have never walked out of there saying "that wasn't worth the not-inconsiderable amount of money I just paid for it." Those performers do physically demanding, technically skilled, incredibly refined work. These are people who are absolutely at the top of their game, and paying them very well for it doesn't just reward them as individuals; it also signals up-and-coming singers that opera can be a career. Alternate take : I firmly believe that paying $125-250K to an opera singer is a better bargain (economically, societally, etc) than paying the same amount to some middle-tier manager at a large bank. I'd far prefer to be moved to tears by an aria than by a financial statement.

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On Hustles

Hartford is the only place I've ever had a person drive up to me and ask for a dollar. No joke. Hartford is seriously the capital city of hustles.

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On Rides for a Dollar a Minute

@samburger : Yes, definitely. Why is there not already a book set in the rickshaw-runner milieu? I would buy that book in a hot second. Also, of course, I absolutely enjoyed this post. More, please.

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On Walking the Dogs of the Rich

@flannery : Seconded. This is some kind of quality, right here.

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On Navigating The Time-Honored Gray Area of "Date Or Business Meeting?"

@Lily Rowan : This anecdote, perfectly good on its own, is made excellent by its proximity to your avatar. Well done.

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On Five Women

@frumious bandersnatch : Seconded. I enjoyed the heck out of this.

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

@daysgoby : Here are links to the two Duckett books : HTML and CSS JavaScript and JQuery

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

@daysgoby : The author is a fellow named Jon Duckett. He apparently also has a book on JQuery and JavaScript coming out next month, and if it's anywhere near as good as his "HTML and CSS" book, it should be pretty damn useful.

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

This is totally parenthetical, but : The books I used as foundation were HTML and CSS and Ruby for Rails even though it’s a little outdated. These are both very good books. I have given copies of "HTML and CSS" to several people whose eyes normally roll back into their heads when I start talking about programming, and they actually enjoyed reading / learning from it. It is basically tailor-made for "non-tech-professionals who'd like to learn to code webpages and need a book with actual design to learn legit skils from." That is all.

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