On When We Became Grownups

The moment that felt most like the beginning of adulthood for me was looking for and signing the lease on the first apartment I moved into that had nothing to do with moving for school. I was finishing a degree, scrambling to line up full-time employment in a new city, and moving in with my boyfriend. It was the convergence of a whole lot happening at once that just felt... adult. Of course, 10 months later I would be back at school again, so that first attempt at adulthood didn't really take.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@josefinastrummer This whole discussion has been really fascinating as a foreigner. Ontario's minimum wage for servers is $8.xx (vs. $10.xx for other minimum wage work). I had always known that servers in the US also had a lower wage, but I had NO idea how much lower it is. I don't make many trips to the US these days, but I will definitely be tipping closer to 30% on future trips now that I know just how low servers' wages are (I had only tipped 20% in the past).

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

Life is too short for: Tasteless/bitter, pre-peeled baby carrots - the moment I tasted a local, organic carrot was the day I swore off plastic bags of carrots. It's the one veg for which I will shell out extra money. Life is too long for: Drinks at restaurants Buying coffee on a daily basis ATM fees

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On Death by a Thousand Small Purchases?

@muffalutta: This is very similar to what I do too! I actually just use the stock Excel "household budget" template modified to my needs. Every purchase gets entered into its own field and I can see what remains for the month. I also fudge my income to be lower so I spend less. When I assume my income is $200 less than it is, putting that $200 aside is a piece of cake.

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On Death by a Thousand Small Purchases?

I echo the routine idea, stocking up on staple groceries on the weekend. I've also added meal planning to this routine: after I buy groceries on Saturday, I make a list of meals to make for the week based on what I have (or what few items I can pick up on the cheap). I pin to the fridge my meals for Monday - Friday, with the plan that leftovers will serve as the next day's lunch. This works because I happen to love leftovers, but the principle applies for sandwich lovers too. i.e. You could roast a chicken on Sunday, and use leftovers for a sandwich for a few days after. This keeps me from a) buying lunch on the run and b) constantly running to the grocery store throughout the week. If I don't have a plan, my mind wanders and I end up buying more groceries than I need.

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On We're All In This Together

I was really enjoying this review until Bustillos stated that arguments like Rosin's are what drive her away from describing herself as a 'feminist'. Everything else Bustillos said until that point was so wonderfully thoughtful that I'm so disappointed that she assumes Rosin's book is representative of 'feminism' generally. Rosin's book sounds awful, but misandry is not the same as feminism.

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On We Are All On a Journey, Man (But Not The Same Journey)

"I think we’re all going to be okay. I don’t believe in god but I believe in “okay.”" I would also buy this bumper sticker! Also: Damn, you guys are just so likeable! You both write such great posts and conversations. I always look forward to these end of week chats!

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On Which Friend Are You?

It's funny to think how I can be both the "poor" friend and the "rich/generous" friend depending on the context. In my day-to-day life, I'm surrounded by people in relatively similar financial situations (long-time students on limited incomes). There are some who are better off - and make plans without considering the limited means of others - and others who are constantly borrowing $20-$50 at the end of the month to cover a cell phone bill or buy groceries. So in the span of one week I'll be lending money *and* turning down wine tours.

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On How Do You Answer, How Much Do You Make?

Fact: Discussions of academic funding ruin friendships, especially when you're put on the spot about it, answer honestly, and then are accused of not deserving it. I am fortunate enough to not have had this happen to me (yet...), but horror stories abound. It's an incredibly touchy subject.

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On The First Hour of Your Work Day

@cmcm This IS academic summertime in a nutshell.

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