On When Movies Are Funded By Fans

@nogreeneggs I really saw the celeste kane/weevil plot point as an opening for a sequel, or for more material for the books, but I agree about the Carrie Bishop thing being pretty half-baked. I think I was willing to take those lumps because I felt like the overall feel of the show was maintained at least some of the time (like the noirish lighting, the general distrust for law enforcement officials, the snarky voice overs).

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On My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I've Had Since

Oh god, not the flashbacks I wanted on a friday afternoon. I think one of the worst things about my call centre job was the rate of attrition -- every week, another work-friend just stopped showing up with no notice.

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On Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?

@TheDilettantista the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is THE BEST. I am a super pale Canadian, so I don't have a metric-ton of options when it comes to foundation (either at sephora or anywhere else). Sephora's sample/return policy has saved me the untold dollars/agony that would be been required to find a drugstore foundation that didn't make me look George Hamilton orange.

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On How Not to Write, Market and Sell a Supernatural Romance Novel

"more meretriciously sentimental than a whore on wharf", and that whole paragraph basically, is worth $43.40 at least ( I'm kind of surprised it didn't make it into the tags, this being the Billfold and all). Great, great article.

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On The Age-Old Question: Should I Buy AppleCare?

I had this exact conversation with my husband in the Mac store this weekend. He decided to go for the AppleCare, because his last laptop's screen died in the last month of his warranty, saving him around $400 bucks (or so the geniuses said) for repairs. We're in Canada, and the package he got this weekend was only $199 for three years. It's still better than all the warranties I bought for my crappy PC laptops in the mid-2000s, which ran me an $300 and ended up not covering "accessories" like the adapter (blew twice) or the battery (only held ten minutes of charge after two years of use). I think more than anything, though, you guys are right; it's about peace of mind, not the actual dollar amount saved in case of repairs.

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