On How Much Do You Spend on Tattoos

I have one tattoo, on my arm, which I got when I was 17. It cost about $150? And I paid for it with Christmas money from my grandma, which I'm sure is what she intended. I've had it for ten years now and it's funny because I just sort of stopped noticing it. I still like it? I mean, I don't regret it, or ever think about removing it. But it's easy to forget about, like a birthmark or a scar. Everything unchanging about your body is pretty easy to stop noticing over time.

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On My First Love Was a City: Victoria, British Columbia

Maybe some of the magic in a city is when you live there-- I lived in Victoria from ages 17-21, and while it is adorable, and the brunch options are WORLD CLASS, I have too many lingering associations of all my bad undergrad boyfriends and decisions and hangovers.

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On Adjusting Your Life to Your Partner's Career

Aghhh let's have a frank discussion about how awful Andy's boyfriend is in The Devil Wears Prada/how much everyone in that movie sucks except Meryl, who is The Boss and knows it.

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On Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

I took Delta Airlines from Seattle > Tokyo in September and it was AMAZING. Unlimited alcohol! Seats were way bigger! Way better TV/movie selection! Multiple meals and snacks, eyemask if you feel like sleeping... I am probably too used to the indignities of domestic Canadian air travel, but man it felt decadent.

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

Maybe every interview should be done like an orchestra interview, eg, behind a curtain, also with a voice-modifying box. That is my only suggestion. OR we all become heads in jars, a la Futurama.

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On You Can't Afford To Be Fat At Work

@garli WTF fire that engineer.

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

@apples and oranges In Canada at least, you can avoid BPA by looking for the recycling code on the bottom of a can or bottle- BPA can be found in those with a little "7" on them. I'm not sure if the codes are the same in the US! It's a possible risk factor at this point-- Tufts University has a ton of researchers who are really into the "BPA > cancer" argument, but I haven't seen much published anywhere else. There's no harm avoiding that kind of thing if you can and you're concerned, but generally it's worth not blowing them out of proportion, in comparison to heavy-hitting risk factors like tobacco use or inactivity.

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

@nell Thanks so much for responding! It sounds like a perfectly reasonable choice-- I was just panicky thinking that a whackjob health care provider was like, "Welp, the only thing you can do to survive is NEVER EAT REGULAR STRAWBERRIES AGAIN."

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

I'm so sorry for what you and your husband went through! It's truly awful. But I am interested in what led you to feel like organic produce is more chemopreventative than regular produce-- I work in cancer research and everyone agrees lots of fruits and veggies are great, but I have never seen any studies on the benefits of certified organic produce. I hope this doesn't sound insensitive- I just have a professional curiosity. Best of luck to both of you with your health!

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On Living Together to Save Money

@francesfrances It totally does! And it's just tedious-- especially when one of you tends to remember to stop at the grocery store, or pick up coffee beans or dish soap-- little expenses that add up but are hard to keep track of.

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