On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

All the excellent debates about ethics aside, how is this advice supposed to apply to Canada, where leaving $2-$3 per day = leaving a small pile of coins? Bills are so much nicer for small tips than being like "Here is a toonie on my pillow for you, thx."

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On Saying Yes to the Dress, Pt 2: KLEINFELD'S

This is making me very glad I opted out of wedding dress shopping altogether; I will be getting married in a beautiful dress that is not exactly bridal (this one, but in white, for reference) and which I ordered online for the sake of not having to speak with any salespeople. Everything to do with wedding dress shopping sounds like a nightmare.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

I was obsessed with Isabel Marant Dicker boots for years but would never ever spend $600 on a pair of shoes. Then finally I found a brand-new pair secondhand for $150. I wore them a few time and realized that the boots of my fantasies were totally uncomfortable, then resold them. There is no point to this anecdote besides (1) you can usually find a designer item you want if you look persistently in consignment stores/at sales/on ebay, and (2) most material goods do not live up to your expectations.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

@gyip Oh I 100% agree!! I work in public health-- specifically in prevention-- so I am super on board with everything in the Jacobin article and your comment.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

Canadians like to complain about various aspects of their health care-- it takes too long to see specialists, prescriptions are expensive, etc-- but having lived here in Canada all my life, I have never met anyone who would trade it for the health care system in the US.

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On Crowdfunding Your Life, Including Your Abortion

How awful for Bailey! If there are any updates on her please post them? It's awful to realize that she is just one example of thousands of women who need abortions that they can't access, because they are broke or because of one of the other increasing numbers of barriers rigged up to make it as difficult as possible.

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On Express Your True Identity With a DIY Job Title

@nell Did you have an annual review? That's when I brought up changing my title at my job! I don't think it has to seem like resume polishing-- more like, "I have these responsibilities and my title should reflect them." You could explain that having an "assistant" title gives the (incorrect) impression that you're more junior than you are to coworkers and clients (if you have them). When I talked to my boss about changing my title, she was like "Sure, that sounds reasonable." Very painless. Good luck!

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On Let's Argue About Prostitution

I think there are solid opinions on either side of the issue, but hopefully everyone agrees that since there already are so many people (mostly women) in sex work, society should strive to make that work as safe as possible. And trying to make sex work invisible and shove it to the margins makes it extremely unsafe, and contributes to the rates of violence against sex workers. And when sex work is illegal (or activities around it, as is the case in Canada where it's ~technically~ legal), that makes it even more dangerous.

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On California Passes Bill Granting Workers the Right to Three Sick Days Per Year

@Glen Raphael@facebook In what magical candyland world do you think workers get to choose between sick leave and "a little more job security or a little more salary"? This is so hypothetical that it's meaningless. Also, can you have "more job security" without paid sick leave? No, you can't, because if you get sick you can lose your job, and anyone can get sick except for Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

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On 40-Hour Workweek My Aunt Fanny

I'm not in a union but I am in an association. I work at a big Canadian university and most of the employees are union members or in non-union associations that are covered under the same agreements as the unions. It's great-- I work 35h a week, with 4 weeks of vacation (plus the week where we close between Xmas and New Years), basically unlimited sick time, excellent extended health benefits, great mat leave, etc etc, thanks unions!! Plus things like raises and probationary increases are standardized, which as a person who does not enjoy negotiating or advocating for myself is really great-- it provides a structure and expectations for salary.

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