On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@LookUponMyWorks I second the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion! I also use the Special Healing Powder which is rad.

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On WWYD: "I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam"

This story reminded me of this piece, "A Scammer Tries to Buy My Couch": http://skepchick.org/2014/10/a-scammer-tries-to-buy-my-couch/ I was so relieved that the letter writer did not actually wire anyone money! Are wire transfers even used for anything besides Craigslist scams?

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On Link Roundup! Best Retirement Ever; Think Like A Marketer; Manterruption, & More

I work in an all-female research team and every time we have a meeting with grant partners or consultants who are male I am surprised every time they interrupt and talk over us, and the way they explain concepts to us that they assume we don't know. It's really striking when you are (blissfully) exempted from it in your usual working routine.

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

I think "What about Chelsea Clinton?" would have been an excellent response. Also, Buffy fans can attest that Dawn did not add value in any way. CHECKMATE.

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

"Letter writers can now relax...after quitting her job, Miss Filling was married." UGH. I like the letter writer who says, "in that face, happiness has no resting place," which is basically the linguistic ancestor of "bitchy resting face," so thanks, hysterical Nebraska letter-writer.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

I also had that happen on a flight last year, and it affected the entire row of seats I was in. The flight attendants apologized and were like "You guys can all have complimentary alcoholic beverages!" Which is all I ever need to be happy, really.

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On Waiting for That One Job

Zoinks, I too graduated in 2009 in Canada, which has been hit less hard by the recession, but still- I have a ton of friends in the same position as your brother and I feel really fortunate to actually have a job in my field that I can live on. Good luck to all of us Millenials.

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On Demystifying Dinner: How The Restaurant Industry Makes Money (Off Us)

@Theestablishment Brunch is not only a scam, but waiting in line 45 minutes to eat "fancy" eggs and potatoes is offensive on every level.

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On "Working Has Become More Expensive"

The vengeful feminist in me is glad to see dudes bearing the brunt of a Helen Lovejoy-style "Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?" argument. HA, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, MEN?

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@Glen Raphael@facebook Just piping in to add that Stats Canada stratifies household income by the size of the household- so you can compare "median household income for X number of people" across years. I presume the US would do that too.

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