On Where Pop Culture Goes to College

I don't think you mean The Crimson. (You mean The Lampoon.)

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On Should We Pull The Plug On All This And Buy A Bookstore, Y/N?

Nope because I have just done this, sorry, bye.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

$530 on average over the last year ($440ish for restaurant meals and takeout, $80ish for lunch etc.). I guess that's a lot.

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On 'Nostalgia! 50 Cents a Cup!'

This article drove me nuts. What @stuffisthings said. Basically no part of modern American capitalism is about charging the lowest price for a commodity good. Basically everything we buy, we buy for a complex network of feeling-good-about-ourselves reasons. The huge and representatively American industry of marketing is *entirely about* that. This writer's kids understand capitalism. She doesn't.

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On Defaulting to Transparency

They have 10 employees spread over 19 offices? Okay!

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On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

I'd be curious to hear how much the author, and other poets in the comments, *spend* on the work (books, chapbooks, readings, etc.) of other living poets.

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On Wealth of 100 Richest Could End Poverty of WORLD

@Sandy505 Well yes that is what words mean.

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On Elections Do Have Their Consequences


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On On Leaving Too Much

@down the rabbit hole YES THIS. I assume that I get more out of tipping 25% than my waiter does. Self-satisfaction is a wonderful, and relatively inexpensive, indulgence.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Choire Sicha@facebook Never mind the time that she spent WRITING THIS ENORMOUS THING FOR FREE FOR THE BILLFOLD.

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