On The Young Professional's Closet

@Carmen Aiken@facebook I ALSO work in research, as a research manager, so I wear jeans and t-shirts regularly. I gradually have transitioned to nicer versions of what I prefer to wear-- like I have well-fitting, high-rise black jeans that look nice with any top tucked in, or I have a lot of pants like these, which basically feel like sweatpants but count as trousers. It depends on your body type and preferences, obviously, but I've found Joe Fresh, Zara and Everlane are all good places to find reasonably priced work-appropriate clothing that isn't too stuffy. Good consignment stores are also a goldmine-- I like ones in the upscale neighbourhoods, where I pillage rich people's castoff cashmere sweaters and silk blouses.

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On Account Joined

@bgprincipessa It's so technical and yet so judgemental, as if the authorities are glowering over your fecund harlotry while printing the certificate.

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On "Poverty is a circumstance, not a value judgment."

This experience also serves as a glaring reminder about how important paid maternity leave is.

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On WWYD (If You Were Me), Acupuncture Edition

I recently went to a community acupuncture clinic, which was wonderful-- sliding scale of $20-40, and there was a pregnant lady there who was two weeks overdue, so at least this one data point suggests that they are not concerned about water breakage. Basically I sat in a big comfy chair (with a blanket) and got a bunch of needles, which were strangely relaxing, and then my acupuncturist was like "You can just chill here for up to two hours. Do you want to take a nap and let me know what time to wake you up?" Pretty great.

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On The Hardest $270 I've Ever Saved

Ahh, the sprint of squeezing in all kinds of extended health/dental appointments before coverage runs out.

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On Finance Dads More Likely to Have Autistic Sons

@Stina This is a very good point! I'd be interested to see what proportion of affluent children on the autism spectrum have milder diagnoses (eg, high functioning Aspergers) as opposed to children from lower-income families.

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On I Don't Own a Microwave, AMA

I don't have a microwave-- my fiancé has never had one and I had given mine away a few years before we moved in together. To be fair, we both have workplaces with microwaves, so we still use them regularly to heat up leftovers at work. But I never miss having one-- we have a popcorn popper, and a really great toaster oven. They take up so much space!

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On Canadian Middle Class Feels Bad for American Middle Class

Another major difference that didn't get mentioned in the article is the cost of post-secondary education. In Canada tuition has been rising, but on average undergrad tuition is still less than $6000 a year. Reading and hearing about what people pay to go to university in the US seems totally insane, and no wonder a lot of the younger members of the middle class in each country have different debt loads.

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On The Invisible Labor of The Fashion Blogger Boyfriend

If the fashion bloggers are married to their photog husbands, presumably all the revenue generated by the blog is shared within the marriage, so it's hardly unpaid. As for the boyfriends, if I could travel all over the world for free with my beau in exchange for shooting some moody looking DSLR photos at the magic hour, I would be stoked.

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On Majoring in Economics and Making Money

@DebtOrAlive I loved a lot about my undergrad degree and current job, but definitely if I could go back in time I would do an Econ degree instead of Anthropology. I am now slavishly devoted to pop economics podcasts and essays and books and it's just so neat.

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