On How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

@BATS! Worth adding that there are likely queer folks in the industry who aren't out at work because banking, compared to a lot of other industries, seems to be pretty conservative and old-boys-clubby.

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On The Cost of Things: Museums

I just bought a household membership for the Vancouver Art Gallery ($120/year, so $60/each for me and my partner). I used to have one and let it lapse for a few years, but it feels like a great use of money because museums are something I enjoy more in small doses, when I can just go for an hour or so instead of trying to "get my money's worth" by lingering for a whole afternoon and getting serious Art Fatigue. With a membership it's nice to be able to drop in for half an hour, re-visit just one part of an exhibit, kill time while waiting to meet someone, etc. The VAG is great because it's (currently) right in the middle of downtown and so it's really accessible and easy to drop in. And even if I don't maximize the value of my membership I still feel good about the fact that I'm helping to sustain the arts in my city.

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On The Rich Are Different From You & Me: They're Full of Poison!

@Theestablishment I'd love to read a story about a successful woman without someone in the comments suggesting she must be a neglectful wife and mother because of it.

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On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

@Samantha I know people who teach, like, one or two classes a week at studios in exchange for being able to take all the classes they want for free-- so it seems like more a way for them to subsidize the cost of their hobby in the long run? But as a full-time job it seems impossible to live on.

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On City vs. Suburb

I don't know many people my age (late 20s) who want to move to the suburbs. My personal idea of hell is spending an hour and a half each day in traffic in order to pay for a big house that I can fill with things I don't need. I realize that's not everyone's preference. But I love cities mainly because I like being able to walk down the block to pick up milk or to the library or to meet a friend for coffee, and the idea of living in a suburb where there main allure seems to be BIG HOUSE ALL FOR YOU is not really something I'm into. That said, in my city (Vancouver), a lot of people in their 30s end up moving to the burbs around the city because they have kids and can no longer bear living in a small apartment, because real estate here is too insane and living in a suburb is the only way for young people to afford a yard.

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@LookUponMyWorks I second the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion! I also use the Special Healing Powder which is rad.

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On WWYD: "I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam"

This story reminded me of this piece, "A Scammer Tries to Buy My Couch": http://skepchick.org/2014/10/a-scammer-tries-to-buy-my-couch/ I was so relieved that the letter writer did not actually wire anyone money! Are wire transfers even used for anything besides Craigslist scams?

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On Link Roundup! Best Retirement Ever; Think Like A Marketer; Manterruption, & More

I work in an all-female research team and every time we have a meeting with grant partners or consultants who are male I am surprised every time they interrupt and talk over us, and the way they explain concepts to us that they assume we don't know. It's really striking when you are (blissfully) exempted from it in your usual working routine.

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

I think "What about Chelsea Clinton?" would have been an excellent response. Also, Buffy fans can attest that Dawn did not add value in any way. CHECKMATE.

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

"Letter writers can now relax...after quitting her job, Miss Filling was married." UGH. I like the letter writer who says, "in that face, happiness has no resting place," which is basically the linguistic ancestor of "bitchy resting face," so thanks, hysterical Nebraska letter-writer.

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