On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@vanderlyn Well it seems to follow from your statement that the corresponding first condition is "Have children" and the second is "having too many children." Which we have improved on, considerably, because the average number of children in countries where things like contraception and family planning are broadly available has fallen sharply, to the point where most industrialized nations are not having enough children to maintain the population. A world where industrialized nations have too few children and improverished countries have too many children doesn't balance out economically, culturally or socially; it doesn't make any sense for Germans to stop having kids just because there are so many kids in Uganda.

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

@vanderlyn The first flaw in your take on this topic is that basically nothing in human behaviour is rational (please see: drinking alcohol; desk jobs; hot yoga; impractical footwear; listening to music really loudly). It seems pretty flimsy to suggest that the abundance of "unwanted" children should negate the desire for biological children. That seems to speak a lot more to the need for cheap, available contraception; sex education; and legal rights and equality for women. Plus it's terrible that there are so many children waiting for adoption and in foster homes, but as anyone who has tried to adopt can tell you, it's neither simple nor straightforward to adopt one. The rest of it-- having children doesn't always render one's life more financially tenuous, and maximum financial stability is not the top priority for many people. And I'm pretty sure there are ways that everyone can decrease their impact on landfills and global warming besides voluntary nulliparity. It's cool that you don't want to have children, but this seems a lot like throwing out into the world "I don't understand why anyone watches football and I'd just like to engage on this topic in a reasoned way." Like, I also don't have children, but come on.

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On The Cost of Getting Hit By a Car

Holy shit, she just DROVE AWAY? She should have volunteered her insurance information AND offered to drive you to a doctor. Especially since it's very possible that in a moment of surprise and shock you might get up and think you are fine, and only later realize that you had serious injuries. I am so pissed at this woman on your behalf.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

@xtinamartinson Yes! My fiance is the cook in our relationship and when he is not around I just eat toast with peanut butter. I like cooking with him as an activity, but by myself I would rather just scrounge around in the cupboards. I lived alone for three years and I only turned my oven on to make frozen pizza a couple of times.

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On Wages For Housework!

"Children would feel dejected when they learn that the person who loves them, and whom they have called mother or father, was in fact getting paid to raise them." Orrrr they would learn that labour within the home has value just like labour outside the home, MILAD.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

All the excellent debates about ethics aside, how is this advice supposed to apply to Canada, where leaving $2-$3 per day = leaving a small pile of coins? Bills are so much nicer for small tips than being like "Here is a toonie on my pillow for you, thx."

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

This is making me very glad I opted out of wedding dress shopping altogether; I will be getting married in a beautiful dress that is not exactly bridal (this one, but in white, for reference) and which I ordered online for the sake of not having to speak with any salespeople. Everything to do with wedding dress shopping sounds like a nightmare.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

I was obsessed with Isabel Marant Dicker boots for years but would never ever spend $600 on a pair of shoes. Then finally I found a brand-new pair secondhand for $150. I wore them a few time and realized that the boots of my fantasies were totally uncomfortable, then resold them. There is no point to this anecdote besides (1) you can usually find a designer item you want if you look persistently in consignment stores/at sales/on ebay, and (2) most material goods do not live up to your expectations.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

@gyip Oh I 100% agree!! I work in public health-- specifically in prevention-- so I am super on board with everything in the Jacobin article and your comment.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

Canadians like to complain about various aspects of their health care-- it takes too long to see specialists, prescriptions are expensive, etc-- but having lived here in Canada all my life, I have never met anyone who would trade it for the health care system in the US.

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