On Should We Pull The Plug On All This And Buy A Bookstore, Y/N?

Nope because I have just done this, sorry, bye.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

$530 on average over the last year ($440ish for restaurant meals and takeout, $80ish for lunch etc.). I guess that's a lot.

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On 'Nostalgia! 50 Cents a Cup!'

This article drove me nuts. What @stuffisthings said. Basically no part of modern American capitalism is about charging the lowest price for a commodity good. Basically everything we buy, we buy for a complex network of feeling-good-about-ourselves reasons. The huge and representatively American industry of marketing is *entirely about* that. This writer's kids understand capitalism. She doesn't.

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On Defaulting to Transparency

They have 10 employees spread over 19 offices? Okay!

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On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

I'd be curious to hear how much the author, and other poets in the comments, *spend* on the work (books, chapbooks, readings, etc.) of other living poets.

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On Wealth of 100 Richest Could End Poverty of WORLD

@Sandy505 Well yes that is what words mean.

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On Elections Do Have Their Consequences


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On On Leaving Too Much

@down the rabbit hole YES THIS. I assume that I get more out of tipping 25% than my waiter does. Self-satisfaction is a wonderful, and relatively inexpensive, indulgence.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Choire Sicha@facebook Never mind the time that she spent WRITING THIS ENORMOUS THING FOR FREE FOR THE BILLFOLD.

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On Getting An Actual Date and Time Down is Crucial When Networking

Agree with Mike's advice. It is hard for young people to understand just how much old people like me LOVE to talk about ourselves and bask in the admiration of young whippersnappers. He's probably hoping you'll ask again, but figures you were just being polite and is too embarrassed to bring it up himself.

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