On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

It drives me nuts when people get mad about spoilers for things that have been in the public domain for months or years. Like, Seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones are based on books that came out like fifteen years ago. If maintaining the purity of your unspoilered state is so important to you, you should probably stay off the internet. Also, another author I follow on Tumblr made an excellent supporting comment for Roxane: "If you’re so desperate to know what happens in Gone Girl, why are you reading an entirely different book?"

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On The Discreet Charm of Commuting

I have a 20 minute bus ride with 5-10 minute walks on either end. I knock out about one library book & an issue of the New Yorker every week, which is satisfying, and when I don't have books I listen to podcasts. It's nice because probably if I didn't have the commute I wouldn't carve out that time to read.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

@muggles This is amazing(ly awful).

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On How We Tip Cabbies

Okay, I feel like a dick ever talking about tips, but this question has been burning inside me forever- why do we tip cabdrivers? At least in Vancouver, as I understand it, they are like independent contractors-- they rent (or own) their cabs, and keep everything they earn on top of that expense. It's not like they are making an low hourly wage. And there is no service involved usually, when one is just being driven from one place to another, with no bag lifting or door opening involved. I don't really get it. I still tip, of course, because I am a polite Canadian and I would feel too much guilt not tipping, but I don't understand why I do it.

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On Let's Go Shopping for Health Care Plans! Pt 1

BC is one (maybe the only one?) of the Canadian provinces where you pay an monthly fee for provincial health care, which tops out at $138.50 for a family of three or more people. It's free or cheaper depending on your income level, and you don't have to pay (but are still covered) if you experience "sudden financial hardship" like losing your job, and many employers (like mine) cover the monthly premium. Also the nicest thing about a single-payer system is that there is no such thing as a doctor who does not accept one's health insurance in Canada. All that said-- people in BC complain CONSTANTLY about it. They hate it and think it's the worst, because in other provinces you don't pay any premium at all. But whenever I hear what people pay per month in the US for health insurance it seems pretty reasonable.

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On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

I'm from Vancouver-- a tourist city with a very high population of panhandlers and folks with addictions to feed, and I am very used to long, detailed stories about why someone needs money for bus fare. As @Punk-assBookJockey said further up, the more details, the more I'm convinced it's not true. Especially because people always start with "Are you from around here?" or "You look like a nice person, can you just listen to me for a minute?" or "I never do this, I swear, I live in ____ and I have a job as a ____ but I just had my bag stolen..." As soon as I hear those lines, I just think, NOPE.

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On The Young Professional's Closet

@Carmen Aiken@facebook I ALSO work in research, as a research manager, so I wear jeans and t-shirts regularly. I gradually have transitioned to nicer versions of what I prefer to wear-- like I have well-fitting, high-rise black jeans that look nice with any top tucked in, or I have a lot of pants like these, which basically feel like sweatpants but count as trousers. It depends on your body type and preferences, obviously, but I've found Joe Fresh, Zara and Everlane are all good places to find reasonably priced work-appropriate clothing that isn't too stuffy. Good consignment stores are also a goldmine-- I like ones in the upscale neighbourhoods, where I pillage rich people's castoff cashmere sweaters and silk blouses.

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On Account Joined

@bgprincipessa It's so technical and yet so judgemental, as if the authorities are glowering over your fecund harlotry while printing the certificate.

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On "Poverty is a circumstance, not a value judgment."

This experience also serves as a glaring reminder about how important paid maternity leave is.

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On WWYD (If You Were Me), Acupuncture Edition

I recently went to a community acupuncture clinic, which was wonderful-- sliding scale of $20-40, and there was a pregnant lady there who was two weeks overdue, so at least this one data point suggests that they are not concerned about water breakage. Basically I sat in a big comfy chair (with a blanket) and got a bunch of needles, which were strangely relaxing, and then my acupuncturist was like "You can just chill here for up to two hours. Do you want to take a nap and let me know what time to wake you up?" Pretty great.

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